The Burning …

The Burning … part of Liz MacKenzie: “Shepherds Fire”

The only thing Rudolf Steiner founded was an Esoteric Schooling and that at the behest of St Michael, the Archangel, the inspirer of courage, through 3 representatives of Maria Sophia, his wife Marie von Sivers and his co-workers; the medical doctor Ita Wegman, and the astronomer Elizabeth Vreede. He had by the First World War stopped all esoteric schooling and resorted to architecture, the arts, science and technology to try to advance the cause of Andrei Protokletos.
This attempt ended with the burning of his architectural masterpiece, The House of the Word; on New Year‟s Eve 1922/23. From the ashes of this setback he again attempted a New Esoteric School at the behest of St Michael who then guided the last year or so of his life. This Divinely inspired project remained barely a fragment and he died with only a fraction of it complete.

He was showing the world what is also contained in this study, Andrei Protokletos at work,(Andropos Sophia), in order to avert the catastrophes looming in the 20thC from out man‟s separation from the world of the spirit; man‟s irreligiousness. For this reason and this alone he decided to become president of a re-founded Anthroposophical Society since the first AS founded by those who chose to leave the Theosophical Society with him had failed miserably. He inaugurated this amid the ruins of his building during Christmas 1923, and into it he hoped to found the Esoteric School of St Michael which he would call The Free High School of Spiritual Science based on the university model. It was not to be.

The anthroposophists did not want such a school; they had plenty to be going on with from his countless lectures and few books. He died with only the smallest fraction of the School of St Michael appearing within the Anthroposophical Society. This Society has no ownership over the Esoteric School of St. Michael, or even now over the fragment of lessons given to the High School by Rudolf Steiner since copyright has now run out. Andropos Sophia demands Truth, Spiritual Science demands Truth, science in all forms demands truth. Andrei Protokletos is a being whose heart is The Truth. “.. I can impart no more esoteric a saying to you than: Christ is seeing us.” Rudolf Steiner, Dornach 1915

The AS failed to incorporate its beating heart and living breath – basic, ordinary human compassion- essentially a failure Steiner described in his sociological lectures as a failing of the middle classes arising out of the inhumanity of the industrial revolution from which they arose. This failure resulted in the First WW and the Russian Revolution. In other words, the middle classes allowed their Cain to murder Abel and denied any responsibility – Malthusianism as justification.

Rudolf Steiner and many other true Christian esotericists and hermeticists completely unknown to the Anthroposophical Society worked tirelessly to waken up humanity, and into the aftermath of the First WW he placed the small book, The Threefold Commonwealth, in the hope that the leading classes, politicians,
generals, capitalists etc would grasp the truth. Simultaneously he was working as sculptor on his carved masterpiece the 9 metre high statue of the Sons of Man which he called The Representative of Humanity.

This work was an artistic co-operative venture, a concept Steiner worked all his art work through, as was the painting of the interior of his first and only building. His building was externally a modest but technologically beautiful and accomplished building in the architectural style of his time and standing somewhere between MacKintosh‟s Glasgow School of Art and Gaudi‟s Sagrada Familia, beautiful
functionalism married to sacred necessity. The building was completed and worked on by builders and artists of all the warring nationalities of the First WW and was then torched by the enemies of Peace working through a madman.
Only his woodcarving was rescued from the flames of this conflagration.

He foresaw in these flames a further and more horrendous conflagration to come – a new crucifixion of Christ and John Humanity, as it turned out, through His Innocent and Most Beloved People, Christ Jesus parental stream – the enormity of which he expended the rest of his life trying to avert. The Truth of these matters is that wilful ignorance is an abomination and we are all born ignorant and remain woefully ignorant, but in each and every life the Holy Spirit always ensures there are many free choices and opportunities to be called. Ignorance is not a sin, wilful ignorance is an abomination. What happened in the world during the 20thC is
that Abomination came to earth to live. The mass murder of Jews, Gypsies,
Homosexuals, Incapacitated, and other innocents by “clean” technological means is the Archetypal Pilate Deed. It says, “There is no blood on our hands, they are a technical hindrance needing a final solution because they drain resources and offend the eye.

Indeed their poverty of morals, hygiene, understanding etc is an offence to the eye; let us rid ourselves of them. Let us loose eternal hell on the earth and burn them in clean fast burning ovens. Let us be economic and make useful things from them beforehand, things like experimental animals for science, lampshades and leather for craftwork, let us make their teeth into the new dollar and hide it in the lust for bullion and the artworks and the property we have stolen, for we may have need of it in the future and let us use their ashes for some useful purpose like cement or fertiliser ”

The anti-dote to this soul sickness was given 2010 years ago and has always been available. In the 20thC Rudolf Steiner gave it in spiritual scientific form. Alas his followers failed to distribute it. Instead they wasted their time building a mausoleum to him, against his public instruction during the Christmas Re-Founding meeting of 1923. All that remained of his first building was the concrete foundation and the statue. He alone would incorporate these foundations into a new building he planned to build totally in concrete.

Concrete is an Alchemical substance and at that time an innovative leader in the
construction industry both in its own terms and in technological terms. This would have been a marriage of Christian Rosicrucian Alchemy with its materiality, a totally alchemical building. The architect‟s intention was again to produce a building marrying functionalism with, this time, spiritual scientific and technological activity, artistic activity and a new esoteric school. The alchemical building material concrete would form the whole building and he himself would guide the technology and technique of the production of flowing concrete forms for he alone was esoterically capable. Into this House of Resurrected Science he would incorporate the remnants of The House of The Word. He died before
anything but foundations were laid.

Almost immediately his followers chose to ignore his instructions and themselves built, not the building the architect intended for only he could build it, but a mausoleum which in the 1980‟s had to close its doors to any more ashes of dead anthroposophists being crammed into it.

The statue occupied an upper room surrounded by the ashes of dead followers, which says it all. The rationale for this absurdity was that the carving had been attacked by a madman, a fate that also befell Dali‟s St John of the Cross. That did not prevent Glasgow City Council having the painting repaired and put back on public display, after all what harm can a madman do a 9metre woodcarving? The interior is entirely the work of his followers, as is the exterior, so it is at the very least disingenuous to call a mausoleum on a hill “Steiner‟s second building” when
the intention was to build on Dornach hill a New Acropolis in the middle of Europe for the confluence of the waters of science, art and religion. No second public building, Polis, of Steiner‟s exists on earth. The christian esotericists and hermeticists of the Athens of the North were shattered at the betrayal and the followers of Andrew Protokletos, inspired by St Michael and St Andrew vowed in the Heavenly St Michael School and on earth that Truth Will Forever Prevail over the destiny of this man, this most courageous
of brothers.

The soul sickness has not gone …

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