Thoughts on distinguishing the essential from the non-essential

Thoughts on distinguishing the essential from the non-essential, based on the authority of an American shaman and initiate in both the mysteries of the Son, and of the Mother, all around good guy, fantastic writer and poet, father, son, frequent user of ganja to go into the dreaming, and … well, my fine qualities have been on display in these venues for years …

according to Steiner – I believe – the Double is bound up with our soul and spiritual life until three day before death, which logically appears to mean (and my own experience confirms) that we all wrestle with devil all the time. It never ends until the Gate of Death approaches, a place I know to be guarded by the Holy Mother, which approach is the first aspect of Her coming acts of Comforting us. The not-I invisibles in the soul (the prosecutor, the tempter, and various self-inflicted wounds) are with us for almost the whole of the biography …

To me this all logically implies that JvH, Steiner, Tomberg, and company still have stuff to work on. Still make karma even while producing remarkable efforts at religious and scientific art.

so, … there’s these three fools, watching three crows, the latter three apparently dancing above ground – in the sunlight – on individually strung electrical wires. the fools, to pass the time in intellectual pursuits, interpret the movements of the crows, and among themselves argue about which crow is the better, truer, and more meaningful dancer.

now tiger-saucy’s experience, of the story of the three patriarchal monotheisms was that they were an indivisible activating of the Mystery. Only by joining them together – in pure thought, do we understand,that the underlying fullness and presence of those revelations. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are One.

in her dissertation (see link below) we see social examples of the whole is more than the sum of the parts. JvH, Steiner, and Tomberg. One revelation, not many.

tiger-saucy goes on to point out that the failure on a certain level of all three to understand each other, came about because there were other currents of change in play, one of which ended up leaving the folk who interpreted the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran, to be males.

Dare we seek to see a threefoldness among JvH, Steiner, and Tomberg?

Which is head, which is heart, which is hands? Which is science, which is religion, which is art?

So this shaman in America, gets stoned, calls forth his familiar from the land of Faerie, one tiger-saucy, the last faerie teacher of shamans,

Try this …

Steiner: science redeemed from materialism. Tomberg: “Christianity” – religion – redeemed from materialism, but with a memory of the necessity for the spiritual to include the mystical&magical.

JvH – art redeemed, at great personal cost, including being the bearer of the story of two thousand years ago. The ultimate mystic, who yet appeared/was born (1972) around the year Tomberg died (1973) to make a go at advancing Steiner’s works further.

One revelation, not three. More European, more of the Center.

Any questions?

Tiger-Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions

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