So here humanity is, collectively experiencing a Rite of Transformation, believing it is a horror show, when in fact it is a great gift.

So here humanity is, collectively experiencing a Rite of Transformation, believing it is a horror show, when in fact it is a great gift.

I watched a cheaply made Science Fiction movie today, which told an interesting tale.

An alien presence appears in the sphere of earth existence, in the form of something that seemed dangerous, and deadly.

The reaction of people to this unknown was to fear it, poke at it with our technology, interfere in its activities expecting the worse.

What actually happens is that a different and a more horrible danger than our current dark dreams&fears appears, and what we thought was our Nemesis turned out to actually be our Savior.

We today see pandemic pandemonium, yet that is not all that is happening. A world-wide social/political system, which has been devouring the sphere of life, just got stopped in its tracks.

The skies and the rivers are cleaner. The rush to mindlessly work and consume is stopped in its tracks.

Certain particular macro-social systems went into failure mode. The News got intoxicated on hysteria. The politicians, when confronted by that News generated fear, did what they always do. They overreacted, did not lead, and in fact uncritically accepted the views of so-called experts, who feel compelled to tell us they know what they are doing. Medical resources became overwhelmed. Wages ceased for too many. Food and other necessities became scarce.

Nothing is working, Actions taken by the governments in the US of A managed to go in fifteen different directions at the same time. Experts have more tales to tell than Marvel Comics has movies, and some of them would like to be superheroes in their own right.

A lot of ordinary people are confused. They are told to be afraid, yet the imposed strictures don’t seem to be working as the “illness” continues to escape our control.

The true dark for our time is scientific materialism – all is matter there is no spirit. The big systems failures listed above, in part are weak because we live with a false idea of what it means to be a human being.

The Mother is active. She takes no prisoners. Present day materialistic medicine is ignorant, and what is worse, its experts are arrogant. They pretend (and perhaps believe) that the shit they shovel is true, when the whole medical model for viral and bacterial infections is wrong.

What is worse, as we can already see, is that the real dark is emerging in the actions of governments to assume they have power to tell us what medicines to take, and to force us and our children to take them.

The media vampires working for Big Pharma feed us a narrative that is not true. There is no need for me to argue this, given that in the coming aftermath, lines of thought – already being explored – will show there was nothing “contagious” going on.

This does not mean we were not ill and dying. Such an event has to happen for people to wake up, and realize the experts were not playing with a full deck. They cheated and lied and tried to make us believe that we were making each other ill, when the true fact is that industrial civilization, medicine, science, and agriculture, was poisoning us in order for heartless people to become rich and powerful.

When we are poisoned in these ways, the body reacts with what we tend to call illness. Flu is an elimination process. We puke, we crap, we cough (coughing gets rid of particles in the lungs), and our sinuses go into overdrive. The illness-process is there to eliminate toxins.

The illness-process, i.e. symptoms such as fever, are a sign the body’s immune system is working. Before the illness process begins, our inner bio-home has already become disharmonious, and that is where the bug, virus, whatever, appears, and proliferates. Not as cause, but as another symptom of our being poisoned.

There is essentially a war going on, over what is the true nature of the human being: a random accident of matter in an uncaring cosmos, or a child of spiritual mystery.

Radiation of electrical and radio and satellite and phone and wifi energies – the wired to the gills world – is an adventure in waiting, if we don’t rush to judgment.

We took from its proper place something we did not understand. No perfect world awaits humanity. Riddles, tho’ … there are a lot of those if we look and think with poetic discipline.

Scientific materialism believes it knows what is going on. The pandemic pandemonium reveals it does not.

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