The Mood of Easter, in the Light of Our Individual Logos Nature

The Mood of Easter, in the Light of Our Individual Logos Nature

Over the course of my adult life, I began to notice a remarkable inner phenomena.

As the Season of Easter came and went there arose a kind of dying and becoming in my soul. Aspects of my soul life seemed no longer necessary, and this death in the soul was – in the beginning – painful, perhaps even depressing. The basic mood of soul was a kind of dread.

Then around Good Friday, the dying passed, and by Sunday, and the Resurrection, new and hopeful aspects of soul emerged. Over time I learned to notice which aspects wanted to be let go, and this meant I could name them, and participate in their dying and becoming.

Over these few decades, I was simultaneously making an empirical study of “thinking, where I would write something like: “the logical (Logos Nature) of thought is …. “

One of the ways this appears is when we ponder or muse about life, and then make and experience connections. This own logos logic is felt, more than pictured. We might wonder whether or not other’s should or have to make the same connections. Not an easy moral riddle, given the demands of others to see the world the Way they see it.

In our life, we might muse on an experience we call: common sense. “It makes sense (meaning) to me”. That each of us might have different results, the inner felt experience remains the same and we are right to trust it.

In terms of human experience, each spirit-spark is the center of a universe. I am here, and out there is … what?

Over the biography we create an inner understanding of this “what?” We make personal inner art, … which is meaning. Emerson wrote of what he called (I paraphrase) “a ray of relation connecting our self, and all the objects of experience.“

If we look at the spiritual-meaning of human history, we soon find everywhere-when that our story once included the experience of connectiveness of all to all. Did this feeling disappear from how we conceive today, and were we led this way to a shared abyss – ruled by the religions of unnatural science and free market capitalism?

The science of the ancients knew the mystery directly. Modern life – the third shaking of the world, as known to those native peoples still connected – is a crisis of meaning. Are we the generated and nurtured love creation of the mystery, or a random accident in an uncaring cosmos?

To the Romantic poets a great loss. Us and Nature somehow disconnected. That is changing, one individual heart’s mind at a time … by conscious choice, we are traveling home, to become connected to the Garden once more.

For these decades I have become connected to the logos nature of the works of Rudolf Steiner. Among those works, and followed by his followers, is the idea of Evil and Good. He speaks of great powers, such as Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorat, and the Asuras, as capable of great Evil.

My logos nature asked: If these bad guys could win, should not it already be over – so what is going on given that they have not? After all, we are still here.

Clearly then there had to be power in the realm of mystery that ruled them – the alleged bad guys. The question was answered easily for me: the Holy Mother – Earth Mother.

I often share this idea these days, by writing of “She who has the whole world in His Hands”. I also write of the ancient’s great idea of the Macrocosm and the microcosm. As Above, so Below, and As Below, so Above … for the Miracle of the One.

The One has aspects. These are qualitative realities. One aspect is the act of fathering or generation. Its mirror is the act of mothering or nurturing. As these qualities never lose wholeness or connection, their union aspect is love. Not just the idea of love, but deeds of real caring.

One does not have to believe, for there to be experiences that are themselves knowing. We are blessed this way, regardless of our view of the world.

Each of us are created this way – generation and nurturing and loving are all potential. Still, we are a universe, living and bumping into other universes. The Trinity latent in the One, aka: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … these are within the reach of our wills, … we are essentially Them … as above so below.

Trust your common sense logos nature logical musings … nobody but you knows the complexity of your biographical story as well as you do … nobody.

{first draft) written while intoxicated with the Mother’s medicine that grows like a weed, and listening – via Alexa – to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra}.

The above is connected to two other discoveries. These are elaborated here: and here:

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