Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted

Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted

Dreams need rebuilding on the compost of the past. This is actually an immediate moment to moment process. We don’t notice it because what we get as general information is about trends, and possibilities, and who is taking advantage of who; and who knows or doesn’t know what the truth is.

From the stand point of Mystery, the center of all this chaos and drama is the individual biography. The corrupted Evening News will tell us thousands and thousands are being discovered to be “cases” (which means a positive – yet questionable – test). Waves of increase. Many dying. Fighting in Portland. Money in circulation is being allowed to dry up. This mayor and that governor dancing to different music, and all manner of people just fed up with being told what to do.

Often the best way to get someone not to do something is to tell them they have to do it.

The Mystery is giving the Whole of Humanity a Rite of Initiation. It doesn’t make any difference what someone believes, … even Einstein saw the Mystery in the purity and beauty of mathematical physics.

We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time … each individual having a personal consciousness-raising experience, in accord with particular spiritual needs. The crux of this biographical crisis is to make possible an individual creative moral/ethical/whimsical/art&poetry of life choices.

The pandemic is not the same level of Mystery as is the Pandemonium. Social and political life has a significant degree of both inertia and momentum. Stuff you have a hard time getting to move, and other stuff we have a hard time with slowing down. To help us have the needed “chaos” in order to create the next-now, the social “order” needs fracture lines.

That’s why the Mother principle of the Mystery sends the Four Horseman. Again, this happens whether or not one believes. There is even scientific evidence of the spiritual nature of the human being, and of the Planet Who Lovingly Carries Us Through the Void. [1]

The News, and the politicians, act as if there was order that could be maintained. This, when the chaos is so obvious out of their control. They are acted upon, not participating actors, … except in their personal and individual biography.

The Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization can be experienced as a great gift. We can see right now how fragile and useless our big institutions are. The News has become so hysterical, that they cannot provide us what we actually need to know. The politicians had already not been taking care of business, and now they run around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to satisfy the ravenous Media, and their own political ambitions.

Neither the Press or the politicians know science, and will repeat anything they are told, if the speaker is properly labeled a “leading scientist” in his/her field. Yet, we know from what social media can tell us about the world, as a whole, there are places that have been more successful in applying some kind of sane judgments to a situation.

Still, all that is mere context to the day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment, demands on individuals, who must wrestle with individualized agonizing choices.

Mind that you sweep before your own door first, and leave to others their own crisis management. Probably never been a better time to Judge Not.

Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted, one person, and one day, … at a time.


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