Castles in the Air II – the truth does matter

Castles in the Air II – the truth does matter …

Rosemary McMullen wrote, in response to the first Castles in the Air – does the truth matter?:

“The social and spiritual blind spots will persist until the “gatekeepers” are able to self-correct. I appreciate your work but its huge size deters me. Meanwhile MysTech lumbers forward in its flawed way, allowing hundreds of spiritual seekers to meet each other and choose in freedom what to do with Steiner’s indications.”


“ … from a conversation between Steiner and Walter Johannes Stein in 1922: “ I asked Rudolf Steiner: ‘What will remain of your work thousands of years from now?’ He replied:’Nothing but The Philosophy of Freedom. But in it everything else is contained. If one realizes the act of freedom described there, one can discover the whole content of anthroposophy.“

There is no spiritual freedom (in the sense that RS meant*) if what MysTech teaches and models, excludes the study of that book, and its predecessor: “Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge”. [*In the first book, this admonition:

“One must be able to confront and idea, and experience it, otherwise one will fall into its bondage”. The second Owen Barfield called “the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote”.

Among Steiner “lore” is the tale that he and Carl Unger Jr (?). were standing somewhere, which allowed a good view of the Building and its environment, and Steiner is alleged to have said: “We may have to come back at the end of the Century and destroy all this.”

Yes, Rosemary, my stuff is too much to read, yet as the “librarian” of my work, it becomes then interactive, and all you have to do is ask me questions, and/or invite me to your gatherings, … what is it that is feared?

Let me gift you this summary of five decades of research, with a couple comments on electricity … by the way, I agree with something Stephen Clarke wrote, that Steiner saw electricity through a filter that made its most precious inner golden nature invisible, to him. My own practice tries to involve daily gratitude for my existence, and I acknowledge that there are no things, just Beings in manifestation. Are we grateful for Light? Water? The Moon? Why not “Electricity”, … the Father at Rest.

In the sense of the Macrocosm, all manifested reality is rooted in the actions of Cosmic Beings. The use of the term “cosmic” can lead to confusion, if we assume They are out there, … away … when the fact is that the four forces of modern high energy physics are due to these Beings, and reveals Their presence.

The primary manifested field is electromagnetism. It is the unity of God at rest. Gravity is one effect of the Mother (nurturer) principle, and Levity (dark matter-breathing), one effect of the Son principle, … together are the primary polarity, with the Father (generator) principle now in the Son. Tomberg sez the Father made the Ideas, and the Son sees to their realization.

In Hermetic Science first comes the Akasha principle, or realm of the uncreated and unformed, which begats then fire (will-Saturn-Emanation); next the principle of air (intellect-Sun-Creation); then water (feeling-Moon-Formation), and last the principle of earth (consciousness-Earth-Existence).

These Cosmic Beings (such names as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) exist everywhere-when. We are within Them, as They are within us.

Without the Father at Rest (the everywhere-when presence of unity as electromagnetism), Nature has no laws. [the observation, in modern physics, that two entangled particles can be separated in space but not in time (the Now effect), reveals that the fundamental Unity can’t be broken]

Even the sky is within these “fields” … the atmosphere of chem-trails and such.

Scientific Materialism is the cause of much suffering, the Covid Nightmare a terrible example. The central Idea of SM is matter only, no spirit. This was born (the Mother set this up), when after leaving the Egyptian civilization, the Hebrews wrote that we were to have “dominion over” nature.

To heal the sky, of such crimes as come from scientists and weapons makers, we need to discover the oldest Way once more: “communion with”. “Nature” has a sentient inner self-consciousness, just like ours. There are no “things” … spirit is everywhere.

Most of what MysTech worries, concerning the excess of death forces, can be found answered by opening a personal love affair with the Mother. The Garden had another Tree, besides the one teaching knowledge of good and evil. The Tree of Life.

A few years ago, I was looking back over my odd biography (joey and Joel), and I asked myself: Why did Divine Providence send joey to law school?

It did not take long for the Idea of the Shaman’s Law Firm to appear, and become a matter for serious spiritual research. By the way, I am not clairvoyant, but I do do what Carl Stegmann called: clair-thinking … my heart’s mind is living in the world of Pure Forms, or Ideas, as demonstrated above.

It is possible to challenge the Ideas of Scientific Materialism in a Court of Law. I am proposing the establishment of a Spring Michaelic Festival, to coincide with Earth Day. Multiple lawsuits, by environmental lawyers, all filed at the same time, with the Planet as the named plaintiff.

One Way this can Play out is: the lawsuits are met with a motion to dismiss. In response we offer thirteen books as evidence that the Planet is alive. The point is not to win, but to create a perception in the Court of Public Opinion, of this Riddle.

The thirteen books have Steiner’s finger prints all over them. The Rite will attract the media, who love a good story. In my writings I speak of Steiner as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought. I have two books on the list (see link). I call all on the list “a gospel of” the Second Becoming, because those works are rooted in Him, as manifesting as the Wind in the thought, or ethereal, world, as appears to us in the phenomena of contemplation of existence. This Wind is selfless, and supports all thought activity of any human being. Even if we seek to glide downward, They are still with us, our choices – our freedom rules our lives. They love.

The above is the ripe fruit of what you called the “huge size”. Anyone reading this can share it with their environmental friends. For some, the very idea that if a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law … this “idea” can awaken and warm hearts:

The thirteen books are here: For some more of the Mystery via a Moody Blues song: the Question

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  1. Re: “if a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.”

    Corporations and “Planets” are different animals: fiction vs reality! Please think about it! ………
    (An opportunity to actually apply the “Philosophy of Freedom” and find greater clarity about “courts.”)

    We living souls have absolutely no business in any court (unless we are under and in violation of a contract that we consciously entered into with the fiction and thereby the jurisdiction that controls that fiction). Earth, also a living being (right?) is likewise outside that realm. In other words – there is no corporate court for The Earth. The Earth has no contract with any corporation!


      1. I accept your reply toward the possibility of having genuine dialogue with you regarding these truly important concepts and ideas!

        I am grateful that you were “asked”! I also have been asked! ; ~ )

        What you have presented here so far appears to me that it might be the start of an awesome process in light of your stated objective. I most certainly wish you the greatest possible success in your endeavour (if you choose to pursue it). However, this question still remains: what is the true nature of the subject matters that can possibly be heard by a court under their original jurisdiction? ………

        Whenever you can respond to this question – the answer can possibly add insight – not only to the readers here (and possibly to all with the willingness to hear “Her” if the issue were ever to be accepted by a court) but also to all the rest of the people who have issues that have been or will ever be invited into court.

        In any case – the concept of “court” must be clarified! According to Steiner that requires thinking. We the living souls in the world today must have clarity about this concept or suffer (greatly) from the lack of clarity!

        Steiner indicates that all concepts are effects and that effects have their cause. Therefor “court” is an effect and has a cause that people who are called to court must know what the cause is. We must think about this instead of automatically/voluntarily subjecting our selves to an undefined and therefor hidden cause. I hope you’ll either agree or at least relate to the quintessence of what I have presented here!


  2. Steiner is dead. He didn’t have a law degree. Tomberg’s the one who brought the “law” back to life: “The Art of the Good – the Regeneration of Fallen Justice” Steiner often talked about stuff he only superficially understood, and yet most his “followers” are blinded by their assumptions as to his “perfect knowledge”. The biggest flaw at this level was that he never really met the “Mother”. . Plus !!! the purpose is Not to win any lawsuit, but to raise the riddle of the sentient nature of Nature, aka: the Goddess Natura, through the celebration of a Spring Michaelic Rite, centered on “Earth Day”. This idea needs to come alive in the “Court” of Public Opinion, where it can be illuminated in individual freedom, and used as a lever to extend scientific materialism by adding a spiritual dimension.

    Please stop telling me I am “wrong”, or somehow not up to the task.

    Out of the Closet …


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