Rage, Impotence, and Depression

Rage, Impotence, and Depression

I scream at the TV’s Evening News. There is a part of me that wants to kill, murder, and maim – the news readers, who obviously are in thrall to the millions they get paid to mouth the accepted Narrative are high on my list. Then there are the politicians, who are so afraid of their press, they too refuse to question, to think, to want to have the truth behind the storm of lies being feed the world by anti-human powers, lurking in the conscienceless multinational corporations.

I rage at the Gods, the Mystery, for letting a new potential holocaust arise. Yes, it is people, and karma, and all kinds of reasons for the Divine to leave us to our own devices. I get it. I just don’t have to like it. I really don’t.

I rage at friends and family, and even my Lady, as they swallow whole a Narrative false on its face, if you trouble to resist authority – at least a little bit – telling you what to think.

I fantasize getting a 50 caliber long rifle that can shoot incendiary rounds from 2000 yards out, and going around the country shooting up corporate headquarters, and the walled castles behind which the rich and powerful – who don’t give a shit about anyone else – hide. Private armies, sure I get it, but factually there are more of us than there are of them.

Ordinary folk outnumber the rich and their bullies a million to one. At least. Talk about a zombie apocalypse. The folk wake up to their rage, which has been hidden behind their fears. Imagine people realizing that the idea of karma and reincarnation means that their spirit cannot be killed, and will rise from death, into a new life and another time.

I heard a tale, of a meeting between some friends of mine (I couldn’t attend), and someone from the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. He told my friends two things. One: there may be thousands of CEO’s and other officers running banks on a day to day basis, and perhaps only a hundred people in the banking industry who know how money actually works. Two: You could make a TV show that lasts about 90 minutes, and reveals the truth about money. By the next morning all the banks in the country would have been burned to the ground.

Where’s the Rage?

At the folk who believe they have a right to own the world – to own the Mother, for god’s sake – and not only to own Her, but to rule us – and Her children – to be their workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.

Where’s the Rage?

At the folks who don’t question authority. Their acceptance and meekness encourages the armies of the dark. It is understandable, they have been too busy getting by, raising the kids, and creating the wealth. Those days are over, if you think about it.

Those 50 million lost jobs are not coming back. The coming world-wide depression will make the last one seem like a picnic. If, as was written recently in the New York Times, that 80% of the restaurants in New York City were unable to pay their June 2020 rent, this also means Land Lords will be unable to maintain their own highly leveraged loans, and as those fail, the banks “owed the money” will fail. The financial institutions that hold the bank stocks will fail. The Stock Market will close. What’s coming will make 2008 look like a badly made preview of a real disaster movie, hanging just out of sight, and around a corner.

Where’s the Rage?

Partly we feel it, … instinctively. We just don’t want to feel it. Why do we not want to feel it? Because when we accept that, the next troublesome feeling will be Impotence. Where do we express our Rage? Washington D.C.? Wall Street? Our next door neighbor who won’t wear a mask? Who won’t trust authority?

So we line up in long long lines, seeking handouts from the government, and food, and of course, don’t forget the test to see if you have got “IT”.

The pandemic is a house of cards of lies, and damn lies, and statistics.

Imagine you could see now, what your future self will know – hopefully not to late. After the 1918, alleged small pox pandemic (flu), the results when examined falsified the idea of there being a bug as the cause of the illnesses. This factoid, however, was not useful to profits that could be made through developing and selling “vaccines” that will prevent these diseases. That true history was then overwritten with a false history.

The News Business was always corrupt, given the power that went with being able to get the public to believe the lies. Hearst, of the Hearst chain of newspapers, owned a lot of “forests”, and his biggest competitor for the production of news-print paper was a weed, called Marijuana. Hearst paper’s then began a process of demonization of this remarkable plant, from which clothing and other necessaries could be made. Easy to grow, easy to harvest, with the additional virtues of many many well known medicinal properties. Just get a pharmacist’s text from around the beginning of the 20th Century.

We have finally gotten back what was stolen … but not without a war over the truth. Medical and recreational Ganja is crucial to traveling the seas in front of us. Ask any county sheriff whether he would rather make a domestic house call to a place where stoners hang out, than one where alcoholics hang out.

If we do not express our rage, and work past our feelings of impotence, we will eat those feelings and depression will be the result. Energy, meant to go out, is kept in, and then sours in the soul.

One of the curious aspects of this faked up pandemic is that it is in America, where the core trial lurks. In the back rooms of the bent minds that service the rich&powerful, it is known that the American is the sovereign, something also stolen from our histories. Our constitution is a temporary grant of power, which can be taken back.

It has been important then to the Lords of Finance that the Americans be kept docile. Nose to the grindstone. Always a little bit ill, and in need of medicines filled with side-effects (aka: poison). Still, to the extent any rich idiot thought that it was possible to continue to control large populations with lies, that time has ended. We are now right where Lincoln phrased it: “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

Meanwhile, sell the tale that a good education (actually training for jobs, which does not means one is “educated”) is necessary, and since the Fed continues to need to put money into circulation via loans, lets load up our young with unrealizable dreams, and mountains of debt.

Don’t be a fool. Be enraged. Refuse to bow to authority, or accept in any way impotence. Act out your feelings. Take the sour inside and puke it on the rich. Burn down their banks. Shoot up their corporate headquarters. Not! As pleasing as that might be.

Still the feelings – when acknowledged – are powerful emotional/spiritual energies. Realize that your neighbor, of whatever race and/or religion, is standing up to his neck in the same bullshit in which you stand.

Here’s the crucial truths. There are more of us, than there are of them – millions more. Don’t look to the government for anything, they work for the owners. Look to each other. There is now arising an army of the unemployed, which doesn’t yet know it is an army. We also have great wisdom lurking in our elders, a few of which even remember and survived (as children) the former great depression.

Let the system fail. That can’t be stopped. Inside that chaos, make up new communities of mutual support. Act locally, but keep in the mind the global aspects – everybody is trying to work past their rage, impotence, looming depression … and then what?

Have a party.

Why? We are winning.

Years ago, in the 1950’s, I came awake to politricks. There was a kind of veil over reality, the terrible realities of the abuse of ordinary people, by the wealthy and powerful. There was also rage and distrust, slowly simmering, and on occasion riotous. Civil Rights movement. Anti-Vietnam war movement. Women’s Rights movement. Gay rights movement.

Bit by bit it became harder for the powers that be to hide from sight. JFK being killed awoke a large seed of doubt. 9/11 another seed.

Our artists entered the fray, … Mr. Robot could not have been made in the “90’s”. West Wing, Newsroom, possibilities dreamed, yet always in the sense that something lurked in the background. Rock’n Roll, Hip Hop, films about the Pentagon Papers, and the lies or torture done by the CIA. Snowden, Manning, and Assange, pull down the pants of the Intelligence Apparatus.

The hidden persuaders more and more unmasked, and here we are faced with Them making one last desperate assault on the whole human race.

They are enemies of us all, and given that for the ordinary, the enemy of my enemy is my friend … we truly are many,

Throw a party. Get intoxicated and dance. Youth knows this instinctively, and always youth justly believes it will live forever. Why? Because we do live and die and then live again.

So here you are, at the party at the end of Western Civilization. You also see Them, the Owners. Stop buying Their b.s. Be not fooled. Trust each other, and the rest will take care of itself.

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