the theology of the germ-theory of dis-ease

the theology of the germ-theory of dis-ease

The core problem for this erroneous theory is a dysfunction at the level of logical inference. The phenomena are the same, it is the thinking that is flawed. As Goethe puts it, it is not the senses that deceive, but the judgment.

First some necessary history ….

Natural science does not progress in straight lines. It zigs and zags, backs up, jumps forward, reexamines and then there is a “paradigm” shift (See Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”).

The new paradigm being one that later may in turn be mistaken.

Scientific materialism finds that existence is only matter, without any spirit at all. A world of things, with which medicine does battle, using other things.

It is well known (by those that bother) that the reason we have theories is because of uncertainty. If there was proof, the term theory would not be used. There exists a religion known as “Scientism”, which is the belief that theory is the actual absolute truth, rather than an approximation that may get set aside at anytime, were something to appear that was better at explaining reality than the current theology.

Often, in point of fact, the current theology of the germ theory of disease runs into inexplicable anomalies. The roots of the failure to see, and think at the same time, is found in the main assumption of scientific materialism, that spirit is not real.

We – humanity – are on the verge of falsifying that assumption, and the vehicle for this is the pandemic-pandemonium.

If, as Stephen Jay Gould appears to have said, spirit gets in anywhere in biology, the whole edifice of scientific materialism collapses. It ought to collapse, for one of its basic tenants is that only what can be counted and measured, and thereby made subject to mathematics, has value. No immeasurable qualities, only quantities.

This allows modern science to ignore everything that makes human life enjoyable. We are just a randomly generated, complicated biological machine, in an uncaring Cosmos. Our internal feelings and suffering are of little meaning. If the machine doesn’t work right, lets use “mechanical-like” thinking in order to find relief or cure.

The COVID-19 crisis reveals remarkable streams of data, most of which is interpreted by the existing model-theology of the causes of infectious dis-eases. If we have been following the emerging narrative, we will have observed the following:

1) All the experts keep running into dissonances between the theology and the phenomena of the course of the “illness”. The experts’ explanatory powers as to hows and whys what is happening changes frequently. Certainty fails, yet as a culture the deficient-model also binds us to certain assumptions about what to do.

2) Nobody is screwing up. It is just that science, absent religion and art, is an arid desert of thought. A graveyard of weak and incomplete ideas.

Why are people actually sick, if we seek to balance scientific intellectualism, with artistic and religious modes of thinking? What is the illness-process to itself, to which we attach such labels as: contagious, flu-like, and very dangerous.

Dangerous is obvious, but not just to health, for the whole pandemonium aspect stopped something unnatural in its tracks. Flu-like means the body makes us tired, weak, and needing to lie down. There are various elimination process then: coughing, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. That is the wisdom of the body, trying to get rid of toxins, poisons, and other pharmacological abuses.

Materialistic medicine underplays the role of imponderables, such as stress and sensitivity. The facts are clear. All over the world people are over-stressed by such apocalyptic ideas as a looming climate change which science can’t get a handle on. Add to this their dominance by the conscienceless wolves and pirates that rise to power in their governments and corporations.

See the movie “and the band played on” which unveils the corruption, and the infighting over patents and values that were put at risk in the beginning of the AIDS “epidemic”.

Want to notice stress? Just connect to all the emigrating people in the world, who are leaving the crazy of where they have been living, dreaming of a better place. That takes a lot of courage and will.

If the tiny biological entity caused dis-ease, everyone would get it. Not everyone does, by a large margin. We need to “explain” these variations of the who gets sick, and who doesn’t get sick. Glib answers designed to save the existing germ theology, actually worsens the course of illness.

People are made afraid of “catching” it, of getting it and having to go to a hospital, and from there perhaps to the grave. That is more stress on top of the already too much stress-load, which increases our organisms inward disharmonies.

Some go to the hospital, but at the hospital there is additional uncertainty, even among the experts. In the details, over the last ten or so weeks, what is the right treatment has evolved. Before, there were guesses, and now there will be new guesses. Yet, as long as the basic narrative is that you are sick from a bug is held to, humanity will remain ignorant, and materialists evermore arrogant.

We need to keep in mind, that for the most part, folk are doing their absolute best, … again an immeasurable quality.

Let me give an example of media-madness, for the News has propagated many memes of little value, all in order to tell an exciting breaking-news story.

Last night on CBS, they compared the loss of 100,000 lives to the dis-ease in America, as being more than all the dead who died in American wars, after WWII was over. If we reflect that 2,800,000 people dies of various causes in American annually, the CBS observations is not only invalid, but intentionally inflammatory.

Industrial agriculture, big Pharma, selfish bankers, and unprincipled politicians, … all have contributed to massive amounts of poisons in our air, our water, and our food. These toxins are the cause of the imbalance in the bio-home, which then becomes a locus where tiny organisms – that do not normally belong there – thrive.

Meanwhile, another symptom is mistaken for the cause of the illness, to a materialistic mentality unable to see through the enchantments of scientific imperialism. Scientists claim the high ground as experts, who may know numbers – but seldom reveal wisdom.

Science began the taking apart of the world, edged on by simple technology: the telescope and the microscope, which made the distant closer and the near larger. Seeking parts, in spite of the clear fact of experience that everything is interdependent wholes, not parts. Your garden doesn’t grow because of the elaborate dances of tiny tiny un-ensouled things. The bees and other beneficial insects labor, as well as the worms, and already living soil “bacteria”.

This pandemic-pandemonium will be remembered as a fight by life against too much death. Meanwhile, the Kings wisdom of the Son’s religious nature, that part of the human being that desires personal contact with the Mystery, has been creating seeds, upon which to build a science of the living, via arts unimaginable, and rooted to the sacred in All our Relations.

The Second Coming is happening in Clouds of Glory – the realm of thought, and this has produced as a small gift for our time: 12 New Gospels. A dozen acts of human beings – several baptized by Steiner’s indications (the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism) – have created items deserving of a name like “a gospel of physics”. Christ being of/in everything, imagine a physics which is also – artistic and religious – that gets that.

Here is a link to that list:

Imagine driving through an area of rural Vermont, devoted to the production of milk products.
Acres of fields of grains, and grasses, for the cow-folk to chew and digest. We might see them lying everywhere content, the way only a ruminating cow does its labors for our benefit.

The germ-theory of illness would see the cows thriving, and proliferating, and also as the Cause of the rich fields, which factually the cows only inhabit because of the fields’ fertility, that favors that type of organism.

That’s the logical error. To see a proliferating organism as the cause of its environment, rather that the truth, which is that the “germs” are there because of the Nature of the Environment.

Heal the nature of the human bio-home. Help support the immune system. Get rid of poisons in the food, the water, the air, and the medicine.

Do not trust the government, … they are the tools of Big Pharma, who have never deserved our trust, which is why they set out to – and did – corrupt WHO, the CDC, the FDA, and any other regulatory agency.

Get and read these three books:

1) The Invisible Rainbow, which documents the relationship between increases in atmospheric electro-magnetic radiations, and allegedly contagious dis-ease outbreaks.

2) The Plague of Corruption, which documents the take over of our scientific institutions, by businesses who only fund research in support of their agenda. The forward is by Robert Kennedy Jr.


3) “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”

Remember, this is a struggle of life, against the forces of death, generated by scientific materialism.

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