The Gravity of the Situation

The Gravity of the Situation

– a mediation on the Presence and Fullness of the Holy Mother –

zero grounded ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~~emanations and all … aka: miracles …

Too much Zero Gravity and bad stuff happens to our bodies, and perhaps our heart’s mind as well. Falling usually hurts, when we hit the “ground”. A well adjusted person is often called: grounded. At the same time parents use the word “grounded” when they attempt to confine the chaos inducing social flights of young people.

Newton supposedly saw an apple fall from a tree, and intuited the existence of the force of “gravity”. Much mathematical abstract thinking followed, although the romantic John Ruskin, in his: “the Queen of the Air” (a dissertation on the ancient Greeks’ ideas of the spiritual beings of the Air), says that Newton forgot to ask the more fundamental question: How did the apple get up there in the first place?

Sometimes we only learn something by placing the object of thought in its natural context.

Children have a lot of direct experience at falling. They also have to stand up, run, cavort&dance. The idea “down” needs the idea of “up”, or its meaning is incomplete. A ballet dancer seems to “levitate”. Birds and insects fly. Clouds … oh, clouds. The movie Arrival has some interesting stuff to say about clouds, and, apparently alien beings who manipulate both time and space.

I sit on my deck sometimes and watch the birds fly in and out of the dense arborvitae and not cause leaf movement with their wings. Birds fly in and out of trees all the time, and do not crash and fall down dead. I’m sure there is what we have come to call: a reasonable scientific explanation for this phenomena. Yet, if you throw unidentified flying objects and crop circles into these mysterious happenings, which … yes, are inexplicable if real … still, are we not entitled to feel wonder and awe just at the existence of our own conscious minds?

Laughter comes from an experience we sometimes call “levity”. We take drugs to get high, and then lie on the ground like an immovable stone. The “high” to experience is non-material. Folks have incredible visions on “mushrooms”, which as a plant could not be more “of the ground, the soil, and the “earth”.

In Ernst Lehrs’ wonderful gospel of physics – “Man or Matter – introduction to a spiritual understanding of nature on the basis of Goethe’s method of training observation and thought”, he devotes “Chapter IX Pro Levitate” to a discussion of the history of the idea that there exists a polarity between gravity and “levity”. Gravity is point centered, while levity is “centered” in the periphery.

Gravity is then part of a pair. Not alone. Levity is what makes it possible for a three hundred foot tall Sequoia to lift hundreds of gallons of water, from bottom (down) to top (up), every day. Levity is what makes upward plant growth happen, and is the answer to the question that Ruskin points out Newton did not ask.

Call to mind now, laying down in your bed after a hard days work. We have our own personal levity forces, and as these tire, we need rest, and to rest we succumb/surrender to gravity in order to sail the seas of Morpheus, and enjoy visions and dreams, and nightmares too.

In unnatural science, gravity is connected to the idea of “mass”. The greater the “mass”, the more wide spread the pull – down and in. A planet is a huge mass, running and dancing with a bunch of other big “masses” we call planets, moons and stars.

This same incomplete science began to blow up stuff in a “hadron super-collider” looking for what it called “the god particle”. They had a hard time finding a tiny bit of stuff to explain “mass”. Since they imagined a world with only the gravity phenomena, the existence of peripheral phenomena is not noticed. Meanwhile, over in astronomical physics they discovered that stellar movement could not be explain just by the existence of mass centered objects such as stars.

The equations suggested that there had to be about 90% more mass, that was not visible, so they made up the ideas of “dark matter” and “dark energy”. They imagine only point centered entities, not realizing that Mom’ Love, the “field” of gravity, is paired with His Love, the “field” of levity, or life. They’re Inseparable those Two.

The roots of this pattern of weak scientific thought come from a confusion in scientific philosophy that posits that the only thing that matters is the quantitative – what can be measured and counted. The qualitative aspect of existence – such as the taste of a tomato, and which some call qualia, don’t have to be included. Qualia – to science – are subjective states of a material brain that itself is only a meat organ, in which there is no free will or true self. All that is illusion.

Really? You’re not putting us on, are you?

Meanwhile, a person can exhibit a lot of “gravitas”, or seriousness (not funny). Sometimes we don’t get the “gravity” of a situation. The word silly used to mean: possessed by the sacred. The court fool is needed by the king and court, in order to help there be levity in the throne-room. Not good when we put the fool in that chair though. Trump&Company, along with the coronavirus, makes the world crazy with seriousness.

In a legal courtroom, levity is forbidden. Patch Adams, MD, dressed as a clown to help healing. Pets make us happy. Light hearted.

Meanwhile, the Planet loves us, holds us dear when we need to sleep. Slaps us around a bit if we run to fast. Feeds and mothers everyone, whatever their nature. Still, Mother also delivers tough love, … with skill we hope. Rogue weather anyone?

There is no abstract force of gravity. Just the Mother’s constant implacable eternal and mysterious love. We curl up in Her Arms every night, and still can be ungrateful children at that.

Trip and fall. A broken glass, or arm … those are teachings, which yet leave us free to fall in love, of all things. There are no abstract forces in the whole of the Creation. Just the loving will of Cosmic Beings, who cherish us always, while leaving us with the necessary consequences of our own folly.

Reincarnation and Karma – do-overs until we get it right. In the most ancient wisdom of the Emerald Tablet, the Mother is also the Moon, and, according Robert Heinlein, the moon is a harsh mistress.

Every child plays with Mom, whether alone, or in groups. Just “throw” out a “bouncing” ball, and it is Her you are playing with. If you know the film “the Great Escape”, just picture Steve McQueen in the cooler at the prisoner of war camp, play catch, with himself.

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