A View from an Other-side of the Mountain

A View from an Other-side of the Mountain

Given the current world-wide Rite of Passage, in the anthro-world of Steiner-speak, the role of “occult brotherhoods” is indicated, and a kind of English-American – we can control the world – fantasy surfaces. This fantasy has two poles. One is the folk who join this kind of “club” (and believe it will succeed) and the other pole is the folk who know of these errant ambitions, and manage to believe this goal can be realized.

Decades ago, when I was studying the spiritual America, with Carl Stegmann in Fair Oaks, CA, he told us to buy a book: “None Dare Call It Treason”. He was not so much interested in its truthfulness, and its doctrines, but there was research in it which Carl thought accurate, on 500 families who seemed to have their hands in all the power pies in America and England.

This is a group of folk who wander from the halls of government, to the sanctuaries of finance, and back again. Some are lucky enough to get invited to the annual we all rule the world meetings in Davros, Switzerland. A few, especially media folk, get to hang out at the annual Bilderbergers gatherings, where work is done on the need to manage the narrative, a deed requiring Media Conglomerates to keep the financial (and other) truths out of the “News”.

In California, there was interest in the so-called “Bohemian Grove”, where world leaders gathered in the woods, enacting pagan rituals, while wearing animal masks. In the American Northeast, we have Yale’s “Skull and Bones” fraternity. In a recent election for President of the US of A, both the Republican and the Democrat candidates had been members of that group, where again “rituals” were practiced.

Then there are the Rhodes Scholarships, where up and coming business and political folk were sent to England, for their “economic” edification, and by these various means the secrets of the Money Changers was kept out of sight, neither Party challenging the issuance of debt currency, and the obvious idiocy of National Debt, and deficit spending.

Right now in America, the Federal Reserve is loaning money (creating it by fiat) to the US government, to react to the need for currency flow, by putting $1200 in as many citizen’s pockets as possible. The last time we had such a “stimulus” program, it turned out that the following year we all got less deductions in our income taxes, to supposedly balance the “books”.

In 2008, we witnessed the deification of corporations, via the “too big to fail” doctrine. The dysfunctions of the financial system were obvious, but there was no political will to correct the course of charging right off of a cliff. Obama and his friends choose consciously not to investigate the Bush administration’s lies leading to two wars.

When the Trump Mob took over the White House, the Republican Senate, under the obstructionist leadership of Moscow Mitch, made no moves to reign in an obvious madman.

While the main stream News is silent on the one hand, and absolutely totally hysterical on the other, the arts (culture) are not silent. A recent anime from Japan, has the lead character (a young boy) reading 1984. Movies get made exposing (and explaining) much, such as “The Big Short” and “Margin Call”. Late night television comics help us laugh at the gang that can’t shoot straight antics of our President and Vice President.

Recent polls show Trump is not liked by nearly 70% of the American people, with the footnote that the 30% who continue to like him, all share the fact that they watch Fox News.

The Pandemic Pandemonium lends an interesting quality to the situation. Massive uncertainty, and governance that makes it up as it goes along, having forgotten the prudence taught every boy and girl scout: “be prepared”.

Conspiracy theorists (valid work), connect the dots between the pandemic, the possibility of introducing greater State control over individuals, all wrapped up in the idea that we need to force people to do things they do not want to do, because their misconduct puts us all at risk for dying of this latest “virus”.

People, such as myself, who are trying to follow the details, the false narratives, the actual facts, and the mystery of can or should anything be done, ask … just how much danger are they to our civil liberties.

History tells stories that should worry us. People with power do not give it up easily. Still, civilizations fail, and ours seems headed right at that goal.

Even tho’ humanity has quite different religions, our natural science and political systems also being a kind of religion, we ask what can be done. We want something done. By habit we will ask the politicians to fix stuff, and to a man or a woman they will promise much, little of which they can actually accomplish.

Will God help? Will They be with us during these trials? Do we have to believe or see Their activities? Is it entirely possible to “trust the future” in this worldwide crisis. To leave the big picture to the Big Picture Folk?

In a very real sense, it is important to the whole world that the American citizen set right the ship of state, that political parties have driven on to the rocks and shoals of lies and hidden favors. It turns out that the American citizen is collectively the Sovereign. “We the People” begins the Constitution, “do ordain and establish”, the form of government. The Constitution ends with “Not all rights have been enumerated” and “powers not granted to the Federal Government, or to the States, are reserved to the People.”

Power has to be used. Millions of folks out of work, and heading toward third world poverty and scarcity, just might get it in the heads to write a new constitution. Making it clear, for example, that if the Corporation can be a person before the law, than certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

The present social chaos makes it possible for the people of America to assert their sovereignty, rather than concede it to the soulless multinational corporation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a plan we all could share?


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