Anthroposophy and Christianity – an update

Anthroposophy and Christianity – an update, rooted in decades of spiritual research, … American ~!~!~!~Style

Rudolf Steiner was clear. Anthroposophy is not Christianity; and, Christianity was/is still becoming.

Robert Jan Keldar, a serious and learned student of Rudolf Steiner, is urging that coming meetings of the Anthroposophical Society in Dornach take up this theme, and vote(?) on it. He wrote the following and implies that there is a lot more to come.

“Willingly Uniting the Anthroposophical Movement as the New Christianity with the World in Love”

“For the contemporary, spiritual restoration of the form that the anthroposophical movement or the new, true Christianity needs as a preparation for the next, sixth cultural age, may the General Assembly decide to set a general process of necessary consciousness-raising and social formation in motion, which should lead to the unbundling of the General Anthroposophical Society in three sub-sections within the framework of its centennial anniversary, namely the Anthroposophical Society, its administration and the administration of the Goetheanum building.
Since the constitution of the national societies may not contradict the constitution of the Anthroposophical Society, may the General Assembly also decide to encourage them that this restoration of the form that the anthroposophical movement or the new Christianity requires for its practice also, if necessary, be taken up by them.”

As hard as I might try, I can’t get my head around what Steiner taught, as noted above, and this phrase: “the anthroposophical movement or the new Christianity”. To me, those meta-ideas – of the two entities – are presently disharmonious, although I find the sentiment implied to be of great significance. We cannot stand still, yet which/when/why/where do we choose to navigate – ourselves collectively, or as individuals on this sea of troubles.

Christianity is living. At present, the Christ Impulse is active everywhere in the world, given that it grows out of human hearts, and can neither be voted into existence, or learned from books. The individual human being is unfolding that which can never be doctrine or practice. It either is, or is not. Like the wind in the heart’s mind.

Every human biography is loved by both the Son and the Mother, in ways most Steiner-sez folk cannot imagine. The reason this earthly (?) “anthroposophical movement” is missing the mark (in error) has too do with the unfinished task of dealing with the karma of the Aristotelians and the Platonists.

The Holy Mother trains shamans, through life trials and gifts. The religion of the Holy Mother is all ancient earth religions. She (being the wonderful wild-element of Divine Providence) sends us Her envoys, including the occasional “prophet”. In the song of the world, we find that She is seeding the whole of our present Earth existence with spirit-recollections of the oldest religions. If we were to (as I do) attend to trends in film and television tales, more and more there are appear reminders of Faerie, aka the Underworld. Paganism (earth religions) are on the rise, in large part because we need to remember this invisible spirit-world if we are to deal with the lurking future we call “climate change”.

All rogue weather is sourced in the Mother. Anthroposophical conclaves do not get to vote on what the truth is, or the Doings of Son&Mother together. The world the Divine Mystery manifested is perfection, including the Beast from the Abyss of human freedom.

What then is the current situation of the role of Anthroposophy in the modern world?

From a certain point of view, the 20th Century was a disaster for Anthroposophy, and for Christianity.

Consider that the A. Society (as a social form) has a Double (an Egregore). If we are mindful of one of Steiner’s indications of the influence of “Rome” on social life, we should not be surprised that this Egregore is somewhat the same as the form-structure of Roman Catholic Church.

The Anthroposophical Society has an infallible pope, our Myth of Rudolf Steiner. We also have levels of cardinals, the Vorstand – and the School leaders – in Dornach, where our St. Peter’s Temple abides. As well, we have bishops, in the many national leaders who travel to and from Dornach. We also have our own intellectual army, kin to the Jesuits: aka, the priests of the Christian Community.

Pretending otherwise is not any different from pretending we as individuals do not have a Double.

Keldar apparently wants to reformat the “structure” of the Society, which essentially means changing our clothes, while leaving the spiritual essence confused. I have little hope that this will resolve any feelings (sentiments) that we need to be doing “more”. Yes, more, but how do we as individuals find / create the living more?

Death and Rebirth, or dying into a new becoming, seems a more sane approach. New Wine in New Skins.

At the time I write this, Lent is on the horizon. The woods outside my studio’s window has some fresh leaf buds. Easter approaches, which is a celebration of Death and Resurrection.

Christ volunteered to take the risk – “the Cup” – into the unknown. What might happen if the Anthroposophical Society were to “vote” on whether there is any Way for it to continue as is? Should the death of a social form need to arise from fully conscious intention/agency, if it is to truly serve as compost for the latent metamorphosis.

If folks are paying attention such types of social processes are everywhere. She has the World World in His Hands.

Tragically, no one holding power ever willingly gives it up. As Western Civilization continues its fall into chaos, the Anthroposophical Society will likely crash and burn, neutered by its own vanities.

Yet, there is a song, a latent tune, a wonder even … which places in the hearts of the ordinary membership the essential creative and rejuvenating powers. Pagan Anthroposophy.

I wrote a blog post, in the form of an open letter to Greta Thunberg. If the reader of this has some sympathy with this youth’s passions (albeit they could be better directed), you will find in this essay exact instructions as to which books of modern spiritual wisdom, in combination, reveals that the Planet is a living cosmic being, … scientifically.

These books are modern gospels, and have their spiritual life from the encounters of the authors – in the world of thought – with the Return of Christ in the Ethereal.

Anyone can own those books, or own them with others and study them.

It is crucial, for the furthering of “Anthroposophy” – as a path of cognition – for that King’s wisdom to start washing the feet of those living in the Shepherds Mysteries. We need to be sharing/teaching those works – mentioned at the link below – to folk unfamiliar with Steiner, and leave to them how far they then pursue a deeper acquaintance with Steiner’s teachings, given the remarkable nature of the fruits Steiner’s works have inspired into existence.

The passage through the hedge of thorns of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) requires doing better science -science which knows the value of working with religion and art. Unfortunately there is little evidence that the books referred to below are known among the general membership. An unjustifiable failure of will, sadly modeled by the Society’s bishops and priests, whose leadership runs afoul of Yoda’s wisdom. Do not try, do!

As the World Economy spasms (as it must), political dysfunction increases. In this Rite of Passage, we might see how to dance with the conscious (on purpose) juxtaposition of rhythms in the music of social metamorphosis. All ships at sea will find difficult currents, and the Anthroposophical Society will sleep at the wheel, or not.

Meanwhile, over in Europe, knowledge of the Americas and of Americans – as regards the deeper&darker spiritual arenas and residents, where Mom hangs out – is hard to find. It is as if the Anthroposophical Society prefers to be a “center”, in an age when things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Life, or levity powers, work from the periphery. “In it (the word in us) is life, and that life is the light of the world”.

Rudolf Steiner has said, “In Anthroposophy it is the truth that matters, while in the Anthroposophical Society it is the life that matters”. Can a society, of spiritual Michaelic efforts, be alive if it cannot change, especially in the sense of metamorphosis?

Old habits die hard. The preservers (the Martha folk) rightly stay at home and tend to the house and the garden. The adventurers (the Mary folk) rightly roam the world seeking to be of service there. They need each other. Martha is the steward of the Center, and Mary impregnates/washes the feet of the Periphery.

Dornach should enable the Branches to be free of any centrist impulse. The Branches need to dare the wider world. Rudolf Steiner is to be remembered … not as a great initiate, but as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ … the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism.

Anthroposophy serves Christianity.

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