Medicine’s Einstein

Thomas Cowan MD - Chelsea Green Publishing

Medicine’s Einstein

(Tom Cowan, doctor and healer)

This is not an academic paper, but a collection of personal experiences,

coupled with my own scientific research. I am, however, not a specialist in science, but a generalist [see note 1]. As with Goethe,

I also believe understanding context is essential.

Many people have heard of Einstein. Some of those will think of him as a great mind in the field of Mathematical Theoretical Physics. Very few will know that for decades after he published his early works, on special and general relativity (2) – which effectively made great advancements over the ideas of Issac Newton – the English scientific establishment refused to acknowledge that work …

“Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is the benchmark example for empirical success and mathematical elegance in theoretical physics.” (3) I bring forward this idea of “ … empirical success and mathematical elegance”, to apply it to the way Dr. Cowan has come to know the world of health and illness.

… to continue: It didn’t help that Einstein was also German, and a Jew by birth. Nevertheless, the English physicist Sir Arthur Eddington recognized Einstein’s genius, and they became friends (a TV movie was made – 4). Since the following essay has to deal with ideas in the fields of natural science, it is important to note that around 1920, scientists were saying: “We are learning more and more about less and less.” (5) Or, in my words: the number of tiny details is increasing, while the meaning of the whole is being lost.

Tom Cowan is as far ahead in medical science, as Einstein was ahead of Newton. As a consequence, America’s medical establishment (which has to include the corporations that make a lot of money from illness) makes war against him. If one Google’s Tom, one will find a lot of trash talk. All the same, he is a leading light in the Covid Mystery, basically proving (science, remember), that the present day ideas regarding illness, contagion, and vaccines, are in error.

For stating such anti-establishment ideas in public, his license to practice was attacked, which is true all over the world of those who fought against the “Official Narrative” of the meaning of the pandemic. A link below will bring the reader to his writings and his web-presence (6).

I’ve been acquainted with Tom for over three decades, mostly due to the fact that a woman doctor (Kelly) I lived with for five years, was originally in practice with Tom, in Keene, NH.

Both were, at that time, practicing Anthroposophical Medicine. To do this medical art, one must not only graduate from medical school, and become licensed to practice these healing arts, one must also study the medical teachings of Rudolf Steiner, as well as “apprentice” with an experienced anthroposophical doctor.

Kelly went through med school in a time few women went to med school. She became board certified in internal medicine, and began to practice family care. After about 15 years, she observed that nutrition was a crucial aspect of illness and healing, a subject not dealt with at all in medical school at that time. Looking for folks paying attention to that, she found her way to Anthroposophical Medicine.

When I first met her, she was in practice with Tom, and she became my first anthroposophical doctor. Time passed, and Kelly and I ended up living together for five years. Just one of her stories: At a certain point in her practice, she worked out that she needed 2.5 (she has a very precise mind) office workers just to handle insurance, which greatly effected costs of diagnosis and treatment.

Finding this more and more unworkable – after many years, she said tearful goodbyes to her patients, took a break, and studied doctors, who did a kind of simple-care where the patient could show up at the door, be seen that day, and was expected to pay in cash. The fees were not huge, and could be adjusted according to means. Recently the medical regulation establishment took her license away in California. So far, she has been able to fend off the same mindset as regards her license to practice in Massachusetts, and her ways of healing continue to evolve.

Her main struggle these days is to protect the rights of parents to make medical choices. A long legal struggle to avoid masks, and forced vaccinations.

She told me she occasionally fought with Tom, over medical questions, and thought he was a bit smug. It was not too much later that Tom went on his own, no longer practicing pure “Anthroposophical” Medicine (several of the traditional remedies failed empirically, to his observation).

Before I met Kelly socially, I was at Tom’s house, where a meeting was being held by his first wife, regarding the Kucinich campaign for President. At one point he walked through the living room, from his office to the kitchen, saying “Do you know why people are fat?”, and on returning: “Its because they are starving”. Later I understood that the idea here is that there is no nutrition in their food, and the brain keeps demanding the body be fed. A little later, passing through again: “Do you know what the biggest cause of death is in America?”, returning: “Its the doctor”.

My view, on present reflection, is that a mind/spirit of Tom’s nature lives in a world we barely see. He can’t help but be who he is (see biographical details in all his books), for example, after getting a BA degree in Zoology, he did Peace Corp in Africa, teaching gardening at an elementary school in Swaziland. There he met “Chris”, who introduced Tom to Rudolf Steiner. Tom writes: “Anthroposophical Medicine at least tries to answer the real questions”

“Smug”, or … a genius, driven by social riddles, that spends the rest of his life becoming a doctor, and is never satisfied – knows he does not have all the answers, yet is always certain of the path of the quest. Not just that … he walks the walk … such as, all the work that is involved in finding ways to avoid the toxins lurking everywhere, … he practices everything he teaches.

Some of the details are amazing. There is a kind of purified water: Quinton Isotropic Seawater, which for cancer patients contains all the needed minerals, plus it is “structured water”. What’s that? Reading Tom is always a learning experience. Supplements, as needed, he gives his family.

Tom’s first book, which I bought for myself and then occasionally gave away as gifts: ““The Four-fold (****) Path to Healing”, subtitle: “Working with the Laws of Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement and Meditation in the Art of Medicine.” (with Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan) (over 400 pages). Published in 2004. Rudolf Steiner is mentioned several times in the Introduction.

(****) [Nutrition – Healing the Physical Body; Therapeutics – Healing the Life Force Body; Movement – Healing the Emotional Body; and Meditation – Healing the Mental Body.]

Sally Fallon published her co-work in greater detail in: “Nourishing Traditions”, “The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictators” (over 670 pages) in 2007. She refers to Steiner on pages, 190, 369, 419, and 540. Jaimen McMillan – the movement teacher, has a website (7)

We’ve all seen the official Food Pyramid, which since I was a child has gone through a lot of changes. Tom’s book starts with a Fat Pyramid, page 16. Sally’s book points out that before present day industrial farming, people ate straight from their gardens, and raised their own animals. They knew a lot of wisdom about what to and when to plant, what to eat, and how to preserve it. Kelly is into making her own yogurt, fermented vegetables, and chicken broth. Sally’s book is full of recipes, and practical advice. Imagine the loving teacher you never got in school, who will lead you to wisdom, about your health and the food you eat.

Tom (beginning in Africa), as well as Sally and Kelly, have became aware of Weston A. Price (8). He was a dentist in the 1920’s, who traveled the world looking for the folk with the healthiest teeth. Why was that? In his work, his patients had horrible teeth. The link is to a website on his work. A main discovery was that these rather happy peoples universally ate a lot of animal fats, and tended to not being “skinny”.

In Tom’s above book, for example, he describes how it is a healthy development for what women might call their middle-age spread (9). Fundamentally, the body is far smarter than are we, and it is a territory that teaches.

Rudolf Steiner, in his works on medicine (some of which this generalist has read – such as the 20 lecture cycle to doctors: “Spiritual Science and Medicine”), points out that medical science first studied the cadaver, the body of a human being no longer living. As a consequence, the basic “ideas” in medicine took a path where they were built up from observations of death, rather than life. A potent example of science’s knowing more and more about less and less.

Here I want to take another needed contextual side trip, about official medical “science”. The root science of our age does not see anything but matter, no spirit allowed. The doctor is trained to see the patient as a complicated machine. Over the years of my own life, I spent several years working in mental hospitals (10). Their working model is that the material brain is the seat of consciousness, and that we can “develop” medicines that – often too forcefully (11) – effect the physical material, and thus resolve the “psychological illness”. They do not heal, they just modify behavior to a socially acceptable level.

Imagine a science where spirit, and soul matter as much as the purely material. As to “medicine”, Tom is the leading and cutting (dismantling the past) edge, and he knows we are not at the end of our need to know the truth of what it means to be “human”. The science of seeking for knowledge is never “settled”.

In my article about my experiences with the “mentally” ill, I called what was going on, when testing was being done for experimental medicines, a “horror show”. I am next going to refer to a couple of relevant “horror” shows, in the world of socially dominated profitable medicine. I don’t want to be believed, but where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

There is this tale: the sugar industry knew that sugar was a serious cause of disease, and as well, … all those bad teeth. So, they created a massive publicity campaign to have fats blamed, instead of sugar. Butter, for example, quickly converts to energy and water – not weight gain. Of course, which butter today is a riddle: biodynamic, organic, well fed animals, or since Fats are Bad, how about fake butter.

Then there is some research I did on my own.

I heard a rumor, that the idea of health dangers from “secondary” smoke, was not actually based on empirical science. Sure, the smoker has a problem, but they are taking the full load into the lungs, on a regular basis – keep in mind that Big Tobacco stood in front of Congress and swore on a stack of bibles that they did not know nicotine was addictive.

Curious, I started a Google search on the science for secondary smoke. What I initially found was layers and layers of articles, basically referring to each other as the source of the science. Google, of course, lists according to frequency of source citation. By the way, why don’t folks exposed to secondary smoke become addicted?

I spent an afternoon, going to the next page, and then the next page, perhaps a hundred times, when I ran into this story. The origin of the idea of the problem of secondary smoke was a passionate anti-smoker, who made up the idea to frighten people into quitting. He was the original “authority”, and all the rest of the following citations treated his idea as a scientific fact.

Once in awhile – during this search – I ran into tests on rats, but rats are not humans, and any person no longer asleep realizes that science today is full of “doubtful” research. Much is not per-reviewed, and the sample size is often too small – “publish or perish” is a warning sign of hurried research. My older brother had a PhD in microbiology, and he called the process of exaggerating the conclusions of an experiment: “globalizing”. The experimental data is the only true result, … describing “what it all means” is never empirically justified.

Tom’s next book that I read was “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” “A doctor’s quest to understand, treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.” Published in 2016, 160 pages, with an index, and a bibliography that shames any dilettante.

Chapter headings: 1. Doubting Thomas, 2. Circulation, 3. The Misery Index, 4. The Geometry of the Heart, 5. Defining the Questions, 6. What Doesn’t Cause Heart Attacks, 7. What Does Cause Heart Attacks, 8. Stepping Forth, 9. Treating the Heart, 10. The Cosmic Heart, 11. A Heart of Gold. 12. What’s Love Got to Do with It?

In the beginning of the book he refers to Steiner this way: “… I first encountered Rudolf Steiner’s idea that the three most important things for the future evolution of humanity are: 1) that people stop working for money, 2) that people realize there is no difference between sensory and motor nerves, and 3) that the heart is not a pump.”.

Tom then goes on to show that the heart is not a pump, using – in part, … I summarize: Modern research on the nature of liquids, where it has been discovered that water has four states, not just three, reveals that this fourth state is highly ionized, and appears in between a moving liquid and the walls of the “tube”, where this “ionization” [12] is causing the movement. The blood circulates in the human being, before the heart is formed, and the heart then arises as a regulator of the already flowing substance. All of this is covered in detail, in Chapter 2. Circulation.

It is written for the patient. I was into my second reading, when I ended up in the hospital with a “heart” event. It gave me the strength to understand that the doctors were trapped in a set of conceptions that limited their ability to treat. In two hospital visits, I more than once had the painful experience that doctors do not listen well – they already know more than the patient.

Go to any ER, and you get put into a box of assumptions that can often be wrong (“The biggest cause of death in America is the doctor”).

Then, in 2018, he published: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.” Over 170 pages, indexed and sourced, and again readable by a patient and in this case particularly, the parent of a patient. “Part I: The Origins of Autoimmunity; Part II: Vaccine Fallacies: Three Case Studies; and Part III: Treatment and Recovery.

To complete this three-work masterpiece, in 2019: “Cancer and the New Biology of Water” “Why the war on cancer has failed, and what that means for more effective prevention and treatment.” 190 pages, index and sources, again not only for the patient, but as with all three, full of practical advice. “Part I: A New Understanding of Cancer; Part II Potential Therapies; and Part III: Practical Steps Forward for Individuals.

Then came the Covid Mystery, that gave the world a time out (13).

He wrote, and then published (with Sally Fallon Morell): “The Contagion Myth”, “Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease (I bought it). Since almost everyone was swept away by the Official Narrative, the word “myth” drew a lot of unwanted attention, even from “anthroposophists”(14), so some changes were made to the title, and now we can read:

“The Truth about Contagion” “Exploring Theories about How Disease Spreads”. (190 + pages, end notes for each chapter, and an index). Part I: Exploring the Germ Theory of Disease, 1. Contagion 2. Electricity and Disease, 3. Pandemics, 4. From Aids to Covid, 5. Testing Scam, 6. Exosomes, 7. Resonance, Part II: What Causes Disease. 8. Water, 9. Food, 10. Toxins. 11. Mind, Body, and the Role of Fear. Part III: Choices. 12. Questioning Covid, 13. A Vaccine for Covid-19, 14. 5G and the Future of Humanity. Epilogue.

In a very real sense, there is nothing more dangerous to industrial medicine than an educated patient. Kelly’s style of treatment was to place the doctor and the patient on the same “social” level. She teaches, and the well informed patient chooses.




(3) this quote is the opening line of an article predicting Einstein’s work would eventually fail: Written by Niayesh Afshordi, it is titled: “Where will Einstein fail? Lessons for gravity and cosmology”.



(6) His books are also available on Amazon. Tom’s five books, plus Nourishing Traditions: $122.30 – hardcover and paper back; in Kindle – $108.99. It is a small price to pay, for such an amazing “library” on health and illness.



(9) In a discussion of “osteoporosis”, he writes that women are a group that needs “liberation from the alienation – often but not always, imposed by men – of an unrealistic image of their own bodies, liberation from the tyranny of trying to force their bodies into assuming a shape different from that which it naturally wants to assume” page 241.


(11) Kelly explained to me that high dilution homeopathic medicines were like a butterfly kiss – helping the body instead of forcing it to do something, so that “numbers” are in the right ranges. Sensitive people end up with “side-effects”.

(12) The “anthroposophical” communities had a lot of issues, as regards how to treat and act in the “pandemic”. Someone sent a copy of the book on the Contagion Myth to the “Nature Institute”, a place where a lot of wonderful work is being done on form in biology. They argued against what Tom was saying about Covid, especially as regards the ideas of what was contagion. I disagreed with their work, and wrote an article for my blog. It includes a link to what the Nature Institute folks wrote.

(13) Faith – trust in the Divine Mystery – has led me to seeking to understand the meaning in such catastrophic events. Here is one way of seeing the situation: “Event and Aftermath – the Creation of Love through Crisis.”

(14) I do research in what might be called: ideal (spiritual) high energy physics. This has been a work of over three decades, and culminated recently with “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos.” “Ionizing” is a feature of the underlying principle of Unity, at an electromagnetic level.

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