The Mystery of the Time of Climate Change

Meanwhile, over in Steiner’s Blind Spot: “Mother Letters” #1

The Joys of Living through the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization, One Moment at a Time … a Symphony of …

On occasion, in internet backs and forths, I would play at trumping a Michael reference, with yes, Steiner reveals Michael, yet the difference between Steiner and me is that I work for Michael’s bosses.

Silly, yes. Cheeky, you bet. True? Who cares? Although there is, in anthroposophical practices (quoting lectures and so forth), a “confusion” which is to look at the plenty in reality, and believe the Mystery put all Their eggs in one basket. Mother knows best, … or so it is said. Hello … pagan anthroposophist (Platonist), calling sky people … look down too, not just up.

A couple of basic points: 1) don’t believe anything I write, its for inspiration. 2) Keep in mind the rule as above so blow – we are the microcosm, so what we learn about the Macrocosm (and vice versa) applies to the own true nature. RS had an interesting way of putting it. You will learn more about your inner world, from observing the outer world; and, learn more about the outer world, from studies of your inner world.

My body brother Joey, when he passed on to me his physical, astral, and ethereal bodies, also gave me three serious riddles. In my essay about him, , I suggest that when there is a walk-in, perhaps the walk-out is more crucial than we imagine.

He was an innocent empath. When he started school, the bullying in the school yard made no sense to him. It was like hitting yourself. The Riddle: What is the nature of evil? [ answer: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” ]

He was an avid reader by 11 (there was no internet, or television, just wonderful libraries, and the comics you could read while waiting for a haircut). Our mother gave him a subscription to the one hundred volume Landmark series of juvenile history books, on America. From this he wove a wonderfully romantic imagination of the meaning of America.

Then, when he was 15 (TV had finally come), and starting to think for himself, there was a presidential election. When he read the words of the candidates, or watched them speak, he became worn of heart. These politicians did not feel right. In the tones of their voices he felt the false promises, and in the words spoken, no wisdom

The second Riddle: What has happened to America? [ answer: many books and essays ( ) – this next link was written for the Society, submitted to the Newsletter, and not only not published, it was never even acknowledge to have been received: “Waking the Sleeping Giant: the mission of Anthroposophy in America”

When he left the Air Force Academy, to marry our first wife, and to finish his BA at the University of Denver, he took a pre-seminary course, which allowed him to take some courses at the Iliff School of Theology, whose campus was adjacent to U. of D.

An arid intellectual course in the New Testament, diving deep into such “science”, taught that the writers of the Gospels were not what he had been told in Sunday School. His relationship with Christianity was deep, and mystical. Trusting their claims to be scientific, he become then, consciously, an agnostic.

That Riddle: What happen to the Christian Mysteries? [ answer: lack of practice: “pragmatic moral psychology” and: “Saving the Catholic Religion from the failing institutional Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”

It is a comfortable reality, that the organization – the A. Society – is not necessary to the health of the world. Anthroposophia has no need for this failing and static social form. Think about this … we are free – as an organization – from having to save the world (We certainly did not have our stuff together, when ?C*o*v*i*d? hit, even though RS had predicted a coming medical tyranny). Still, we members and friends – individually – are the true guardians of a remarkable treasure, not just in the works of RS, but in all that has been and being done through his inspiration.

We – anthroposophist’s – interact via a social form already dying, … a no longer necessary top down structure. If you are familiar with the term “antifragile: things that gain from disorder”, that’s a help.

Many have heard of the idea, that our fifth post Atlantean epoch has a relationship with the Third. At that ancient time, the mysteries were ordered from the top down. In our age hierarchical structures are failing, and the mysteries are coming in from the bottom up. The individual has become their own source.

Steiner urged that there appear a Michaelic Festival in the Autumn. We acknowledge that, with Festivals at Waldorf Schools, and Branch meetings. Meanwhile, Michael also helped the coming into being – in / via America – of the Bioneers work (“revolution from the heart of nature”), which has an annual Autumn gathering, often broadcast via satellite all over the world.

Bioneers – pioneers in the age of biology. The predicted millions RS thought would come to Anthroposophia have already arrived here, in the Environmental Movement – which essentially honors the Planet as a living Being. The A. Society’s leadership karma, notwithstanding.

A center of the Bioneers activities is aboriginal and indigenous cultures. When was the last time an A. Society gathering experienced the drumming and the dancing, that symbolizes our connection to the Earth Mother. We do not have to do it, but to experience the act, the art of it, the feeling and power of it – a timeless ceremony of community.

I heard a story that when the workers at the original Goetheanum saw folk gliding in groups trailing colorful cloths, “dancing” lightly over the landscapes in Dornach, … these plain people called “us”, the “the masters”, no doubt a common, even archaic term, which in England might have been expressed by: “our betters”.

Among the gathering of workers, were gypsies. Fortune tellers. Tinkers. Rough hands with physical prowess in stone and wood. The last remnants of a mostly European earth religion. The lectures to the workers, based on their curiosities, are remarkable, and down to earth. Bees anyone?

In my book, American Anthroposophy, near the beginning was an effort to gather into one place as many as possible of Steiner’s remarks about America … below are a few of them … all given to workers in the same lecture …

Europeans prove, Americans affirm” R.S. lecture to workmen 3 March 1923.

When the sun is in Aquarius: “only then will the true American Civilization come.” (same lecture).

We in Europe develop Anthroposophy out of the Spirit. Over there they develop something that is a kind of wooden doll of Anthroposophy. Everything becomes materialistic.” (same lecture)

But for one who is not a fanatic, there is something similar in American culture to what is anthroposophical spiritual science in Europe. Only everything there is wooden, it is not yet alive. We can make it alive in Europe out of the spirit, those over there take it out of instinct…” (same lecture)

The time will one day come when this American woodenman, which actually everyone is still – when he begins to speak. Then he will have something to say very similar to European Anthroposophy. One can say that we in Europe develop Anthroposophy in a spiritual way; the American develops it in a natural way.”

The American is a young materialist…So too will the American’s blatant materialism sprout a spiritual element.” (when the Sun rises in the sign of Aquarius). (same lecture)

As near as I can tell, these words were meant to point to the foreign peoples that have come to live in this land, particularly in the U. S. of A. The indigenous peoples living here were not on his spiritual radar … and one could hardly call their Ways of Living with the Spirits of Earth and Sky – wooden.

As to the immigrants … we raped the Land, and killed Its stewards by the millions.

As to “wooden”, … I have given some thought to this, for he could have used a different metaphor, something more mineral, … crystallized perhaps. Wood (an element in Chinese culture) actually is the core of the symbol of the Tree, a most ancient metaphor … the Tree of Life, to redeem the follies of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, … when we strive for communion-with, rather than for dominion over.

We seem to be headed back to the Garden for one last try, … the culture of Good and Evil having worn out its usefulness. Rome did not expire in a day, and the modern empire builders think the Goddess Natura does not exist. Oops!

The Drama of the Consciousness Soul needs a world of great conflict, in order for each Holy Biography to receive the individualized gift of the challenge to manifest, out of the own heart’s mind, the good and the true.

Spirit life from a magical uprising, while the top-down fails and falls. In the spiritual deeps of the Earth, each human biography a tree, with deep roots, and a yearning to swim in the oceans of the air. Every breath a prayer. Each word we think or speak, a leaf, … which cannot Be without the dark soil of connectedness, where roots talk to other roots through a riot of mycelium – a physical manifestation of the world of thoughts.

She thought in me too, not just He. Think on your knees, said Tomberg. RS: It thinks in me. There are, from a certain point of view, Eight Gates to Faerie and the Lands of the Fae, … by the way, include your own unseen human spirit among the Fae. Where do you go when you sleep?

In looking for the number relations between / among otherwise discrete qualities, not quantities: A few of my several page collection: Qualitative Number Mysteries* (many from RS):

The Generation of Fours …

There are Eight Gates to Faerie, which come in four pairs; East, waking and sleeping; South, living and dying; West, sanity and madness; North, remembering and forgetting. The gap / connection between one state, and its harmonic pair, is the threshold.

Four Elements, some details: fire / will; air / intellect; water / feeling; earth / consciousness. wands/fire/clubs/Emanation; swords/air/spades/Creation; cups/water/hearts/Formation; pentacles/earth/diamonds/Existence.

“Tetragrammaton”, the sacred unspoken name of God: Jod-He-Vau-He, … such that all cases involve a process of the unification and metamorphosis of the first three principles, such as will, intellect, and feeling – these are woven into a unity: consciousness.

And last, but in no way least: Four essential epistemological questions: 1) Do you know everything? 2) Is what you don’t know far greater than what you believe you know? 3) If you took something from the arena of what you don’t know, and added it to what you believe you know, could that change what you believe you know? 4) Are you willing to learn?


Who are you, dear reader? What are you? Why did Steiner say the human being was the religion of the Gods? Because, when Christ left the Sun, for the passage through the gates of birth and death, the hierarchies had to look earthward for their leader. The individual human being is an aspect of Distributed Divinity. We have choices. Our heart’s mind is the sword of He who will not bring peace.

They (She who holds the whole world in His Hands) leave to us that which is within the reach of our own wills. This is meant to instruct as well. Our life events often have one or more (not in any necessary order) of the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ: Washing the Feet; the Scourging; the Crowning with Thorns; the Carrying the Cross; the Crucifixion; the Entombment; and the Resurrection.

There is a long discussion of these seven trials all share, in my article: “Cowboy Bebop – and the Physics of Thought as Moral Art”

All the apparent social chaos in the world is a noisy secondary effect for us to face these trials in matter, according to specific and individual needs.

Time unfolds like a flower of Nows. Tomorrow never comes. “There is no Fate, but what we make.” Each node of consciousness has true agency. RS recognized the patterns, and warned of dangers ahead. None of those warnings are certain to happen. The Hopi call this age: The Day of Purification, and John the Baptist warns: the One coming after me will Baptize you in Fire and Holy Breath.

Outside my study’s window (nine feet wide, and four feet tall) a Forest teaches me. I often do not get the lesson.

RS taught something on the order of holding a pencil in your hand and imagine its history, the becoming it traveled, the human hands that shaped it, and the mind that conceived it.

Consciousness is everywhere, there being only One Mind. The unnatural science of materialism barely allows the human being sentient agency. Scientific materialism is the main cause of the recent plague.

One day I was sitting in my chair, thinking about the forest, and noticing all the wooden objects in my room, and experienced the energy of the processes that go from seed to tree to wood to art. My house has a wooden skeleton. Objects, once mineral, run through wires and ducts, moving warmth and water where needed.

Every object born in thought, yet never disconnected from the whole. Except us. Worth repeating: the human being’s freedom is the Beast from the Abyss of the uncreated and yet to be formed.

For some folk, spiritual experiences appear in madness. The seemingly broken minds we see walking down the street, talking to the air … their experiences across the threshold real. A depressed person is losing a battle with their internal nag (ahrimanic double). The addict faces Loki.

To father, is to generate. To mother, is to nurture that which is generated. The human being becoming … choices, some in dark places, having to make these choices alone … this gives rise to internal conflict. Sanity is to make a choice, and then go on to the next screen { }

Our co-existence with Cosmic Beings could not be more intimate. The idea, in high energy physics of the “field”, is a beginning. Recall that magnets, in the right alignment, either repel or attract via an invisible field.

We have terms, such as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, that some believe to be true. The Mystery sometimes expresses Itself in different aspects, or faces, yet never loses the quality of Unity. Tomberg describes two trinities, in the form of two triangles, one pointed up, the other pointed down … a hexagram, also known as: the Seal of Solomon.

The upper point is the Father, while the lower point is the Mother. The horizontal line of the Father’s triangle is Son and Holy Spirit. The horizontal line of the Mother’s triangle is Daughter and Holy Soul. The horizontal line of Son and Holy

Spirit is below the horizontal line of Daughter and Holy Soul.

When we feel breath, we Know the Son, and the whole world is united by this field of Life and the Light. Aka: Levity – the truth behind the phenomena of dark matter and dark energy. The polar field to Levity is Gravity, and when we surrender into sleep or death, we are caught by Her. Again, … all billions of the human beings live within these “fields” of Cosmic Being(s) (the actual Unified Theory). There is a third field, which high energy physics calls electromagnetism. This Father at Rest, yet not asleep, Who gives to matter order, or what we think of as the laws of nature.

“It matters to me, for Matter to be, and that I to Matter do matter.” There are no things. The laptop I write at is a locus of amazing acts of intellect and imagination. Its material manifestation is the presence of elemental beings

“Are we having fun yet?” “The Lord of the Dance”

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