I Shot an Arrow into the Air

I Shot an Arrow into the Air, >>>>>>>>>>>??????????????????

Dear Members of the Vorstand, the Councils in America, and other friends and students of Rudolf Steiner,

I am 81. I’ve nearly died more than once. I basically write each day as if this was the last communication to whomever … unfortunately – for all of us – it is probably not my last song. Since I won’t actually be mailing this, I am dropping it on Facebook, and leave to others the urge – or not – to share it, with the above mentioned leadership of the Anthroposophical Society …. or other members and friends …

Dangerous Questions – with Impossible Answers …

The cycle of lectures now appearing in book form was given by Rudolf Steiner in 1908, and the following words of his might well serve as its motto: “The mission of our age is to bring forth not an ancient wisdom, but a new wisdom, one that points not only to the past but that works prophetically into the future.”

… “We see a primeval wisdom preserved in the Mysteries of past epochs; but our wisdom must be an apocalyptic wisdom, of which we must plant the seeds. We have need once again of a principle of Initiation wherein the original connection with the Spiritual world can be reestablished.” Marie Steiner. in the introduction to the lectures: “Universe, Earth and Man”.


Rudolf Steiner was not the only Initiate active in the 20th Century … others included Bardon, Barfield, Kuhlewind, Gardiner, and Tomberg. They are now dead. Are there any others active today, in the 21st Century … say Wendt, Clarke, and MacCoun?

Can anthroposophists actually integrate, into their systems of belief and understanding, wisdom from any additional “sources”? Keep in mind that there is no reality, or depth, to Steiner’s works, without the intentional cooperation of the Hierarchies. So this question then: Who is the Spiritual World actually supporting at a level needed in this moment? Did Their support disappear with Steiner’s death? To rephrase: Will not the next source of wisdom about Anthroposophia come from folk whose value the Society denies? Do leading personalities lose face, if they have to admit their level of consciousness is not yet up to the task of the time? Should they? Who, or what, do we serve: our institutions, or the spiritual world?

Who out there in anthro-land confesses to the state Steiner would have called initiation? What does that word / idea truly mean? RS said stuff like this: the whole of humanity is crossing the threshold; and, the human being is the religion of the gods. All of us have gifts, and each is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

All the same, the Society itself needs to open the door to fresh living inspiration, or the Society will continue to flounder, and then die, which would be a self-inflicted, self wounded, spiritual crime, for believers in Steinerism.

Early centuries of the First Millennium … the disciples and Christianity as Religion, which morphs into the Roman Church on the one hand, that proceeds to try to destroy all that remains of ancient spiritual wisdom {Foundation} – Faith is born, and Gnosis denied.

Early centuries of the Second Millennium … Platonists and Aristotelians meet at Chartres … Christianity as Mystical Fact. {Foundation and Empire} – as the Church Rules Europe, and seeks to rule the world, including the new world of science.

Early centuries of the Third Millennium … Anthroposophy, the Culmination, Christ as scientific fact, and a crisis of social dying and becoming. {Second Foundation aka: The Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought, and the Remembering and Honoring of His Mother}. The Roman Church (Empire) failing. Faith and Gnosis reach out to each other, both – perhaps – too anchored in their Past, yet hungry for more “spirit” everywhere. According to the Terminator movies: “there is no fate but what we make”.

An additional layer sings … the Idea of the Threefold Social Organism. In the way back long ago, the mysteries, via initiates both male and female, gave order to Society = the Cultural Sphere – Science, Art, and Religion – is birthed. With the Greeks and the Romans, through their idea of the State on the one hand, and the Citizen on the other, the seed of the Life of Rights begins to flower.

With the invention of the printing press, the Political-Legal Sphere, threefolded, such that in between the State and the Citizen, a mediating function appeared, leading to books and eventually a portable electronic library of all knowledge: the smart phone. This evolving process became a kind of knowledge commons (to borrow from Ivan Illich), so to Science, Art, and Religion was added State, Media, and Citizen.

As the Church went out to save the world, trading empires appeared. From this living creation, the seed of the tree of Economic life is now revealing Herself – (Divine Providence), as Production, Distribution, and Consumption.

From a purely, yet justly poetic phenomenological point of view – Media is the metaphorical heart of the heart of the Threefold Social Organism. To this I add the idea, from Steiner’s teachings on Medicine, that the healing process begins with strengthening the rhythmic (heart and lung) system.

This is why we shall soon look at the political-legal – or Rights Life, in forming a treatment for social healing.

What is the role of Anthroposophy, Spiritual Science, and the Anthroposophical Society, in all these ongoing radical transformations of the whole world? Are we actors, or just another lost cause, looking out to save their own “skin”? In fact, do we have “skin” in the cosmic game of the evolution of consciousness, or are we just bystanders, going woe is me, woe is me, we are helpless in the face of evil powers? If folks in the Society want new life, then they may have to be willing to accept what is being offered, from the outside as it were – the heretics perhaps?

Thus the European who had some knowledge of initiation looked into the changing ages and kept his gaze fixed on the true figures of the Great Teachers. He knew of Zarathas, of Buddha, of Skythianos — he knew that through them wisdom was pouring into the civilization of the future-wisdom which had always proceeded from the Bodhisattvas and which must be used in order to promote understanding of the greatest treasure of all comprehension, the Christ, Who is fundamentally a completely different Being from the Bodhisattvas and Whom we can understand only by gathering together all the wisdom of the Bodhisattvas. …

… “And as we cultivate this right feeling we gradually make our spiritual forces capable of receiving the Christ into our innermost being; for the higher and nobler our feelings become, the more nobly can Christ live within us. We make a beginning by teaching the elementary truths of our earth evolution, by seeking that which we owe originally to Skythianos, Zarathustra and Buddha and by accepting it as they teach it in our age, in the form they themselves know it, their evolution having progressed to our present age. We have reached a point in civilization now where the elementary teachings of initiation are beginning to be disclosed. “

[“The East in the Light of the West, lecture 9: The Bodhisattvas and the Christ


If a “teacher”, at the level of the above spiritual luminaries, were to appear among the anthroposophists, are we even capable of recognizing such a personality? At the same time, there is no “teacher” if there are no students. Steiner remarked somewhere, that when we need the teacher, the teacher is there. If we believe we already know everything needed, via Steiner, we are not even looking.

What ought we to do with such a Steiner Idea as there are supposedly more highly developed fellow human beings? For starters, not think they are any better, or wiser, than us. Everyone is born, gets old, and then dies. Everyone has to eat, and to eliminate. To breathe and run and fall, and be incomplete. From my point of view, “initiation” has been a kind of curse. God shows up in your life … pokes you several times with a dream/vision stick … then what?

There are just reasons for suspecting – that the excessive adoration of his person – caused Steiner’s early death. The most salient rule: We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. The Mystery trusts each of us to be free within the reach of our personal will – our freedom is effectively divine, and therefore dangerous. Human Freedom is the Beast from the Abyss of the Uncreated and yet to be Formed.

It would help if we could trust Them with the Big Picture, which is certainly within the Reach of Their Wills. A couple of pithy ideas from actors: “its good, until it ain’t”. “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

To me, the core wound – in the ethereal body of the Anthroposophical Movement, was and is the rejection of the American Soul. I will tell only one story – one of those instances worth a thousand – which happened at a meeting of the Faust Branch of the Society, in Fair Oaks, CA, at which I was present. Let us not go past this “Faust” bit, which is a curious name for something spiritual and living, that might want to give needed water for thirsty souls. Be like us, the immigrating European anthroposophists said, as they asked to me sing unknown Christmas Carols in German.

That regular meeting was not attended by many. The majority of the members were at a conference in San Francisco. There were eight of us, seven American’s and Rene Q. as “leader”. The seven of us had a lively conversation, and laid out some ideas for doing something different in the Branch meetings in the future. RQ agreed.

At the end, a red haired American suggested we join hands, a not uncommon gesture to express fellow feeling. As we moved to join hands, RQ stopped us, saying “We don’t do that here”. At the following Branch meeting, there was not even the appearance of what had been agreed to. In essence, it never happened.

Why is not a bad question. Consider that American’s are said to wear their heart on their sleeves, and the German language had two different forms of the word/idea “you”. One more formal, the other more intimate.

I will make this as simple as possible: If we engage in thinking that judges the so-called Americas, as something evil and depraved (sacrificial death rites and so forth), such that they are blamed for many horrible effects on the whole world – If we see only darkness in the Americas, we drive a pointed stick in our own eye. There is no understanding of the Americas without love.

At the same time, the indigenous Rites are Moon Rites. The Mother is remembered here. Never left in fact. She is the Earth-Gate for initiates everywhere, although a better word is: Shaman. Have to face the appetites, and understand their sacred nature. A human being is not just a dreamer … “…for the higher and nobler our feelings become, the more nobly can Christ live within us.”, … humans are also willful doers.

As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.” Ending verses of the Sermon on the Mount.

The Flood has come. There is a need for new spiritual insights. They do not have to come from Steiner’s Way, to be true and good, to be essentially Christian, yet also American. The Mystery sends many Envoys, of various kinds. Steiner was one, just not the only one. Can the Society survive without fresh “blood”? Should it?

Here’s the short of it …. recall above: “Early centuries of the Third Millennium … Anthroposophy, the Culmination, Christ as scientific fact, and a crisis of social dying and becoming. {Second Foundation aka: The Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought, and the Remembering and Honoring of His Mother}.”

By the way, I have no wish for any leading personality in the Society to give up their status. I am just trying to reveal something that might be the effective key to a needed human future, where the works of Steiner and Friends are better known. I am available, via zoom, for face to face should someone want more details … just read the written materials (links below) from my blog before contact, so I don’t waste a lot of time telling you stuff you should have learned through reading.

The seat of the social problem, and the largest obstacle to a sane future, is scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. Courts of Law can lead to the Courts of Public Opinion. It is possible to bring before Courts of Law the question of materialism, through a Michaelic Spring Rite on Earth Day, where as many as possible environmental groups simultaneously file law suits, against apex predator multinational corporations, where the named plaintiff is the Planet.

[If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/shamans-law-firm/

In the Shaman’s Law Firm we work from the higher law, as revealed to us by V. Tomberg in this book: “The Art of the Good: On the Regeneration of Fallen Justice.” Here’s a couple of sample ideas from the Law Firm’s pages:

When a suit, like the above, is filed, a motion to dismiss of some sort – (laws vary in different cultures), – will be the response from the defendant’s law firm, arguing that the whole suit is nonsense. Taking a trick from the defendants playbook, we do what is essentially a document dump. A lot of information, in the form of 12 plus a 13th books, are introduced at that hearing. It makes no difference at this point, that we win the suit. The deed is accomplished by placing these books in the public record, as scientific support for proving the Planet is a Cosmic Being, and suggesting that materialistic science is incomplete, without a spiritual dimension, which may well inspire the civilization that is becoming during the dying.

The larger the number of such lawsuits, the more it means that Media will take a moment, always alert for a good “story”. You remember Media – the heart of the heart of the Social Organism.

The books place Steiner, and Goethean science – as well as others – into the public mind, connected to the assertion that Nature has a self-aware sentient consciousness. Many people all over the world believe this, given that aboriginal and indigenous folks have always thought and known that the Planet was their Mother.

In my writing I call these kinds of books: “a” gospel of the Second Becoming of Christ. Not “the”, “a”. What I mean to suggest is that the authors lived into their thinking in such a way that the Ethereal World, also known as the World of Thought, brought them into contact with Christ: as the Fullness of presence, and the Presence of fullness, or the Wind in the Soul.

Such minds seek the truth, and discover more intimately the life in the stream of thoughts. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. When our minds read their written thoughts, we too can experience “truth”, – Not The Truth, yet via personal arts and crafts of “thinking sacramentally”; aka: following the own heart’s mind – one can see for themselves, the gifts of the word.

Reading Barfield, or Lehrs, or Hauschka, or Cowen, or MacCoun, or Wendt, or Steiner, or Schwenk, or McKanan or Grohmann: just might lift the heart via, the revealing of wonders.

Now imagine a world, where the question of the sentient self-consciousnesses and person-hood of the planet is illuminated by such works. The News spreads the Word, without even knowing it.

There are two things the leadership of the Society could do … One is to give public support to the sharing of knowledge regarding the Remembering of the Mother via the Law Suits in a Michaelic Rite on Earth Day, via anthroposophical lectures and publications.

Two is to – reach out to the Catholic Religious. Keep in mind They are the Religion, while Rome is the Church.

I wrote a book, after a 45 day fast at the age 64; and, about ten years later, a long essay on this need for the union of faith and gnosis. The book, which is in the twelve above, is: “the Way of the Fool – the conscious development of our human character, and the future*** of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”


***From that book: “ Regarding the future of Christianity, here is John 16: 12-15 “I have much more to say to you, but you can’t bear it just yet. But when the other comes, the breath of truth, he will guide you in the ways of all truth, because he will not speak on his own, but will speak what he hears and announce to you what’s coming. He will glorify me, because he will take of what is mine and announce it to you. Everything the Father has is mine: that’s why I said he will take of what is mine and announce it to you”

From the contents page of: “the Way of the Fool: “Moral Grace – the theme (song) of the central mystery of the modern age – first stanza: Shepherds and Kings – a Temporary parting of Ways – … We have been told that attending the birth of the Christ Child, besides the immediate family, were two different groups of human beings, the Shepherds and the Kings. This element of the story is worthy of deeper study.”

As regards the essay: ”Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/SavingCatholicReligion.html

That essay leans heavily on introducing Steiner & Friends, as needed, to become known to the religious. The Church’s Empire is in decay. The dedication of the religious, and the remembering of the Holy Mother, remains alive. The Second Foundation is meant to serve them. She has the whole world in His Hands.

From the essay: “Throughout the history of the Church, sainted individuals, both men and women, having engaged in the practice of the true teachings of Christ, went on to found religious orders where practice was the core rule. Within the Church hierarchy, knowledge of the moral life was at the same time gradually lost, as those within it became more and more tempted to protect the structure of the Church itself. The egotism of the Church leaders became confused, and thinking that Christian Religion was identical with the dogmas of the institutional Church, the preservation of the Church was assumed a higher moral value than the practice of the religion – the practice of the moral life. A code of obedience to earthly fallen men became more important to Church authorities than obedience to the teachings of Christ.

“Christ in fact did not teach obedience to men (or to Himself), but humility and service through beginning with the gesture of the Washing of the Feet. How often, however, in spite of Christ’s clear teachings did these voices of asserted patriarchal authority and power speak to us of the Church? The Church, the Church – we must protect the Church – meaning there not the Religion, but the seats of their institutional power and privilege. Recall as well the stories of what St. Francis did complain. …

… “Join in community with others and once more struggle to practice the Religion. Let the Church built on sand wash away in the storms of the present times. Walk up the Hill. Carry the Cross. Keep company with others of a like intention. But pray in secret. He will be with us, and She will be with us. The Religion is actually very simple. Savor its simplicity.”


The is no fate, but what we make. The leadership of the Society can do better. Still, their excessive caution – in the face of truth, will be the last nail in the coffin of the Anthroposophical Society; and, individuals will have to find their own way to be a part of wonders that are beyond the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Tomberg asserted that Steiner’s Spiritual Science was not really a science of the spirit, because it lacked the magical and mystical dimensions of the Christ experience.

To my observations, there are presently in Europe, two individuals that express these qualities: Are Thoreson – a magician, and Judith von Halle, a mystic – not practitioners of what Steiner called “Spiritual Research. These attractions toward, and illumination from – these two personalities – reveals a hunger, just as is pointed out by Steiner in the First Leading Thought.

Over in the Americas, and very familiar with Steiner’s works, three sources, who fortunately managed to keep from being lost in the zoo of Steiner-said; yet, at the same time were inspired by not just the Son, but by the Mother as well.

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