The Big Lie, and the Madness of the Gods

The True Big Lie, and the Madness of the Gods

Trump’s refusal to concede the election, and to claim it was stolen, is now said (by pollsters) to be believed to be true by millions of Americas. This is being called The Big Lie in the press.

As I pointed out years ago, the press is the last group to get what is going on. Being sort of clueless by choice.

My father owned a small advertising business in Great Falls, Montana. He watched his profession wrestle with the truth, and basically lose. Any fiction was now okay, as long as it caused people to try to buy something. If products failed to be as advertised, an army of lawyers was always available to protect the lies.

Politicians always lie, whenever they make a promise. The protection of lying pharmaceutical companies is required, in order for the money needed for modern media campaigns to get into the right pockets. Laws are bought and paid for.

There is a legend, of a Being called: The Father of Lies. He has a cousin, The Weaver of Lost Dreams. “Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows” (‘50’s radio show). A shaman named Rudolf Steiner thought that The Keeper of Hearts, could balance the Father of Lies, and the Weaver of Lost Dreams.

Is there a lie at the heart of existence? A very very big and gigantic lie? Yes!

The Big Lie is that we individual human beings are not the Center of the World. Pause, listen carefully – we are the center of our experience. The center of experience is effectively Our world. Even if I so concentrate my essence, and perfectly see from inside the other’s World, that is still their world.

Out in the aethers of thought, another big lie: that we can and should give up our ego, and surrender to a group spirit-mind.

In the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the hero discovers that his parentage includes a God-like Celestial Being, with the name Ego. The hero’s mother is a human being born on the Earth. Ego has a dark secret. He has been going through the universe, impregnating women of many species, looking to birth another Celestial, and failing, until now.

In the inside, of Ego’s self-created planet, are huge caves full of bones … all the failures killed. Ego’s method of finding a mother receptacle includes killing them, when no longer useful.

The hero, now understanding himself better – this being half-Celestial which appears in his over confidence, … has companions. He is not traveling alone. One is a man of great strength. Another an empath. There is a talking tree, and an artificially enhanced raccoon who is an expert on taking things apart and making them better. A pair of sort of sisters who are expert killers.

Many special effects, and the gang together kills Ego.

We all have a crazy “I”. Part of which is a romantic and heroic heart. We are also part plant, part animal, and very deadly. Is there a choice between Ego, and ego? Does the God, we believe in and experience, have an Ego?

In a certain sense we begin to understand one form of the big lie, when we are about eleven. We’ve been through the deaths of the myths of Santa Claus and Easter bunnies. It is also obvious that adults are clueless. All work and no play. The ultimate wrongness is the clear fact that life is not fair. Then we succumb too, to the ambiguous and illogical demands of “adult” life, or not, after that its a matter of survival.

What was God up to, while creating the Creation. As Their primal nature is unity, then we are of God – half Celestial, and the other half ?//?

A Proof of the Madness of God.

The state we call madness is real. If we are in the image of God … ? From a certain point of view, all qualities existing are of God as well. Ergo, some aspect of God is being manifested, that can be called madness.

Here’s a tale: The secret behind karma and reincarnation is that there is only one primal consciousness, which appears in through as all of us – A snake eating its own tale, and when we look at each other, whether rock, or star, or baby human – we see ourselves expressing some unique combination of qualities, and enduring some degree of suffering, but all are one. We are the same, that is not the same, because the Now has an unpredictable future.

The Now is madness certified. Human freedom is so outrageously creatively powerful, Revelations calls It the Beast from the Abyss (of the uncreated and yet to be formed).

If there is just one being, living all these suffering lives, … merely given those facts suggests that this “person” is a masochist. Yes, of course, there is an additional way to look at this. But is it both and, instead of either or?

The creation of self-consciousness is genius, as is living in a physical body in a material world. “Living” for a time … then later sez RS, no material bodies. Genius, by Its very Nature, is “inventive”.

It is very hard to account for human moral darkness, and not believe that there must be a “reason” for all “this”. Yet, children are raped, and peoples are burned alive in ovens.

If human beings have been experiencing karma and reincarnation, they are coming back on purpose. Did any part of God even know such darkness could manifest?

Another riddle that muddies the waters for me is about “time”. One day I was contemplating the Incarnation, RS’s “Turning Point” in or of time. I made the image of the Christ Event as effecting both past and future, with that Now sending waves in both time directions.

These aspects of thought I have been sharing get even stranger.

After I started being occasionally touched by Christ, my understanding grew, and I felt that the idea of Him saving the world was inaccurate. He didn’t die for my sins. Instead, He experienced matter (life and death), because His Nature included the idea that He would not ask of us, some experience He Himself had not endured.

There is also something about what the Mystery does that is odd, yet not. They are following us. Our unpredictability is the leading edge of change. Our.

RS said that the religion of the gods is mankind. If we accept some of Steiner as viable systematic representations of reality, such as the idea of the ten hierarchies, we seem to be below them. An angel has gifts I do not. A Throne …

Then there are the hierarchies of the Father of Lies, and the Weaver of Lost Dreams, and one version of each of those resides next to our I in the soul …the Ahrimanic and Luciferic double, or as Tomberg said later, the Prosecutor and the Tempter.

We seem to be caught between cosmic powers, … one more of the light, the other more of the dark …

Or Vorlons and Shadows, as captured by J. Michael Straczynski in his television masterwork: Babylon Five.

It takes place in a galaxy in which several races of star-travel folks create a space station, where these races could meet, and try to resolve their differences. Wars erupt. Spying, secrets, and murder are everywhere. Visually it is very good for pre-digital film art.

These races are called: the younger races, as against the Vorlons and the Shadows, which are millions of years older, and the last of the ancient races, … the rest having gone Beyond the Rim.

The Vorlons ask us: Who are you? The Shadows: What do you want? In our language: the aspirations against the appetites.

Eventually the younger races realize that they have been manipulated into a war that is going on between the Vorlons and the Shadows. We are surrogates, while the most powerful stand off, out of the way until the Great Battle.

The Vorlons hide behind an encounter suit, because if they were truly seen, each race would see what was to that race, something on the order of an Archangel. The Shadows can’t be seen, unless they let you see them, and then they appear as big mechanical looking spiders.

The heroes and leaders of the younger races are a man and a women of two different races. She goes through a ritual that makes her look more human. Later, he dies and is then resurrected – for a time, by the Oldest One of all, the First One.

In a climatic scene, where two great space armies face each other in the same solar system, the two heroes demand that the Vorlons and the Shadows leave them alone, and stop manipulating us.

Meaning??? At some point the beings of the spiritual hierarchies just need to get out of the way of our I.

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