the big lie

I’ve been thinking a bit about the logic of the situation, in the sense of how much truth are we getting.

When I was growing up in Montana, around the time of the Korean war, I was taught how to tell if a politician was lying: His mouth is open.

The Pentagon Papers established that our government lied about the Vietnam war, a lot. The Iran-Contra hearings revealed more systematic lying, among the intelligence agencies, and military officers. 9/11, the JFK, RFK and MLK murders – more lying.

Then there is the lies told by the Bush administration about why we should go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama broke all kinds of promises, like end the war in Afghanistan, shut down gitmo; and, purposefully refused to prosecute Bush administration officials for their lying us into endless war.

Big Tobacco lied about knowing nicotine was addictive, to Congress no less. No charges. Big Pharma got Congress to make them safe from suits for illnesses that may or may not happen because of vaccines, in the ’90’s. Thinking ahead I’d guess.

When 2008 happened, the agencies we trust to be watch dogs on the lookout for lying in the finance industry, kept giving AAA ratings to any weird thing banks and insurance companies wanted to sell, regardless of the real value of the underlying properties.

In TARP we gave 280 million to the banks, basically begging them to use it to increase the cash flow in the economy, and they spent it on themselves.

“Gave” is probably the wrong word, because our government borrowed money from the Fed for this, which means it is the taxpayer who is on the hook. All of us who got special checks recently, should remember that the last time that happened we ending up paying it back a year later via a decrease in the automatic tax deductions.

Social Security has never been broke, although it sure looks like it, because Congress took the trust money (hundreds of millions of dollars), and spent it on wars, so as to not have to have the increase in military spending show up in the budget.

President Clinton ended “Glass-Steagall”, which had been on the books since the depression, and kept your local bank from acting like a risk taking financial corporation.

Is anyone detecting a pattern here?

If you trust the narrative on the pandemic-pandemonium, you need to check into a mental hospital, and then see how that works out for you.

A few weeks ago a video called the Plandemic appeared. I didn’t pay much attention, yet I noticed that in less than ten days it had been removed from Facebook, and Youtube, while the same social media was flooded by articles describing the doctor as a fake and a liar.

That is an extreme reaction, and it got me to wondering what about that video scared the established powers so much.

I finally watched it and found the smoking gun, plus a lot of supporting details. All the principle liars have stock and patents that are going to make them richer. Richer, being that most of them are already rich.

When Eisenhower gave his famous farewell address, with its warning about the military industrial complex, he also warned about the excessive influence of money on our centers of learning – want a grant, have an acceptable point of view.

The star of the video above is Judy Mikovits PhD, and she is part author of Plague of Corruption.

Google it, … it is being sold everywhere … odd for a book alleged to be so wrong, don’t you think?

Again, why the f’ do we believe the narrative? Serious people don’t. They look behind the curtain.
Dr. Shiva: Fauci Travelled in Circles with Epstein, Weinstein

Meanwhile, the agent provocateurs are generating race riots, to keep us detracted from discovering we are being intentionally poisoned for profit.

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