The causal element in viral and bacterial diseases …

The causal element in viral and bacterial diseases …

We have to appreciate, and understand, that Rudolf Steiner suggests the “germ” is not the cause of the illness. Rather, the inner environment of the human being becomes a kind of field of ripe grains, on which the “bugs” feed. The causal question then is what effects this inner environment. What do the facts actually show, such as the tall tale we are told of some people are carriers, but can’t transmit it. Yes, … but, why?

If these entities are the cause of the illness, everyone would get it. But everyone doesn’t get it, which is also another “why”, which belongs in our conversation.

We actually get a clue through the phenomena that death in the case of certain diseases is (again not all) proportionally higher among the very young and the very old. This suggests on some level that the immune system is compromised in some fashion. For the young this system is not fully developed, and for the old the system is exhausted.

It would be important for our understanding if we were able to map the last time a person who dies had had a vaccine, and as well those who survive the course of the illness.

Since it must be admitted that only some get these kinds of illnesses, in spite of being constantly exposed, why are they different? Is it possible that if we understood this, we might get around to observing that pandemics seem to come in waves, and the waves are not just physical, but also spiritual?

Doctors of Medicine know this, but their basic model (all is matter, there is no spirit) of the human being causes them not to notice. Thus we have been given these euphemisms: stress, and in some cases as regards those we send to war – shell shock.

The famous Spanish flu of 1918 came while the whole psychology of the world had been under years of stress. Other characteristics of that time include a big uptick in what might be called: deadly poisons for domestic use. Not only were a lot of people poor and out of work, but they had no health services. The ability of humanity to provide services now is actually better, but the stress involved causes a panic in markets, as well as panic in our social encounters.

Stress is feeding stress, and if the inner human is able to bring to bear the gifts of its own spiritual warmth, more would survive. It is an increase in psychological health that we need.

The gods of lies, fears, and nameless dead haunt all of us. The pandemic is much more than dread. It is also an opportunity to be together. Is not the great trope of science fiction, the invasion of the alien species that finally forces the world to work together?

The sick will need care. Sick people need to be touched, and to not be alone. For the basic reason that most of us blame someone else for the troubles, turns out to be why public figures – simply to appear to to doing something – will over-control, force folks to be isolated, establish check points, wear masks … whatever idiocy they can come up with, in order to get the right press, and control the narrative.

Meanwhile, ordinary people will act anyway. Folks needing company and care will find there are many good hearts, who know the healing powers of kindness.

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