The Doors in the Sky & the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain

The Doors in the Sky & the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain

Most everyone has some personal idea of spirit, and of mind. We may not believe in spirit, only if we no longer believe in mind. Further, there is no reason to not believe in either. There is no reading of this page of writing without the empirical presence of both mind and spirit.

Ideas from the Cultural East can suggest that just about anything is an illusion. Scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – seems to assert the absence of spirit, through the vehicle of the mind.

If you can imagine – anything – that act is a Door in the Sky. A theory, or any other “belief” system, is present in the individual mind because of a Door in the Sky, including the assertion that something is not. To hold that something is not, at the very least we have to have an “idea”/experience of that which we reject.

These riddles and quandaries of mind, spirit, matter, illusion, and so forth, are all aspects of the ongoing pandemic-Pandemonium. While we worry over all the material issues, the real magic of this moment is about spiritual revival.

The religion (belief system) of scientific materialism has produced the idea of a contagious germ as a cause of illness. The alleged conspiracy theories – regarding whether the pandemic is real, or some kind of hoax = a social attack on human beings, from other supposedly human beings – those theories are also products of our individual&common Ways of seeing what we assume to be the “real”.

Both are pictures in the Doors in the Sky. The empirical aspect of this involves realizing our own inner causal relationship to these “imaginations”. At the same time, to set out our personal view of whatever the “truth” of the situation is, … that required the application of forces of the will. We do it. We sell it to each other. Sometimes we punish each other if “they” don’t have the same willed-idea as do we.

Scientific Materialism is a huge Idea. It claims to “explain” everything, and its priests – scientists – assert a better knowing than those of us who are not scientists. Fauci is a super used car salesman of an idea – a complex of concepts that I call the Narrative, which happens to be capable of making a few people even more powerful and rich. Unfortunately, the Narrative comes wrapped in the anti-human package of be scared to death of each other.

In spite of our spiritual and meditative accomplishments, most of us are still materialists. We use all kinds of words that are fully materialistic, such as the word (abstract cause and effect idea) “gravity”. Or “outer space”. From the point of view of an empirical science of the spirit those ideas lack recognition that behind all material/physical events stands the Divine Mystery, a complex of immortal beings sometimes called: Gods&Goddesses.

Outer space is not physical. That idea of endless empty space [1] is a concept/imagination that assumes otherwise, yet fails when we get this statement, which is both scientific, religious, and artistic (necessary for all true ideas/mind pictures): “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

Gravity is one aspect, or manifestation, of the Holy Mother. We surrender to Her each night, seeking the Seas of Morpheus, and their gentle ministrations that only come if we can quiet spirit / mind / imagination – at least for a moment forgetting the troubles&worries of our day to day existence.

In sleep is one of the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain.

There are eight keys, and they come in pairs: Waking and Sleeping; Living and Dying; Sanity and Madness; and, Remembering and Forgetting.

Jung and others called the Cave Under the Mountain the unconscious. If you are up to it, as a kind of shamanistic adventure, becoming more intimately self-aware of the own dark is crucial. Behind the facade of the Natural world of beings-material, are beings-invisible, who nonetheless rule all material manifestations.

Fear lurks there – in the dark. And Rage. The spirit-will of the human being is of the Wild, not just the Tame. Most of us tame the pictures we make in the Doors in the Sky, while our own appetites remain a mystery. Yes, the mad appear to not be able to tame their minds, … yet our mistake is to not recognize that madness is real, and darkness feasts there – a kind of anti-Life and Light. Some folk prefer madness to sanity. A few don’t even know that this was a choice. Yet, we escape into sleep, and death , and madness, and forgetting. Escape.

The idea/theory that a germ is a cause of certain kinds of illness is not true. At the same time, the religion of Scientism teaches this as a core belief. We are raised to believe it. We are given vaccines to prove (or not) that this germ-theory represents real facts of illness.

In the world of concepts&ideas, which circle around the personality of Rudolf Steiner, there is the idea that vaccinations will cause folk to no longer be able to experience the spirit. To this mind/spirit, it is not the substances – the poisons – that produce that effect, as much it is our systems of belief that produce the effect.

We are taught it as a tenant of a belief system full of errors of thought. Doors in the Sky of the Mind that lead to illusions, not the truth.

The mere fact that scientific materialism offers this “germ” idea/complex of concepts, is proof that there is a fundamental error of thought in play. One of the great ironies of this time, is how hard some folk want to assert religion is bunk, yet allow themselves to slavishly follow a basic principle of the religion of scientific materialism.

If this seems a bit too vague, just consider how many ideas we have of the world, via science, that require the rejection of spirit. The germ-theory is just one of many illusions, carried by language, into the where inside us that is not free … minds captured by the idea/complex of concepts, via ordinary schooling.

The miracle is this: the Pandemonium aspect of this pandemic is from the Mother. She gives to us the task to see through scientific materialism, in large part because that view is fundamentally anti-human. To the religions of Scientism we are just accidental bits of matter, that over eons of time, randomly generated what we think of as “mind”. The Mystery did not make us, says scientific materialism.


Oh, by the way scientific materialism, can you create consciousness? Just asking …

At the same time, we each have minds, and hearts – the latter being even more important to a “human” being, that the jungle of competing thoughts.

Driven by impulses, rooted in the Cave Under the Mountain, we are habituated by many appetites, whose source is in shadows. There is a gap in between our Doors in the Sky, and our knowledge of the Cave Under the Mountain. We are not just ill from the poisons in the air, the water, the food, and, the medicines, … we are even more ill from the poisons in the ideas of the religion of scientific materialism.

Why? Because scientific materialism is heartless. When the poet speaks of the heart as broken, this is real, and many people suffer in this chaos of the pandemic-Pandemonium precisely because this assault on humanity breaks the hearts of naturally empathetic and sensitive people. We know this in the wreckage of our caregivers: the doctors, the nurses, the aides, and the keep the place antiseptically clean folk.

Now the Mystery loves us. They just want us to grow up a bit, so They gift us with a horrific set of challenges (the Pandemonium), that slow the rush of civilization down, and encourage reflection on all aspects of existence, including the value of the ideas/collection of concepts and beliefs of scientific materialism.

We made it … this religion. We worship it, and are dominated by it. Still, “we” have to unmake it. Good mothers make the children clean up after themselves. She will not save us from this task.

We have the opportunity to re-ensoul our experience of the “Natural” world, of which we are a crucial part. We are Nature looking at Itself.

There need be no “things” anymore. All Our Relations includes the green world, the stone folk, the four legged and the winged, and all manner of invisible to the senses creatures, such as the beings of the four elements.

Faerie folk are there. We have just forgotten them. Remembering, again, is one of the Keys to the Cave under the Mountain.

[1] “The Misconception of Cosmic Space As Appears In the Ideas of Modern Astronomy – and as contained in the understandably limited thinking embodied in the conceptions of the nature of parallax and redshift -”

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