I die more everyday …

I die more everyday. I used to think life was about living, but in some sense it is also about dying.

We tend to avoid pain, and to acknowledge the little murders that occur each day is not an experience of pleasure.

Yes, murders.

Mostly it happens when I watch News. This sense of death and dying. Not just the death of truth and justice, but of trust and hope.

Every damn day.

I sleep at night, with some help from pills, and start my day with a ganja goddesses celebration, but in the evening, the News. Torture for the well informed and educated, whatever channel we watch.

Trump is the arch-distraction, while the Oligarchy uses the intelligence-establishment to run psychological operations against the American people, out of the Pentagon.

Included is millions spent to make the military look good, and to urge our patriotism and a kind of slavish asleep consent that believes the big decisions benefit ordinary Americans. The big decisions do not.

The Oligarchy needs consumers of its products, workers for its farms and factories, and bodies for their wars.

Last night I watched CBS News give space to a shill for the Deep State, who as part of a report on the latest three dead in the 17 year old war in Afghanistan, explained that he had just been there, and we’re doing great fighting not just the Taliban, but ISIS and Al-Qaeda are there as well.

That just plain lying, but for purposes of making the war look “right”, best to serve up names of bad guys we should all fear in never ending war on terror.

Anyone actually paying attention knows the latter two hardly exist anymore, much less are a factor in the poppy wars in Afghanistan, which allow a wealth-equalization process to arise (we can’t/don’t dare try to out-spend the Taliban) and no foreign power has ever done anything in that region of the world – ever.

But the Military Industrial Complex needs wars, and strife, and so Trump is okay in his effort to ruin our public life, in the name of values. Values? What are those?

Values shared is how Trump voters justify their complete lack of actual patriotism. Not nationalism, which is what Trump sells, but other-service oriented one-for-all patriotism. The first word in the Constitution is “WE”.

Neither Trump&friends, or the Oligarchy, and certainly not the political parties, actually cares about the WE.

So everyday I live to die some more, as the too rigid ideologies play games, and serve themselves at the expense of others.

So in grief I pray each night, and seek at least a little bit the next day to try to wash away the mud and confusion, for it is a spiritual fact that the NEWS is all show-business, and not a true narrative of the world at all.

the moral aesthetic – the reason the world is full of woe and drama The outer sense world, of wars, crimes, divorces, and other common horrors, is not the reality of our shared Earth Existence. Thoreau remarked that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. The first Noble Truth of the Buddha is; …

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