The Psychology of Pandemics

The Psychology of Pandemics

The arrival of the Coronaviris (COVID-19) is challenging our understanding of Earth Existence, on a spiritual level. I make this approach here, because it has been clear to me for a long time that there is a necessity of thinking in “wholes”, in order for the heart’s mind to grasp the social phenomena.

It is being alleged, in some form or another, that changes in the general field density of the totality of the electromagnetic organism of the earth seem to precede pandemics. Radar supposedly led to the pandemic of 1918, while another level of increase in the general field density is now 5G, and it is suggested to being the ”cause” of COVID-19. The research by Tom Cowan (link:*) points to research by Martin Paul (link:**), which suggests a correlation between particular physical/geographical spaces where these viruses first manifest, and increases in field density. So 5G first came on most intensely in Wuhan City, which is thought to be suggestive of the virus having been created there.

Or not. 5G allegedly changes something, and a micro-organism is altered at a genetic level, which then spreads via contact of some kind, and soon the whole world becomes involved. Note that folks on cruise ships are not so subjected, personally, to concentrated 5G. Only the initially mutated organism is a result of the large uptick in field density, which makes more acute the question of why some people succumb – and some do not – in any given pandemic.

In passing we should observe that the details of Cowan’s and Paul’s conceptions concern an effect on the molecular level, and in Paul’s article the first sentence reads: “The voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) protein molecule contains a four domain structure with each domain carrying an alpha helix, each designated an S4 helix, containing 5 positive charges.”

That causal problem I wrote about here (link:***). The point being that if not every exposed person gets the “disease”, some other factors have to be in play.

We then get two kinds of worries: 1) the effects of electrification, or the increase in the density of the “fields” in the life sphere of the planet; and, 2) why do some get sick and others do not when a mutated “germ” is generated.

Now I have used a particular term: “field density” (link: ****). We are also involved in dealing with “electricity” (link: *****). What is that?

Some general observations: Space is not empty. Space is created. Space is something in Itself. Space is created by Light (link******), and Light is created by Him: “In Him (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World” (see the Gospel of John). Keep in mind that light is invisible, and – after Goethe – color (which is all that we see) arises from the deeds and sufferings of light in its relationship to darkness.

If we change the scale of our observations, perhaps something not yet seen will become more clear, especially in the light of the idea/allegation that this virus was generated as part of biological experiments, done in Wuhan City, by a Chinese scientist who was previously kicked out of Canada for industrial espionage, in a facility that experimented on viruses. In the time of Fake News, caution is essential.

So, we need to figure out how COVID-19 was generated, 5G or via an experiment gone awry (or both). And, we need to figure out what this has to do with this Age, very much expected by ancient prophecies, and which I mostly describe as: the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization.

Earth existence is a single organism, penetrated by the Divine Mystery on various levels, and includes a multitude of entities, some dead, some living, some visible, some not visible. Earth existence is primarily “physical”, and if Rudolf Steiner is to be believed, in a few millennia that physical existence will be set aside, and a purely spiritual sphere of existence arise. Although, he seems to have suggested there would remain a kind of physical corpse – left behind. Some inert, not alive, bits of matter, coagulated into a large mass. In the teachings of Don Juan, we find the idea that our ultimate future existence will consist of ourselves as individual “powers”, holding fort in our own “caves”. Matter continues (the corpse), until taken apart and returned to the totality. But is this dead matter to be spiritualized in some fashion?

What does the Mother have to say about all this, although we have to realize She does not use words so much, but speaks through Deeds/Actions.

As I was writing this, I more and more found myself looking at the forest, that begins about ten yards from my studio window. The Green World is itself immense, and can be seen as a single entity: the Plant. It follows laws, a few of which materialist science has discovered. The missing element is to notice the existence in Nature of “continuous creation”. At the growing point of leaves and roots, matter is being created. In the upper atmosphere, water is created.

Down to earth, we have questions of individual health, and social health. The former is mostly physical, the latter mostly spiritual.

From the human being further creation arises. We add to the world’s full existence, a content of cognitions, that come to live in a shared thought-world. We see the world in a way Nature does not, except through us. We create the thoughts necessary for human knowledge and understanding, and finish thereby the totality. Our thoughts are kind of spirit-seeds, that grow in an environment completely invisible.

Rudolf Steiner pointed at the fundamental mystery, seldom discussed among his students, where in his book: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception” he writes: there is only one idea/concept of a triangle. Human beings see the phenomena, and then create words (triangle, germ, virus, space, health) to “name” the phenomena. The phenomena is also something/being in itself. It’s existence speaks.

The great astronomers of antiquity, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, saw a world where spirit penetrated everywhere. There were no “things” as it were, because “consciousness” was in all that is. We need to add that into our considerations of the meaning, for human evolution, of “pandemics”, there being nothing accidental or random in the whole of the Creation.

It was humanity’s destiny to discover “electricity”, and then via that experience – learn. Especially with the concepts of atoms and electrons, Steiner tried (unsuccessfully) to have people realize that if we create a false cognition, that lie lives in the thought world as much as a true&good cognition. Quantum Mechanics is one of those false cognition creations (link: *******).

The “germ” theory of disease is another (see again link: ***).

Is/are our current ideas/concepts of the nature of pandemics true&good, or false?

We have then a world where true knowledge of the relationship of spirit and matter is absent. Even among superficial readers of Steiner, there is a failure of finding the good&true concept of “electricity”. Partially this happens because of the use of the terms good&evil.

Given the prevalence of the ideas of good&evil in Western Civilization, Steiner was forced to use that language in order not to confuse his followers, who could only handle so much of an assault on their condition which he called: the intellectual soul. To go from that aspect of the evolution of consciousness, to the “consciousness soul, required some efforts on our part. In a certain kind of way we give birth to this next state in the evolution of consciousness.

So … Steiner attaches the word evil to electrical phenomena, and at the same time – in other places – remarks that there is something about electricity that is also good.

In support of this phase of the evolution of consciousness, the Divine Mystery orchestrates our individual biographies, so that each one of us has those experiences in life that they need to have, in order to forge those inner strengths required for the consciousness soul to emerge.

Meanwhile, whatever the particulars are of COVID-19, Western Civilization is failing, its course of life having exhausted its relevance as a support for the development of the consciousness soul. This Rite of Passage includes an uptick in the level of personal crises in each biography. Our souls are being forged in a social alchemical crucible. To be blunt: shit happens in order to get us to pay attention.

I would not be surprised, that when Atlantis was lost, there were massive disease vectors in that catastrophe as well. When human knowledge becomes too dangerous, the Mother reboots material existence as part of cleaning up after us. Still, She multitasks on a level we can’t imagine, so we have today then a civilization-wide crisis, also filled to the brim with the all the more important individual crises.

A pandemic in this sense is a social event, more than it is a purely physical event. I have studied many kinds of macro civilization trends, which we currently experience. They all are individual, yet bear the same causal/meaning signature: We are being forced to make difficult choices, and that act is the social/spiritual meaning of the pandemic.

The strictly scientific riddles are secondary.

So we have governments in panic, stock markets in panic, people in panic, and the whole is filled with dangerous choices. Spiritually/emotionally there are no wrong answers, although sitting on the fence and not choosing often leads to the paralyses of the will we call depression.

The chaos of choices is a gift from the Mother, who has many names, one of which is Divine Providence. The point of these crises is to grow something inside us, which we are free to forge after the fashion most right for us as individuals.

This pandemic will pass. However, pestilence is not the only one of the Four Horseman that the Mother has set in play. Scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) is an inadequate vehicle from which to make meaning of this Age. Electricity is not discrete particles flowing through a tube (current). It is a structure (law) of the nature of matter, otherwise known as the Father. Yup, He who rested after the sixth day, spread His Being everywhere intimately within all material existence.

When we deal with electrical&magnetic phenomena, we are encountering cosmic folks, busy at something we are far yet from understanding, until we by choice re-ensoul the whole world of “things”, with the concepts of they being conscious beings.

Nature needs for us to choose to forge an I&Thou relationship with Them. Meanwhile, enjoy the show. We have all been given just enough rope by which to hang ourselves, although most of us will be saved the torture of public shame and failure. (link: ********)









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