Sunday musings after watching Marvel’s “Captain America: the first Defender” …

Sunday musings after watching Marvel’s “Captain America: the first Defender” …
Where is Christ now? Has He been crucified in the ethereal? Does spiritual history always repeat itself?
Rudolf Steiner, being the John the Baptist figure of the second coming of Christ, in clouds of glory, … did Steiner’s head get separated from his body? RS died before 1933, when humanity began to be able to seek and find His Presence in the Thought World. Do we find Him there? What about RS, the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism? Would anyone be surprised that in the ethereal world there is an Imagination of him wrapped in the chains of Steiner said? An ethereal Crucifixion … what would cause that? Catholics making a school for buggering little boys? Protestants not practicing any of His teachings? The hoped for Michael school lost in factionalism? Unnatural materialistic science being possessed individually&collectively by the anti-Christ spirit, through denying the Father and the Son? Still, … He did promise: “I will be with you until the ends of time”. Is there any place He is not? Is He far away, or right with you, holding your hands, sharing, recognizing, and most remarkable of all, He waits for your choices … They (She has the Whole World in His Hands) leave you free.
Knowing for all the weirdness and the drama, what human beings do is – to the Mystery – inventive, taken in, cherished, and wondered WTF will our children choose to do next?
When you follow your heart’s mind, something from never before comes into existence. Humans are now the leading edge of the creation, and Christ is our companion in all weather, through storms and rough seas. Pandemics and climate change. Even the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. Meanwhile Mom upends all order. Suggesting that a good antidote to too much drama is a good party. Her message is more celebration, and less woe is me.

the image from far above is a depiction of the third Fatima prophecy …

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