who said the gods have no sense of humor?

Let us assume, and I believe we are justified in this hypothesis: If there is a bad way for folks to do something benefiting their own interests, they will do it.

In the TV show, Mr. Robot, the character White Rose remarks that the only currency the wealthy and powerful recognize is violence.
The other odd fact is that the world has a lot of bad-ass players, from the local thug who shoots up a convenience store, to the multinational corporation that makes poisons pretending to being medicine, and profits from the fact that their products not only do not work, they actually cause illness, Better health is not their business model.

Now when you cook a stew, for a goodly time, scum rises to the top and begins to form inedible by-products. A good cook removes this, otherwise it will ruin the taste.

This is applied metaphorical thinking – in generalities – of which the core aspect is the Divine Mystery are the Cooks, and the World is Their stew.

Periodically the stew is stirred vigorously, and the scum is removed.

At the same time, the stew needs some degree of the wild flavors. A world without assholes is not as otherwise entertaining. Where would newspapers be, if there were not stories to blow up bigger than they need to be told, where the true value in selling advertising.

Among the scum is a kind of entity called: a politician. Their art is the lie. Even the good ones constantly make promises that cannot keep.

A perfect storm, at the level we are experiencing, can only be “cooked” by the Mother, She being the master of blending all manner of flavors together.

We look at the emerging facts of the “pandemic” and see order in the disorder. Naturally we want to blame someone, and given all the movies where the villains have to face off against James Bond, who besides being superhuman-impossible, always gets the bad guys, who are also superhuman amazing criminals.

None of these organizations, from the ghosts of tortured past who rule the cartels, to the idiots who think that they can control elaborate plots to take over the world, … not one of those ambitious crazies has the capacity to work with any other.

If you saw HBO’s Too Big to Fail, the main difficulty in getting rich banks to cooperate, it that this in not in their interest. Massive conspiratorial events require integration across complex systems, coupled with singleness of purpose.

Imagine, for the moment, that the Mother is part of the conspiracy. She rules all the providential events, there being no accidents. In point of fact, our world does not consist of elaborate plots to run/ruin stuff, just out of control appetites who face Her Justice.

Let me cease this dance of words, with a memory of a time (the ’60’s and ’70’s), when folks at the bottom saw government plots everywhere … from the CIA feeding us LSD, and running and starting the whole crack-cocaine epidemic, to spying on us, and killing our more radical leaders … and the odd factoid is that all of our paranoia turns out to be true.

Now imagine you are a criminal politician/industrialist, with no tendency to serious phenomenological thinking (seeing wholes), who also imagines the world is out to get him/her. The scum is paranoid about the other scum. None of them really believe in the Divine Mystery.

Which is okay with Her. Rogue Weather is art on a scale that has not been imagined since the time of Socrates.

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