Qualitative Number Ideas

Qualitative Number Ideas, for a qualitative science, instead of a merely quantitative … Rudolf Steiner spoke of the significance of such numbers as 12, 7, and three … Below I’ve collected many such arrangements … a kind of musical undercurrent … resounding and rhythmic …


God the Mother God the Father

multifarious unitary

luminous darkness blinding light

questions answers

spontaneous playfulness fixity of purpose

fractal centripetal

below above

grief bliss

relaxation striving

immovable irresistible

forms life

mercy justice

chaos logos

12 Months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

12 Signs: Aries/Ram upright posture, Taurus/Bull orientation to sound, Gemini/Twins symmetry, Cancer/Crab enclosure, Leo/Lion interior/connected, Virgo/Virgin interior not connected, Libra/Scales balance, Scorpio/Scorpion reproduction, Sagittarius/Archer thigh, Capricorn/Goat -knee, Aquarius/Waterman leg, Pisces/Fishes Feet

12 Senses (perception of the body) touch, life, movement, balance; (perception of external world) smell, taste, sight, temperature; (perception of the immaterial, spiritual world) hearing, speech, thought, ego.

12 points of view: materialism – Cancer, sensationalism – Leo; phenomenalism – Virgo; realism – Libra; Dynamism – Scorpio; monadism – Sagittarius; spiritism – Capricorn; Phenumatism – Aquarius; psychism – Pisces; idealism – Aries; rationalism – Taurus; mathematism – Gemini

12 Moons: full wolf moon; full snow moon; full worm moon; full pink moon; full flower moon; full strawberry moon; full buck moon; full sturgeon moon; full corn moon; full hunter moon; full beaver moon; full cold moon.


two times eleven is 22, the number of the major arcana in the tarot. Eleven members of each team in football.

Eleven is the 5th prime number


ten quabbalistic keys: from Bardon’s The Key to the True Quaballah – photo copies attached … later

ten forms of change: retrogradation; inversion; retrograde inversion; augmentation; dimunition; inclusion; textural; partition; interversion; exclusion … definitions attached.


Eight Gates to Faerie, which come in four pairs

East, waking and sleeping

South, living and dying

West, sanity and madness

North, remembering and forgetting

eight celebratory (Sabbots) times of year in Wicca:
Yule Dec. 21st winter solstice / Imbolic Feb. 2Nd / Ostara Mar. 21st equinox / Beltane May 1st / Litha June 22 summer solstice / Lammas Aug. 1St / Mabon Sept 21st equinox / Shamhain Oct. 31st


seven is the fourth prime numberf

seven world-outlooks-moods: Gnosis – Saturn; Logicism – Jupiter; Voluntarism – Mars; Empiricism – Sun; Mysticism – Venus; Transcendentalism – Mercury; Occultism – Moon

Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon

Days of Week: Sun-day; Moon-day; Mars-day; Mercury-day; Jupiter-day; Venus Day; Saturn-day

Movements: into upright posture, of thinking, of speaking, of blood, of breath, of the glands, of reproduction

seven tastes

salty, sweet, sour, bitter, savory, astringent, pungent

(eight daily times for nuns and monks): seven intervals / seven I am statements from John Gospel / seven liberal arts / seven stages of the passion of Christ

do: (matins/2a.m.) 7

do-re: “I am the true Vine” … rhetoric … washing the feet

re: (lauds/sunrise) 7-8
re-mi: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” … grammar … the scourging

mi: (prime/6a.m.) 8-11
mi-fa: “I am the Door” … logic … the crowning with thorns

fa: (terce/9a.m.) 12-3

fa-sol: “I am the Bread of Life” … astronomy … the carrying the cross

sol: (sext/miday) 3-5
sol-la: “I am the Good Shepherd” … geometry … the crucifixion

la: (none/3p.m.) 5-8

la-ti: “I am the Light of the World” … arithmetic … the death

ti: (vespers/sunset) 8-9

ti-do: “I am the Resurrection and the Life” … music … the resurrection

do: (compline/before retiring) 10


Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you serve? And, Who do you trust? (JMS)

Number of limbs on human body: two legs, two arms, and the jaw bone

A favorite mystical number in the Illuminati Trilogy. This five number breaks down into two and three, and 23 is also a mystical number

Five is the third prime number


the Four Directions

East, South, West, and North

black, red, yellow, and white

Stages of life: birth, youth, adult (or elder), death.

Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, ceda

Four Elements

fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; earth/consciousness

wands/fire/clubs/Emanation; swords/air/spades/Creation; cups/water/hearts/Formation; pentacles/earth/diamonds/Existence

Four Humors

fire/choleric/yellow bile – liver/summer


water/phlegmatic/phlegm-various places/winter

earth/melancholic/black bile – spleen/autumn

Four Elements in cooking
salt, fat, acid, heat

Four Bodies

warmth, astral, ethereal, physical

Four Stages of Breathing In (fire/will), pause (air/intellect), Out (water/feeling pause (earth/consciousness)

Tetragrammaton: Jod-He-Vau-He

Four essential epistemological questions: 1) Do you know everything? 2) Is what you don’t know far greater than what you believe you know? 3) If you took something from the arena of what you don’t know, and added it to what you believe you know, could that change what you believe you know? 4) Are you will to learn?


point, line, plane

thinking, feeling, willing

nerve-sense system, heart-lung rhythmic system, metabolic-limb system

cultural life, political-legal life, economic life

the traditional Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. An addition, Mother, Daughter, and Holy Soul, courtesy Valentin Tomberg

three is the second prime number


two is the first prime number

Two sides to one coin. Dualism vs. Monism in RS’s epistemological works. All necessary pairs: up – down; right – left; good – evil; on – off

The transitional phase from the Primary unity, via the pair Father and Mother, which reduces to a secondary unity, Son. I and the father are one, and no one gets to the father except through Me.

The Primal Paradox: To the Mystery the world is perfect, and an aspect of that perfection is the human being’s dissatisfaction, that then produces the leading edge of cosmic evolution.

Electromagnetism, which is a unitary polar duality. Alpha and Omega.


There is only One Mind. Always in the state of Metamorphosis. There is only one of us, each fully individualized. Final participation is a choice.


The mystical en-soph, or absolute Infinite God. The Nothing before the something

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