I need a job. Better yet, work.

I need a job. Better yet, work. I don’t need money. Divine Providence (Mother Earth) has led me to a remarkably magical retirement. No savings, just Social Security, and a woman … I didn’t know existed.

Still, I’ve now lasted eleven sevens of years, and in looking back I’ve had a curious education. The first words on my e-business card are: “a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, Shaman … ” … more follows …

I also have law degree, speak to trees and squirrels, while lately I’ve taken up a closer observation of the songs of clouds …

It is a scientific fact that the Planet Earth is a living Cosmic Being. Her consciousness links All Our Relations into a single web of life, … and the mystery of death …

Over hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner entered into a stream of modern thought that is well named: the counter-Copernican Revolution.

The Copernican Revolution produced a science only of matter, of things and numbers … describing a world empty of any meaning but that which is reached by cold thought alone. No room there for spirit at all.

Turns out spirit is still there, and with Steiner’s works on the problem of scientific knowledge as inspiration, a number of individuals have produced valid scientific treatises on the spiritual nature of physics, chemistry, botany, geology, social science, medicine, farming, astronomy, geometry, and even philosophy as well as religion & art.

A done deed. Best way to help this remembering that the Mother Earth we want to help is just waiting for us to call Her, on the phones of the elements. Beings are everywhere. Still, you want to connect, its up to you and the Rites of your daily life.

Meanwhile, for the scientific geeks, there are some books at the following link. Own them, all of them, as soon as possible. Money a problem? Form a group, for these books are wonderful for the engendering of lively conversations.

Shaman’s Law Firm (contact me if you need help understanding any of these books).

Shaman’s Law Firm If a corporation can be a person, then certainly a Planet can be a person The environmental movement needs to learn to serve&communicate with an invisible world — Who will provide legal (material-world) services? A corporation is no less invisible, yet with a material-avatar bo…

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