Helping Boys Become Men, as Civilization Evolves

Helping Boys Become Men, as Civilization Evolves.

Women (the feminine principle, specific types of equipment not always necessary) need to help men (or the masculine principle) grow up. The masculine principle – in politics and religion – being out of balance with reality, for the reason of the loss of wisdom in our understanding of sexuality.

This next bit tries to make simple the loss of a true understanding of the nature of Eros, or erotic and sensual love.

The Cross of Love has four directions. On the upper vertical direction, selfless human love. Below – on the lower vertical direction, erotic and sensual love. The more feminine horizontal direction is nurturing touch – comforting and holding. The more masculine horizontal direction is comradeship aka: brother and sisterhood.

Love is the union of all four directions, which cannot be separated. Although, … immaturity of soul can stunt the ability of such a spirit to realize the full possibilities of their true nature. Our pragmatic knowledge of our lower vertical impulses is fallen. Fallen Eros. We live in a culture bathed in too much sexuality, in dress, in art, and even in the curves and shapes of an automobile.

It was Boys in the American Senate, that were cowards before a Bully, who is barely out of his infancy.

Our politics is fueled by semi-conscious appetites. Ambition being one of the more terrible. Ambitious folk can end up acting reasonably insane. The brain-bound intellect does not know how to connect to the heart’s mind. Again, a masculine and feminine polarity/imbalance.

The feminine principle has to be more aggressive in the psychological education of the male principle, beginning in youth and then also in adulthood. To do that, however, requires actually understanding/knowing something real of both natures, and being able to find the right stories. Many of these stories already exist, often in the form of what is abusively called: the chick flick.

Mothers please have your boys watch chick flicks, and then leave the fathers to explain it … if they can. I will give a couple of examples of some of the right/good stories. A mother’s/girlfriend’s heart will know the true tales of the meaning of love, in its wholeness … with adaptations for cultural distinctions and differences.

In “As Good As It Gets”, the Jack Nicholson character, melts the heart of the Helen Hunt character, by finding and expressing from out of himself: “You make me want to be a better person.”

Sometimes in the Trump debacle (aka – another folks’ problems with male leaders in politics and religion, the situation being similar all over the world) … sometimes we forget that behind the cowards in the U.S. Senate, and their President, are wives, mothers, daughters, and lovers.

Whose pain of soul is worse, do you think. For a wonderful (and frightening) tale, watch Showtime’s Homeland, and follow the daughter’s tale/thread as she watches the unraveling of her father, a soldier just returned after eight years of captivity by Islamic terrorists.

The feminine principle carries weights in its heart, that cannot be acted upon, in same way the male principle can pick up a gun (or a briefcase) and go into battle, thus releasing some of the weight in aggressive action. With blithe poetic horror, we have this word: “Worry”.

Clearly modern societies are up to their unwashed armpits in acting out male principle sexual aggression, pithily named: “#metoo”. A core problem is the male principle’s intellect-only assumption that we can fix such deep human needs with the passage of laws, or the application of dress codes, or the fully absurd preaching from academic or religious pulpits.

Only the individual can change their personal&intimate nature. By choice. Without compulsion.

All of us know how to be stubborn. Done rightly it is a wonderful character trait. The social element involves, however – to the dismay of the male principle – the arts of conversation we ridiculously reduce to the concept: “sharing”.

If we acquaint ourselves with aboriginal folk, we will find there community processes whereby the two natures (and their complex and various mixtures – no spirit has the same balance of fires) …these natures are discovered through the stories that are shared, and the examples lived – which tell the best tales of all.

We know the tragedy of overprotective parenting, as well as under-parenting. Both are child abuse, which comes from a person who is already wounded themselves.

All that exists is wounded. To heal these wounds of spirit is an art, such as the Blessing Way of the Navajo.

It is the run-amok male principle intellect that has generated the idea that Nature has no interior life, and does not feel: The divine mystery also faces: worry, #metoo, and a need for “sharing”.

The turmoil and politics can’t be resolved (billions spent by ambitious folk vainly believing they should be in charge) without making the center of the conversation the relationship of the two natures.

Yet, we know they won’t dare discuss such “hot button” “issues”. In what venues then do we have the needed conversations?

Preachers, academics, politicians, newscasters, radio or podcast pundits, and all other opinionated assholes, can’t do what one person can do with kindness, and listening to other folks’ stories.

If you self identify with aspects of the “liberal elite”, in your worries about wars and other radical changes effecting all of us, find something to do. Same with the “Trump voters”, … everyone needs to find opportunities to be kind listeners, who do not judge, or explain, or tell others what they should do … we just offer comfort and sympathy.

Why do you think the Mother is going around the world sending in the ancient Titans we idiotically call rogue weather? In the aftermath of the Chaos of Her own Godzillas – which is the Mother’s male principle Rite, …

… that is followed up by its harmonizing balance (a feminine principle Rite), through what is happening in aid stations, school gyms, and places where folk gather to understand each others’ worry-#metoo-tales … by creating the opportunity – we have to choose – for People to begin to find out just how much they need each other, religion and politics aside. Mother always knows best, even when She sends children off to wars, social/community or otherwise.

How do we know how important it is for human beings to meet each other in circumstances of shared worry, #metoo, and artful – perhaps witty – conversation?

We know because it is frightening to be honest and vulnerable. In this we are wise to trust our instincts, and avoid what does not feel emotionally safe. Find/notice your tribe. Have a celebration with good food, dancing, and as personally needed: intoxicants. Celebrate what, some might ask.

Our shared humanity and the wonders the ancients mysteries had expressed this way: As above, so below. As below, so above, for the wonder of the one true thing.

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