I am taking up a project, which I may not live to complete.

I am taking up a project, which I may not live to complete. It involves seeking an intimate relationship with the spheres of the elemental kingdoms that participate in our electronic environment. As with any love affair, a certain amount of courtship is essential.

Besides meditative work in the magic-style, I am seeking to know the thoughts of two personalities, both of whom seem to know something about these phenomena, but did not reduce “the meaning” to number relationships.

First, Michael Faraday, whose ideas of ponderable and imponderable substances has always intrigued me. Second, Tesla of course. He worked in the realm of pure thinking, often creating workable devices from scratch, knowing what was required without ever taking the brute force experimental approach of Edison.

Some years ago, when I first wandered by these questions, I made a list of concepts and ideas, whose acquaintance I would have to make cautiously, given the dominance within our electrical civilization of number (quantitative) relationships, over a qualitative understanding through the naked phenomena themselves, the guide being that it is not “what” we think, but “how” we think.

Mostly I spent time on my spiritual scientific studies of our social existence, with an occasional flyby at the mystery nature of electricity.

At this next link, much of its ideas had been generated in me by studies of the Goethean scientists, in particularly George Adams Kaufman, whose magnificent arts are lost in the la la land of “mathematics are hard, let us just read Steiner lectures”. Links to those works are in this essay: “There is no Free Energy”

Later I wrote “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”, exploring how thinking, if it seeks “wholes”, unites what materialistic science has only seen as “parts”. http://ipwebdev.com/…/electricityandthespiritinnature.html

I’ve also been interested in the work on “mechanical occultism”, taking a closer look on Facebook a couple of years ago where I encountered MysTech etc. As a shaman, who knows directly that reality is neither evil or good, I found the maze of Steiner quotes about “electricity” and “evil” confusing, although explainable when we realize that the idea of the “evil” inner earth was a big goof coming from such an otherwise smart guy.

Steiner visited those realms of the Luminous Dark as a someone doing spiritual research, rather than as is otherwise necessary: nakedly incomplete, yet open to surrendering.

If you seek and I and Thou relationship with someone, you don’t bring tools for intellectual dissection to the lady’s sitting rooms. A sign of the overreach of Aristotelian thought, that the platonists have to confront.

My most important work in this realm, recently, was – through working to see (cognize) the Being of Electricity, discover the presence of the Father, whom has rested but not left, into that aspect that gives order to matter, which E. Lehrs calls “coherence”.

In modern physics we have four fundamental forces/transformations: electro-magnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These, seen as tiny point-center phenomena, are the results of the existence of realms of spiritual beings. There are no “things” there,

The primordial Unity split into Father&Mother, or two principles, which Them/then reunites as the Son, the unity principle manifested (I and the Father are one).

Seen as wholes, nested within Wholes, transcendent Fire (will) are joined at the hip to transcendent Water (feeling). The terrestrial fire we know as electro-magnetism (not the being, but the abstract shadow), and terrestrial water we know as gravity, … again a shadow of the reality., these are aided for their manifestation, with transcendental intellect (cosmic creative cognition) – the principle of air – the creator being manifesting the thoughts of the Father, while the earth transcendental element (consciousness) – our direct experience of existence, is again a unity, which we do not yet see, having undergone the enchantment of the intellect during the cultural Epoch of the intellectual soul, etc. etc.

Anyway, my “current ” most interesting artistic activity in thought will be an effort to meet certain folk, in the light of the question / riddles RS gave to us about this wonder of technology. I want to manage some compacitence for inductions of standing waves as huge as the cosmic world, and whether or not we might have adventures …

Although, with the pandemic pandemonium, we see Mom offering some advice, in a Ripe for Harvesting Field of consciousness all over the world, where the Son (the Christ Impulse) is manifesting in all individual biographies, wherever the heart’s mind can awaken. Look to the Arts, for help.

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