The Third Shaking of the Earth

Recently discovered the above (2023)

Early research on Hopi Prophecy (1996)

A view of this material ten years later.

Includes a link to 35 videos on Youtube, the same material as above with additional thoughts and connections to our times.

Some artwork by yours truly:

I went to visit the Hopi mesas in 1986, over a two day trip of 600 miles each way, on Easter Saturday, and Sunday. I spoke briefly with an elder: Grandfather David Monogye, about the Prophecy. He was 106, tiny, and blind. We held hands as we talked (which he initiated). During this conversation, he rocked a bit back and forth. When I told I thought I knew who the True Brother was, and that these folks (anthroposophists) had new science that showed that the Earth was a living being, he stopped rocking. Then his granddaughter, who was nearby, stepped between us breaking the connection, and told me to leave, … she actually said she did not want me disturbing an old man’s dreams.

Art work by Robert Nuckles. This is also the cover of my novel: “American Phoenix”

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