Once Upon A-Cross the Pond … a Faerie Tale

Once Upon A-Cross the Pond … a Faerie Tale

America is an odd place in which to grow up. We are not English, or French, or other national identity as a People. In harsh truth we are the wild adolescent child of the other world cultures, who then are our spiritural Mother and Father. We are becoming a People of Peoples, something not yet. The American Dream is not really about America now, but about America later.

On an esoteric level, we are a People of the Will. This is so all the way back into the aboriginal mists of time. The astral geography of the Americas is more dense than elsewhere in the world, which is why we are blessed&cursed with a stronger double than other folk.

It is why Ahriman incarnated here, on December 25, 1950 [1]. Why the atomic bomb was created here, as a harbinger of his arrival. This is why the end of the Second Millennium Dionysian Rite of the 1960’s was born here, eventually producing Rock’n Roll, and then Hip Hop, both of which became world-wide forms of music among the young, helping them break the ties of what Steiner called the: “group soul”.

Steiner describes us as “natural” or “instinctive” anthroposophists [2]. As English speakers we are also instinctively in the Consciousness Soul in our Life of Rights [3]. Yet, for all that Steiner said about America (the US of A) and Americans, there is a lot he could only guess at.

For some reason, Americans are having a very hard time with the pandemic-Pandemonium – that is, if the numbers are even half accurate. As a spiritual social scientist I have observed that the two party system in America has been basically eating its children. Our government mostly takes care of the Owners, at the expense of the ordinary. Americans are – in a lot of ways – not much use to the Lords of Finance, except as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.

Yet, we are not entirely asleep, even with most living pay check to pay check, and carrying a mountain of debt. The Peace Corp was born here. And, the Marshall Plan. Our folk tales are Westerns [4]. The computer revolution began here, for good and for ill.

We are a land of big ideas, and larger than life tall tales, such as Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan, with his giant pal: Babe, the blue ox. Carl Stegmann pointed his students in the directions of what he called: ‘giant-ism”, particularly the great Redwood forests, and giant Sequoia, that grew on the coast of California, where two fields of the Earth’s four ethereal North-South life organisms intermingle.

Howard Hughes. Bill Gates. Lincoln. A big land for big personalities.

Where we are also sort of awake is in the appetites, which are themselves Mysteries of the Will. Depending on the source, Americans consume something like 30% of the world’s resources, while being only a little over 4% of the world’s people. We like to spend money, when we have it, and now all of a sudden we do not have it.

If we imagine that the worst case political effect of the p-P (the pandemic-Pandemonium), it is to be many millions of unemployed unhappy people with too much debt, habituated to the best fruit and vegetables on the planet, … we might get a sense there of a dangerous social fault line. When I was first studying the “spiritual America”, under the direction of the retired CC priest Carl Stegmann ([5], we generally agreed that we were being kept docile by bread and circuses (lots of fast food, and entertainment – professional football, NASCAR racing, and an endless supply of movies and television).

Who, or what, or why is it necessary to keep Americans docile? Admiral Yamamoto, after the Japanese victory at Pearl Harbor, was not as celebratory as his staff, and when questioned replied: “I am afraid we have woken a sleeping dragon.”

Trump, a fool’s tool – in fact his reign is a contribution from Raven, Loki, and Coyote (the trickster spirits) – continuing the living social digestive processes by which the two political parties are being dissected via their own internal flaws and assumptions [6]. They continue to slavishly serve the Owners, and more and more that has become apparent. Before the p-P, we didn’t have time to take stock. Now we do.

Just consider this instance – worth a thousand – via the presence of the Mother in the Aftermath – first, the weeks of confinement, separation, and contemplation built up serious unspent psychic energies. Then, with a tiny chess move via the Mystery, some police kill another black man, and folks do not like it. Enough is enough. All sorts – not having their usual entertainments, provided for/by regular catharsis via college and professional sports events, involving intoxication, and yelling and screaming – these folks with bottled up emotions, spilled into the streets, and the whole world felt their pain. [7]

Rudolf Steiner often said to trust the future, in spite of warning us of all the darkest potentials waiting in the wings.

Something unusual is happening, that might not be noticed by the Aristotelians in the Anthroposophical community. It is one of those weird karma deals with the Platonists. Many folk in the Steiner world see that P&A bit as a kind of what is the philosophical nature/difference between the P’s&A’s.

The wonderful truth is that a few of the folk, who hung out at Chartres, were not all that “high and mighty”. The P’s in particular were quite earthy, not ashamed to get drunk, and certainly not weary of beautiful women. Such tales tho’ get edited out by historians, who imagine all deeply spiritual people must be modest of dress, and never coarse in speech.

Whether Steiner knew this or not, his social world was very uptight and formal regarding intimacy, such that many nuances of the past had to get laid in the dust. For example, we have this idea of the Twelve and Him, wandering around deserts and such, never needing to relieve themselves, or perhaps even get intoxicated and dance. A lot of what transpired in Palestine 2000 years ago was about just being human.

The modern Platonists, of which I was one – who were at the Culmination (8) – did not know they were at such an extraordinary (as described by Steiner) event. They didn’t know one of their members had been Steiner, and neither did he. They did spend six years (1997 to 2003) sharing the same internet chat-room, called the Ark, which had previously been called: Anthroposophia.

Several were having deep spiritual experiences. We talked about Steiner, Tomberg, and other fluff and bother which “spiritually minded” folk talked about. We taught each other. One story – a crucial one at that – will have to suffice at this point:

In the early Autumn of the year 2000, one of our members had been asked by Christ to go to Morocco (she spoke French) and spend time with local people for the month of Ramadan. “Chance” led her to spending the whole time in the women’s rooms of a large family compound. Following her return she began sharing what she called her: Ramadan diaries.

When 9/11 happened a year later, we knew why she had been sent.

Few of us were happy with the spiritual state of the Anthroposophical Society. We did not like at all the constant quoting of Steiner. Given the internet, our small membership was world-wide, although we had strict behavioral rules, having empowered one of members complete autonomy as regards blocking trolls and such.

There are curious aspects to the whole thing. For example, not too long after the group gave up warding off trolls, Harvey Bornfield (aka: Steiner) died on Sunday, January 8th, 2006. I did not know at that time the connection, but upon his death I took all of his posts that I had saved, and made them into a book (9). Not too long afterwards, my hard drive died, and all the rest of the Ark discussions disappeared. Without that inspired effort, we would not know of the former great initiates thoughts, when leading an ordinary life. Of course, to know them, the reader needs to get the book or go to my website. They are meant to be read aloud, by the way.

In the East (in a social/soul sense), enlightenment. In the social/soul Center, initiation. In the true social/soul West – the Americas, … shamanism. [my studies of Steiner led me to seeing that he used East and West to refer to spiritual culture, and East, Center, and West to refer to social/soul life [10].

Shamans are aspects of Earth religions. If, following Tomberg’s indications in his studies on the Foundation Stone Meditation, there is – for new spiritual impulses – a gesture that moves from East to West, … then to my cognitive imagination, more heavenly impulses are creative in the soul of the social East, in the Center, impulses to build a bridge – via art – from the heavenly to the earthly, finally coming to rest as a fully earthly spiritual impulse in the Americas.

At the same time, America was in the 20th Century invaded from the East, with Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, … all manner of heavenly conceptualizations of the goal of humanity [11]. This was a crucial influence, for it opposed the scientific materialism born in Europe in the 19th Century.

There was something else that came with the 1960’s. Non-aboriginal Americans began to discover that we built our money palace on top of someone else’s church. This allowed from the earth-direction for another spiritual helper with which to tame scientific materialism. Not only that, but among those riches of native wisdom was the tale of the True White Brother [12], who would come at a time of great need.

Nicely cooked via this long simmering social/spiritual stew of East and West and Center spiritual life, there emerged three still living Americans. One aspect of the Culmination – as an unfolding process – was to support the development of these rather peculiar personalities, once their biographies are properly seen. They devoted themselves to the spirit, and were cursed with talent. Three Platonists if you will, this fact made most especially obvious by their accomplishments (deeds) as scientists of the spirit, while also being kin to mystics and magicians.

That was Tomberg’s basic argument (13) with Steiner, which was that the Christ-knowing was also a mystical and magical experience, not just “scientific” and rational.

Three odd souls … traveling as we all do the course of their lives, and for these three a cascade of spiritual experiences, many of the sort where the Encounter is as if our own soul/spirit was being played – by Them – like a flute. The best idea I have come to, for these “interventions”, is Divine Whimsy.

Sure we were seekers, serious and learned and daring and crazy. But that doesn’t account for the gifts, which are sourced in the Divine Mystery, and are not just acquired by practiced cognitive skills. The Ark was a profound destiny-meeting for the three of us, yet only just one more spiritual adventure in a lives of fundamentally devotional existence [14].

Before I met Steiner through his books in 1978, I was a serious and naturally gifted student of the Hermetic Science (magic) of the ancient Egyptians, as taught via the works of Franz Bardon. Upon meeting Steiner, I set aside the more practical aspects of those studies, and was soon deeply into Steiner’s science of knowing (GA-1 to GA-4), all the Goethean science I could get my hands on, including reading a lot of Owen Barfield.

In 1986, while I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta in northern California, Christ asked me to join the Catholic Church. “Asked” hardly expresses what happens when we are “touched” unexpectedly and changed. In 1978, as I transitioned from Bardon to Steiner, the Burning Bush “physically” came by my place of work, with His own version of Blessing this transition from ancient Moon (Saturn) Mysteries, and the new Sun Mysteries.

On Epiphany 2008, I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother, at Her intention / attention / intervention. My physical, astral, and ethereal bodies had just turned 67. In the Winter season of 2009 over to 2010, I enjoyed the pleasures of the Lower Guardian (and yes, I am being sarcastic), follow by the ministrations of the Greater Guardian a few weeks later [15].

It was after the latter event that I took up – unexpectedly – writing my spiritual social science book: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” (16). In that book I took the religious question, turned it into a “theory”, and offered that “theory” as a better explanation of human existence than is offered by big bang cosmology, and Darwinian evolution.

As my “soul” began to no longer strive (the decade of the 70’s in the biography leads to second childhood, where coloring outside the lines becomes – necessary), having understood Tomberg’s “learn to think on your knees”, and now experiencing Steiner’s “It thinks in me”, I wrote a dozen books, hundreds of essays, and made over 270 videos for YouTube (the most favorite being themed: “On Becoming a Real Wizard” [17].

That set of over 30 videos has been the most popular, and was designed to help the Harry Potter generation understand that a wizard is not someone who waves a magic wand and speaks special incantations. A real wizard is a seeker after wisdom, and even in the first video, as an example of where I was heading, I held up a copy of George Adams’ “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”.

182,000 watched #1 so far, with only 1500 going all the way to #31. I continue to get goofy messages from young kids who come by, and at the same time messages from folk who are quite happy to have entered this realm in a healthy way.

In all that essay writing, the most interesting was: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing Roman Church” (18). Rudolf Steiner & Friends play a major role in that potential work of art.

Lately I’ve been able to find a deeper connection with the Emerald Tablet [19]. I even wrote a 12 part essay on the relationship between the four classical elements of antiquity (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness) and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics. (20) As well as an essay on: Where did the Father go to Rest, after the Creation? (21)

I personally consider the most important act folk of the modern Kings stream can make is to Wash the Feet of the Shepherds stream. She does not want – at the beginning of the Third Millennium – for us to be at odds with each other. Their/our mutual strength is sorely needed (22).

Besides myself, there was another male pagan-like fellow on the Ark, named Stephen Clarke. He had his own business keeping in good repair high end European cars – he called it: Mozart’s Garage. This work was in Sante Fe, New Mexico, which made Stephen’s journeys to make friends with the aboriginal folk a natural curiosity. Seems that when you earn the chance to be in their company, the mystery teachers of the Hopi, the Navajo, and the Pueblo, have a lot to offer.

His life adventures have included the “meeting aliens” experience. These are often involuntary in a way, a kind being spiritually touched by the entities of the luminous darkness of the Inner Earth. When Stephen began to try to overcome his fears by loving these “visitors”, everything changed. Out of his love and surrender, their true nature more and more appeared. From this began many personal visits to the Inner Earth, often all the way to where the Mother & Her Court hung out, which Stephen described as conversations over tea.

He casually mentioned to me one day that he was curious about just where did Christ go on Saturday. Spiritual truth and reality gave him a very difficult task in this pursuit, especially considering Steiner’s remarks on some kind of evil lurking in the Inner Earth.

I thought of him as a kind of scholar-seer. He had a large office at his very clean and organized shop. A few thousand books, and when I visited there he described that he spent about $800 dollars a month talking to far away people whose interests he shared. Back then. Now is a different, and private story.

He gave me two of his unpublished works: “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, about the “alien” pathway; and “Short Circuit”, which was about his perception of why the A. Society and friends seemed so lost. At one point, when Dornach was holding a special conference to which they had allegedly invited many spiritual leaders from all over the world, Stephen called them on the phone (and sent letters) giving them suggestions for spiritual leaders from the Americas to invite.

No aboriginal spiritual teachers of the Americas were invited, in spite of Stephen’s efforts. Since then he has only hung out with a few Steiner folk – hard to keep interested when talking to a fence post.

He has produced much scholarship based on individual spiritual research and confirmation. Besides discovering an intriguing relationship between Kabbalah and deeper aboriginal symbolism and experiences, Stephen has expended a lot of effort on help us sort out these questions of evil and the Inner Earth.

The first remarkable work of research, can be found here: “Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma – in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth” (23) The second is here: “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” (24) Emotionally hard to read, to accept, and yet entirely clear and remarkable – the story of the deepest spiritual accomplishments of certain aboriginal priests of the time of Christ, who meet Him at the Gate of Death, and accompanied Him to the Holy Mother.

It helps us – and Steiner – to allow for Steiner to be mistaken. In this sense, according to my own research, he sought to investigate the Inner Earth as a spiritual scientist. The true Inner Earth is a locus of such power that scientific materialism does not understand that “gravity” is act of Cosmic Will, of Her Love. To know such we have to surrender, because She is Surrender.

Like is to met like, and we go there awake, just as we go through the gate of death, where are to be plain, human, flawed, ordinary. Any aspect of our ego that feels “special” just finds in Her a mirror of our worst confusions. Steiner had entirely understandable “issues” in the realm of erotic appetites (given the rigid social rules of his time and place) [24], and with this thought we segue to Catherine MacCoun, the third American leg of the gifts of the Platonists to the Aristotelians.

Catherine is the one Christ encouraged to go to Morocco for Ramadan, the year before 9/11.

She was born and raised Catholic, and began to have inner visions after her mother’s suicide, when Catherine was 17. While she was with us, she had an ongoing relationship with a man whose illness would lead to an early death. This called to my mind the love of his life of the individuality Novalis, although this time around the sexual roles were reversed.

Catherine made her living (and I believe still does) helping writers write the book they want to write. Recently, when I was rereading her essay (25) about Steiner, and the sexual scandal of 1915, I once again was in wonder at her knowledge and erudition. Then it struck me. What an astounding way to learn. Helping minds, with their own genius, bring that gift to the written word.

She came and went from the Ark. One such journey arose when we had been discussing Steiner’s ideas about the Jesuits. He had made remarks about the Loyola meditations having undesirable consequences for the soul. Catherine being Catherine dropped away for 6 months, so as to practice the meditations herself, and form her own judgments.

The collective resolution, of those of us who cared, was that Catherine, in finding no problems with the meditations, was following their original formulation. A formulation that had drifted in time from their original nature, which is what Steiner encountered over 300 years later.

Catherine had odd holes in her knowledge of Steiner. When I made a reference to Goethe’s phenomenological approach, and Steiner’s book GA-2, she was not familiar with that (although she was well read of his The Philosophy of Freedom). All the same, if someone made a seriously confused argument, her mind was the mind that set them straight, often with a bit of fire. Not in a flame-war sense, but simply by the critical intelligence and subtle ranging vocabulary she brought to the matter.

Before the time of the Ark, Catherine had been a student for 15 years of Chogyam Trungpa, Tibetan Lama and teacher. His was the founder of what is now called: Naropa University. in Boulder Colorado. He is said to have replied, when asked about creating a spiritual school for children, “go see the Waldorf Schools”.

I had read his books, heard him lecture, and personally knew several of his students, during my Berkeley years. I had written a small essay on the Four Noble Truths [26], which Catherine read, and told me I did not get “it”.

On December 23rd, 2008, she published her masterpiece: “On Becoming an Alchemist – a Guide for the Modern Magician” [27]. She mostly describes this work as a fusion of Christian and Tibetan Alchemy, a matter it is pointless to doubt. In it she at one point, after changing the name to Hank, tells a story about me from the Ark. I returned the favor by writing a review of her book [28].

Consider, … that among three individuals from the Culmination, are remarkable connections between Christianity, and – for me – the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians; for Stephen a deep connection to the Christ Event, via the still practiced aboriginal wisdoms of the Americas; while through Catherine a modern Christ oriented link to wisdom that survived the Fall of Atlantis.

… next, some considerations of the coming tsunami of future history … based upon four decades of Goethean research into the social&political life of humanity, coupled with an intimate involvement with the Mother …

First Unity, then Duality – Father One, and Mother Many, a paradox resolved into a secondary Unity: the Son. These creative powers are faces of the as above, so below, and as below, so above, generating the miracle of the one.

We are parts, only via our view of existence. From the view of the Mystery, all remains One.

In my book “The Art of God”, I write of what I call: the primal paradox, which is: From the point of view of the Mystery the Creation is perfect, and this perfection includes the right of the Children to see everywhere imperfection, and to act upon it.

It helps to still the sense of linear time, as a kind of line going from past to future. Instead, as the poets might suggest, reality is a cosmic chicken&egg, continuously birthing out of the Now, the next Now, and then the next Now – forever. [29]

Some years ago, it first dawned on me that it wasn’t so much the disasters that marked the course of “time”, but the Aftermath, the what happens next. For example, in the US of A, in our bread basket as it were, endures flood after flood after flood. Makes no difference how hard we try to tame and rule the waters of life with dams and levies.

After the flood, we find chaos. People displaced, homes destroyed. This is horrible we believe. However, in the Aftermath, life habits upset, leads to potentially new life habits. Excesses of too much stuff is transformed into an appreciation of how little we need; and, at the same time, the more crucial life experience (Mom’s lessons): being how much we need each other. [30]

In the land of Trump, we can find folk of quite different political orientations living side by side in a school gym, sleeping on cots, receiving gifts of clothes and necessaries, and each other’s company for the needed sympathy – sharing the survival, makes social bonds that otherwise don’t get made.

The mark of this age, in Steiner speak, is the Consciousness Soul. Keep in mind that in the age of the Sentient Soul no one needed that name for those experiences that Life was providing. Same with today.

Each individual biography is a work of participated art – we are not alone. The hallmark of this Age, as seen by those whose arts produce dramas in the movies and on television, is personal moral crisis. You don’t have to name it, to see life is giving out such troubles that individual choices must be made.

No murder or abortion is like any other, given the crucial nature of situational details. We are tasked not to find the right thing to do, so much as to invent the right thing to do, out of our own inner activity.

The director, actor, writer, composer etc. Clint Eastwood has two films that are good examples: “Million Dollar Baby”, and “Gran Torino”. In each film Eastwood plays an older man, confronted by the choices he makes, and which choices have contributed to the present moral riddle. In each film the man is a Catholic by birth; and, he has conversations in the first film with an older priest, and in the second film by a younger priest.

The priests have no satisfactory answers to his questions. Even the surrounding social realm offers no wisdom. Alone with his need to choose, in a crucial scene in Gran Torino, the man is standing in his kitchen, with a boy from next door who shares the situational question, but burns with a need for immediate violence. Eastwood’s character is just leaning against a counter, when the boy asks him what is he doing, why aren’t they going after the evil doers.

The response to the question of what is he doing, is: “I’m thinking”.

Now imagine 8 billion biographies needing the same destiny moments of difficult choices, each unique.

This is the Art of “She Who has the Whole World in His Hands”; aka: Divine Providence.

Even those, who may have some kind of nefarious motive as regards the pandemic, will have their personal moments. Nobody is getting a free pass. All must endure alchemical biographical trials, including the Lords of Finance, the occult Brotherhoods, the fools playing with biological mysteries of which they know little … the rule of Divine Providence is this: Everyone gets just enough rope by which to hang themselves.

This Presence within/behind/below/above the pandemic is what I call the Pandemonium. That’s Her, putting all our pains and troubles to good use.

Years ago, when I had my first direct intuitive experience of the Mother, I was in an odd mood. I had started the morning ruminating on what a shit I tended to be, and wondered what it must mean to the Mystery, who had to have intimate knowledge of all our pains, whether victim or perpetrator.

I called out in my soul: How do You deal with these horrors we endlessly create? Then, She was there, speaking gently, but firmly: We turn it into Love.

The pandemic is bad, and made worse by human avarice and hungers for power. The Pandemonium is Them, turning our crazy into experiences and opportunities to grow our own moral reality – whatever we may worry, this Life – of one Event (chaos), followed by an Aftermath (opportunity), followed by another Event following by an Aftermath – is Love, have no doubt about it at all.

This Rite is individualized. Individual biographical spiritual needs come before the collective secondary effects we call history. Steiner quoters sometimes forget that he said the are more spiritual beings active behind the veil than we can imagine. Each individual owns a community of such, who are hidden mostly in the will, and the secrets of the appetites – the down and dark of the earth processes, where shamans have to venture.

The basic opposing religion is scientific materialism. Those ideas are being broken, as the germ theory of dis-ease is falsified by what is happening, once we clear away the deadwood of too many numbers.

The Kings stream has a purpose, which is our choice to create. Do we hide in our little institutions, courting spiritual folly be reading too much Steiner? Or do we reach out, to our Christian brothers and sisters, and share with them the New Gospels of the Second Coming of Christ in the Ethereal? [32]

Want to do something about the rape&ruination of the avatar Body of the Holy Mother Earth? Want to be a real environmentalist? Seek and I & Thou relationship with Faerie, the invisibles behind/within the “Natural World”. Even better, file lawsuits every Earth Day, against at least three multinational corporations, on behalf of the Planet, for if a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law. I sent a letter about this possibility to the RSF. They did not even reply. [33]. By the way, just what is “Michaelic Courage”?


joel a. wendt

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a poem once wrote me
I was 11 going on 7
It is the favorite reader
of too many books, tho’
modern breath is putrid, and
flowers melt when the masked walk into a room
still, more and more do we understand
that when We create
the next life out of nothing
our pen is whimsy
and the air so refined
it is not even there

poem parks itself here, for a time

is it welcome?

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  1. My whole life here and now will be needed to listen and hear this korero…
    My pen is feeble as my hand is cuffed behind the orders of a day.
    But in my morning wander in the small device the same hand is cuffed that feeble and shakily puts the pen to work…
    My heart allows the flow of tears in your pen content…

    The river of all tears may yet be navigated by mariners of this pathway.
    Gracious humble thankyou from new zealand
    I am hara


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