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Individual Insight – the raising of the curtain on our own mirrored window.

I’ve been totally confused ..,. I have been seeing tragedy, when it is actually comedy … I must apologize for this error … in penance, I have chosen to leave these collegial environs, and retreat down the alley ways to the back door of the nearest bar in my own neighborhood … it is well attended, with a fine collection various spirits, both incarnate in matter, and not …

As a consequence, I have decided to create an alternative “sandbox”, for folks interested … as part of this choice I am leaving many groups at the same time. This new arena of activity will unfold in five Facebook groups. Their main feature is to completely resist quoting Steiner (or Tomberg, or Wendt, or Clarke, or whomever), and start to Share our own stories, rooted in our own life riddles, and our own intuitive answers.

Except for this first group … oh, and by the way, one can join more than one group …

Rudolf Steiner, and the New Mystery of Thinking GA-2, GA-3, and GA-4. Since all these works are available for free (donations gratefully accepted), at the Rudolf Steiner Archive, no books will have to be bought, although we all known the simple joy of holding a book in our hands – another mind is a whole new universe.

In this group we will begin with GA-2: “Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge”, whether or not we are already familiar with it, … to Barfield it was “the” book he read over and over again, calling it “the least read most important book, Steiner ever wrote”

It is essential to understand that this “work” involves a personal empirical study of the own soul. You read a bit of the book, and note in the process what you directly see in yourself.

These books are maps – our soul is the territory. Our personal journeys … a wonder. Please share your stories, and make your own maps.

Ark II – pagan/zen anthroposophy … earthbound and simple. Each of us has an individual biography. Our own story. If you are into learning and sharing experiences with the Goddess Natura – that is “pagan”, a word whose origin was the Roman Church’s need to deny the possibility of personal gnosis.

Many of us have been influenced by Buddhism, as we should be. Here is place to share our personal relationships (all of us are book/universes) with Eastern Thought. For me, Zen was simple, clear, and oddly fun. Do you want to demonstrate the sound of one hand clapping? Snap your fingers!

Shaman’s Law Firm ..,. supporting the remembering that Nature is sentient. Here we share our stories of what we are doing to support the “environmental” movement. Our heads, and hearts, and hands are the Divine “In Loco Parentis*”. That is we act in the place of the parent [*with reference to a teacher or other adult responsible for children] Who are the children? People who do not yet recognize the Goddess Natura? Corporations raping the planet? A neighbor needing comfort in our time of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization?

Make your own choices as to how you decide to act … there being no “right” answers – just our personal instincts and intuitions. Emerson: “In self trust all virtues are comprehended.”

Goethean Science as Applied to Social Phenomena. What patterns do we see, via our own interests? Did we read something curious in a newspaper, or on TV news? What is its Meaning? Or, is it our Meaning, as a Participant? Why does a particular art attract me? If you love movies, then Share. And, by the way, What the heck is Goethean Science?

In this group you will be asked to get a Goethean Science book, and begin to read it, while Sharing your personal journey within the realms other explorers have mapped. I personally find that reading some GS becomes a Wind in the own mind, which then remains – for a time – as an almost religious effect in my soul, via this “science” that is joined by art to religion.

You can see this as a pattern effect of the author’s relationship with the Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought. They take you there, as regards the specialty of their discipline. Fine wine for the heart’s mind at the end of a hard day.

Do they seek and meet Christ? Not quite exactly, for a couple of reasons. If we seek the true and the good we may find Him, in the form: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He serves (washes the feet of) our efforts, and needs no credit. Like gravity, which is of the Mother’s nature, His support follows our lead. Our freedom of thought is crucial.

Our own thinking is as a Participant in the Ethereal world. A supersensible cooperation. Play (or hum) some favorite music, let the mind drift into the seas of reverie (the dreaming). Breathe (the Son). Feel the weight of life, its gravitas (She, who has the whole world in His Hands). Wonder the Laws of “Nature” (the Father, at Rest). Accept that you are a perfect analogue of that Macrocosm.

Surrender to who You choose to be, and when necessary … ignore anyone telling you otherwise.

the Traveler Ethos getting ready to live during and after the collapse ,,, concerned with the future, not the past, “there is no fate but what we make”

We are in a pre-Atlantean condition of social illness. Fortunately, the expected great spiritual teacher is us. What did you think was happening?

My studies of Atlantis revealed three migrations, not just two (one to the West, and one to the East out of the Atlantic Ridge). West into the Americas, went those who retained the obvious understanding, that Nature is just as alive as are we. We are one – a community of All our Relations.

East, to the Gobi desert lands, where the seeds of egoity were planted. The I was to be more important to Itself, then the Surround. While the Americas struggled with the fires of luminous darkness, the East sought to make a peace that was inwardly – more cosmic than earthly.

When Europeans invaded the Americas, egoity and community danced to tragic music. The confusion that Nature was not sentient, met the traditions of those who worshiped Her. A marriage is called for, … one can hear it in the songs of the Aethers. Their are sages who see Western Civilization as Orphaned.

This marriage can only happen one amazing soul at a time. No “law” is to govern the heart. To love the Earth is to Love yourself. To love yourself, is to Love the Earth.

We will talk about end-times, and Share our own follies and contributions — both positive and negative, as is the Nature of the Soul and Spirit.

In the dreaming I saw the travelers. The two migrations, east and west, involved folk who might be called: earth-rangers. All over our world are the memories of the local earth religions, in tales, songs, and ceremonies. The earth-ranger communes-with the local spirits of place.

These places have much in common, including similar carved or painted symbols everywhere. At Atlantean times, the travelers, via ships of seas and air, united the local communities, with the emerging whole, via the Sharing of each folks’ tales.

We are travelers in the lands of electrical wonders. Is a Facebook group a sacred place? Of course! Given that we are here, and that Sacred is everywhere, … silicon fireplaces, around which we sit, telling and sharing our Way, which arts and crafts gives much to the whole.

Group Rules [Reverse Cultus] there are none, yet, as the only Admin, I have the power to … kick disruptive trolls out, which I intend to do with glee. There will be banishment for too much quoting, whether Steiner, or whomever … we want to meet each other as human beings … which is far more interesting than … just about anything else we could be doing, with the silicon lamp and its magic gifts. You are art. I am art. We are art. What else is there?

All the same, I could die at any moment, so I’ll be looking to Share those admin powers with others, who are willing.

The Now, your Nature, and, the Future:

We cannot escape the Now, or our ever evolving Natures – a seemingly self chosen prison and curse of endless moment to moment creative possibilities. If we read Tesla carefully, we might engage the idea that we are personally capable of drawing energy from the everywhere/when ambient continuum. We name this energy: “electricity”.

Franz Bardon speaks of the “vital force”, the breath, and of the fire/will of the human being as the “electrical fluid”. It is paired with the “magnetic fluid”, aka: water/feeling.

Is our electrical “connection” not a technological Stone Circle, remembered out of ancient lore? We know the ancients worked with Powers and Principalities, whose names we once knew. Is it possible the ambient tones in our ears, that medicine treats as an illness, are songs we once heard?

What some call the Underworld exists in us as well, what with our being the microcosm. We feel the breath – the Son, we feel the weight – the Mother, does the light have a song?

The ambient continuum … we participate and contribute when we hum, or speak, or think. We speak with the breath. We hum with the heart. We think with the light. We are the music of the spheres incarnate. When we dance, the world trembles with ecstasy. When we war – even over ideas, the stars weep.

Ideas, emotions, actions, … nothing truly separate. What happens if we seek to know the Being of Electricity, via prayer, and discover the Father, or that who generated (Fathered). What is created needs to be nurtured, … that is, Mothered.

The World: the Creation of Love through Crisis, and we are its mother and father.

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