Anthroposophical Madness***

Anthroposophical Madness***

***[ Tiger-Saucy, the last fairy teacher of shamans has noted that the Eight Gates of Faerie come in four pairs, one of which is sanity&madness. The other three are: living&dying; remembering&forgetting: and, waking and sleeping. The Egyptian priest spirit-helper reminds me that there is a relationship between these four pairs, and the classical four elements of antiquity (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness), none of which aspects can be separated from the other. The Mayan scribe spirit-helper reminds me that each day is a repeating chaotic Labyrinth, into which is woven the Maze of our individual Spirit. Every moment of Now unfolds from its past, and dies into its future. As above, so below, & as below, so above, for the Miracle of the One.]

The collective madness of modern humanity is due to the Enchantment of the Intellect by the Father of Lies. That Enchantment we also name: scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. This collective madness can only be healed/helped/deepened&resurrected one individual spark/spirit at a time. Yet, this process involves a collective Rite on a scale only a Goddess can devise and execute.

Welcome to the pandemic-Pandemonium, which is organized around the individual biographies as the center, and world events are simple secondary consequences of billions of interwoven stories/fairy-tales divine.

Our human freedom, aka: the Beast from the Abyss of the unformed and uncreated, is the cutting edge of the Creation. Not even the Gods&Goddesses want to know the future their children are in the process of generating. All the same, we have tended to be a bit to predictable. For this reason then social chaos – an unsettleing of order on a massive canvas.

In the curious venues of Faerie, certain of the Fae wondered when the Aristotelians, who felt themselves friends and students of Rudolf Steiner, would wake up to the Platonists – the devotes of the Mother. If the mind cannot see the extraordinary beauty of the Social Arts of She Who Has the Whole World in His Hands – in the pandemic-Pandemonium – an important aspect of that mind … sleeps …

Signs of confusion include the belief in the pseudo-magic of the Christmas Conference … a tragic truth, which anyone with a decent and unbiased imagination can read in the social events in the Society, between the years 1925 to 1935. The women nearest to Steiner fell to quarreling, harsh letters were exchanged and like a dysfunctional department in a university, sides were taken, folks excluded – order disappeared. Things fell apart, that center did not hold, and anarchy consumed the spirit of Anthroposophy in central Europe during World War Two.

Thus is social-spiritual compost engendered, ready for new seed.

A secondary effect of this loss of focus appears in the lingering yearning to apply Steiner’s threefold ideals/ideas/observations to central Europe and nearby political entities. This in spite of RS having said in his Oxford lectures (Threefolding as a Social Alternative – here I am paraphrasing) that the time had passed for the application of the threefold social order in central Europe, but that even so, this idea could still be fruitful in Russia and America (if appropriately restated), and that for the West, time did not matter so much because much could still be done for the right ordering of the three spheres. [for details read my: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order” ]

Another matter, which is a sign of confusion, is the continuous search for the most recent Bodhisattva incarnation of the future Maitreya Buddha. Much nomination of one’s favorite candidate, followed by argument. Even serious “scholarly” intercourse is not spiritual knowledge, although surely a practice/habit in a world where mastery of Steiner’s words is admired. If one is serious about Buddhism and Christianity, one might just ask – instead of where another teacher might be, but what can I bring out of myself? How do I join East and West?

The mastery in the development of the own heart’s mind is the base tone/note of the feast, but a mistaken hunger for knowledge and the truth via the pages of books, is not the same as learning to talk to trees and clouds … meanwhile, the Platonists point toward the sense world itself as speech. Which “shape” has the hands, freed by the miracle that is the feet [See the Goethean scientific work in Wolfgang Shad’s Man and Mammal].

Which leads to something the Fae also find remarkable … that the Aristotelians spend more time on reading Steiner, and almost nothing on the goetheanistic works which are essentially gospels of the Second Coming. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and these new gospels are about extending science into realms where religion and art play a significant role. [Details here: ]

The books in that essay are essential for the Aristotelian mind-set to be able to find their Way to the Holy in the Earth, and become free of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, so as to serve the ongoing Planetary Rite connected to a deep human soul/spiritual need to regain the knowledge of Faerie and the Fae – the knowledge of the Tree of Life.

No seeing Ahriman and Lucifer under the bed. Or, Sorat and Company in the closet. No single aspect of Her Divine Nature is Evil.

Read this carefully, it will help a lot as a first step, “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” by Stephen Clarke [ ]

Read about: the Goddess Natura, and the Goddesses of the seven liberal arts: Grammatica, Dialectica, Rhetorica, Arithmetica, Geometria, Astronomia, and Musica, … how we lost them, yet they have not lost us … Faerie and Fae & Company beginning to lose patience, however … For a taste read: Karmic Relationships: Esoteric Studies – Volume III, Lecture VI: The School of Chartres.

In my work I point to seven books as touched within by the spirit of the liberal arts.

Some reading this might say, so what? Isn’t this just a digression away from learning the truths of spiritual science?

The world is facing a terrible crisis, … what is in effect a crime that might well dwarf the holocaust. Anthro-folk like to throw the concept of Ahriman around as if from some nether regions of hell, he plots against us. The enemy is us, not some entity who is a fully authorized aspect of the Macrocosm. We are the people that face the trial of recognizing that the “intellect” is – by itself – not well understood. One of the horrible ahrimanic (untamed human intellectual activity) constructs is the germ theory of dis-ease. Our institutions (governments, religions, etc.) are captured by numbers and quantitative thinking to the exclusion of qualitative thinking.

At the top of the economic realm are institutions flavored the same way. Numbers. Stock values. Fake money. The multinational corporation, and their lackeys the central banks – creating trillions for themselves, and nothing for workers and consumers – control governments. Via the same failure of intellect, political leaders lie in most of their ordinary discourse.

This makes for easy prey: the lives of the poor, the out of work, the women, the children, the old, the afflicted, and the insane. Corporations rule our hospitals, and a kind of intellectual industrial medicine is at a loss for how to deal with the fake news social controls of Big Pharma. Big Tobacco always knew nicotine was addictive, and Big Pharma knows that most of their medicines have deadly side-effects, including vaccines. Vaccines, for which Big Pharma got the US congress to pass a law saying they had no liability for vaccine caused illness.

How much of such vain intellectuality does the reader of this perceive to be alive, even among students of Steiner-said. Reading from printed books is without doubt an act of the intellect. Reading from the book of phenomena directly engages the feelings of the heart

During my time on the Ark, where the Culmination happened (1997-2003), we had the honor to have among us an Italian named Bruno Abrami [ ]. In the months following 9/11, we fell to discussing violence, … whether it was ever “moral”. We also knew that it was now becoming up to us to situationally invent the moral.

Bruno said that if he had been near certain mountains in Northern Italy, when the Moors were threatening European Christendom, he would have had no trouble taking up the sword. As the reader should know, He of the not peace but a sword Dude, also was expected by John the Baptist to baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath.

Still, the scale of the modern situation is daunting. Neither the Son or the Mother expect us to manage the Big Picture, that’s Their Artistic Forte. They do haunt my dreams, however.

They have a certain kind of Truth, written in the writings on the Wall of social reality. This is what I “see” there:

Right now the Shepherds stream – exoteric Christianity – and the Kings steam – esoteric Christianity – are too distant from each other. Both, in terms of the Big Pictures, are needed. Their divisions need to be overcome. The Christ-Impulse has then a question. Should the Kings wash the feet of the Shepherds?

Tomberg was apparently asked by Steiner, from across the threshold, to join the Catholic Church. Christ asked me to join the Catholic Church in 1986, which I did then in 1991. The Catholic Church, however flawed, is still the original “church” in the West. As a part of the 1986 vision, Christ took me as Him, showing me that He unites the Heavenly-perfect Church, with the Earthly-fallen Church, in the Mass, for the individuals present.

In the lecture on The School of Chartres, noted above, Steiner speaks of the influence on his life of certain personalities connected to a particular Catholic Order. After my initiations into the Mysteries of the Mother, followed by initiation into the Mysteries of the Son, I wrote: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”

She expressed Her Happiness, via the sense world, by engendering a river of squirrels to dance in front of me for several minutes, the day I posted that long article to the Internet. Rudolf Steiner – who will be known as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ – the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism – plays a crucial role in …

[ ]

The Big Bad, in the signs of the times, is scientific materialism. We get from that the errant theology of the germ theory of dis-ease. To wrestle with such an egregore, we need a bigger – more true – Spiritual Activity. [ ]

To the Aristotelians in the Society the return of Christ in the Ethereal is a core reality. As is the need for a Christianized (art and religion added/aided) science. For the Platonists, the “re-emergence” of the Holy Mother, as Artist in Chief of the “pandemonium”, adds a secondary – albeit spiritual – power to the “return”.

With Christ we get the karma of the times, via the Lord of Karma. With Her we get the understanding of the influences of rogue weather, the four horseman, the gate of death – for She rules Titans.

Anthroposophists, whether Aristotelian or Platonist, or some individualized combination of the two, possess gifts. The gifts are not ours to keep. I am composing a letter to the priest of the closest Catholic Church, to tell my tale, and to wonder if any of the 12 New Gospels might reinvigorate the Religion, given science via art can marry religion.

What would happen if more Steiner students were to reach out to their neighborhood Catholic priests and nuns? A transformation from the bottom up, not needing the top to consent. Goethean science belongs to humanity.

Keep in mind, that multinational corporations are conscienceless, and empathy-less, artificial entities. They are anti-human. Their powers are enormous.

Now imagine the laity and the religious of the Catholic Religion receiving gifts from the Kings, just as was done at a birth 2000 years ago.

Is an anthroposophist a “king” in this sense? When Steiner wrote of the Culmination he felt that if that event did not turn out in the needed way, civilization would suffer a mortal blow.

Faerie and the Fae wait upon our choices. Where we lead, they will follow.

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