a stand, a lever, and a fulcrum

How do spiritually oriented people fight back against the …. the what?

In the martial art of Akido, the Way is to move around the attack, move in such a way that it goes by and we remain as we wish. “Give me a fulcrum,” Archimedes is reported to have said, “and a place to stand—and I will move the world.”

Against the dangers we face, as Western Civilization dies into a new becoming, is there a need, is there a fulcrum, is there a place to stand, and is there a lever?

Among the Fae it is understood that the arrival of natural philosophy (now called natural science), would enchant the human being, to the effect that while we developed a powerful new Way of Knowledge, there would also be a cost to our older relations with the spirit.

Humanity has known of the Gods&Goddesses from the beginning. This knowing was direct and personal – an “experience”. Over the course of Western Civilization, the spiritual become more and more a mere concept and belief, and hardly ever a direct experience.

The most modern religion – in the sense of a system of beliefs – is materialistic science – all is matter, there is no spirit. This concept is neither true nor good, and most of us feel this, but do not know how to deal with the “authority” of the modern scientist/priest of materialism.

The pandemic-Pandemonium is a consequence of the enchantment of the heart’s mind, given that the believers in the dis-ease must first trust and believe the medical “priest-scientist”. No one is a fault. It is what it is, as we recognize today.

Also at loose in our Earth environment is a collection of “monsters”, which we call: the multinational corporation. Their powers seem unstoppable. They are big, we are tiny; and, if we get in their way their wealth lets them make the laws, flaunt the laws, and at the same time throw an army of lawyers at anyone who disagrees.

To deal with our modern social disorder and chaos, which Titans of Industry rule at ease, is there anything that we can do? Is there a fulcrum, a place to stand, and a lever by which to tame these Titans?

Tame, not get rid of. Re-purpose. Reboot. Keep in mind that this organism is present and not going away. With guidance it might evolve.
A powerful idea among many is that there is no god, no good, only human appetite. What if that became the core debate: Whether or not there are Gods&Goddesses?

Will the becoming Phoenix, lurking in modern chaos, have the powers as advertised?

There is a prophecy of a God, who died, and yet promised to come back. Given that scientific materialism is fundamentally a religion (all its big ideas are theoretical), might it be possible to take the idea of the Way of Science as a modern Way of Knowledge, and discover through scientifically empirical facts that the Divine is real. Not only that Christ is back, … His Mom, came with Him.

From Steiner we get a Foundation for doing this. If the Aristotelians ever get around to listening to the Platonists, their adding the significance of the Mother, builds something remarkable on that Foundation. This next link is to a long article on the three Platonists living now in America, and the general spiritual situation of the present moment.

We are sort of saying, to scientific materialism, that our Mystery is bigger than yours. We actually explain Reality far more wisely.

Yes, I know, who will listen? Who will bother? Christianity is not the only religion, and historically religions are causes of war, more than they are causes of peace.

Recently the Law allowed for a corporation to be considered a person. Logically, if a corporation can be a person, then certainly a planet can be a person. Would it be possible in courts of law to assert that the planet is a person, as part of legal activities designed to “protect” the “environment”?

We ought not to assume that taking this question into the systems of justice is only valid if we win the court cases. On the contrary, filing suits seeking to represent the planet as a person before the law, changes the fundamental nature of the underlying questions facing humanity today.

We only need challenge scientific materialism in courts of law. If that debate then become known in media we are now in the court of public opinion.

If we do this, the narrative regarding the future of humanity takes on a very different texture. And, yes, how could we possible prove that the planet is a living Being?

Thankfully, the fundamental empirical science of spirit has already been generating the needed material. There exist “gospels” out of the experience of Christ’s return in the ethereal realm. Folk meet Christ in the thought-world (the ethereal) while in pursuit of the truth that recognizes the necessity to be religious and artistic, not just “scientific”.

The next link is to an article about twelve such gospels, and a thirteenth – a unifier as it were. For dessert, I’ve added the prophetic truth about the Mother, and the Return of the Moon, already in process. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/30/for-people-of-faith-of-whatever-rite/

These books are the “lever”. Where then are the “fulcrum”, and the “place to stand”?

At present certain conceptions from Rudolf Steiner’s works on social-three-folding can be helpful. He distinguishes a cultural life, from an economic life, and in a kind of way in between them the political legal life. Each within itself is also threefold. Cultural Life gives us Science, Religion, and Art. The Economic Life presents itself as Production, Distribution, and Consumption.

In the course of Western Civilization, the political-legal life also three-folded into State, Media, and Citizen. [See my essay: Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thpts.html ]

Oddly, this makes Media the heart of the heart of the social organism. We’ve just watched a hysterical major Media, already rotten within, scare to death (literally in some cases) the world’s population, with a narrative that is not true. Over in social media, the debate of the truth is lively and intelligence. In the major Media a dangerous fire is daily given more and more fuel. That same Media gave five billion dollars of free advertising to Trump’s election.

Media is the “fulcrum” for the “lever”. As noted above, there are courts of law, and courts of public opinion. Many know that if we create the right “play” in courts of law, we can get the attention of the courts of public opinion.

If we were to “stand” in the courts of law, with a specific limited goal in mind, namely getting the attention of the Media, we can file lawsuits intended to draw attention to the hardest question for scientific materialism to face, aka: whether a Planet is a sufficient kind of Being, that needs to be recognized to the same degree of person-hood before that law as has been given to the corporation.

Courts of Law are very interesting places, in large part because in spite of their being abused by the rich&powerful, there is in the Law of Evidence, a set of logical rules designed to get to the truth. Politicians would never survive if their speech was subject to evidence-tiary rules this strict. The same with a lot of scientific theory; and, as we all know, religion makes the law even more confused given the value society places on freedom of belief.

If one wants to appreciate this value of the courts of law, a good place to start is to watch the dramas and comedies, written for TV, by David E. Kelley, who I describe as “Americas Shakespeare”. L.A. Law; Chicago Hope; Picket Fences; the Practice; Ally McBeal; Boston Public; Boston Legal; and more recently: Big Little Lies; and Goliath. The actors who play his characters win awards – dozens of Emmys, and more.

Goliath is instructive for the “David” character has to go to war against huge military corporations, the criminal rule of the Mexican cartels, and the “developers” and their ever present wars over land and water.

We are David, doing the Don Quixote bit, against the huge spiritual egregores living in multinational corporations. At the same time, we have serious friends: the Son and the Mother.

We all know of Earth Day, as a kind of Spring cultural rite, opposite in texture to the Autumn season. Imagine different and independently organized environmental organizations filing suits, every Earth Day (starting with the next, no time like the present), against these egregores, seeking the recognition of the Planet as entitled to as many legal rights as a corporation.

We don’t have to win in court, but we will sound a cord in the court of public opinion. The sounding will be louder and more effective, if many file such suits. And, if this becomes an aspect of the annual Rite of Earth Day. What is more natural for the children of the Mystery, than to want to protect our Mother.

The point is to place the value of scientific materialism in a realm were laws of evidence rule. Given the pandemic-Pandemonium, which will continue for sometime, whether or not scientific materialism, and its corporate masters, misrepresented the truth is a valid question, which is not likely to disappear.

Suits of this kind can fail right in the beginning, when faced with a thousand corporate lawyers calling for immediate dismissal. To survive a motion to dismiss evidence can be presented. Again, we don’t have to win, but we do offer evidence – the thirteen books referred to above.

That brings a challenge to scientific materialism into the court of public opinion, and away from “academic” venues. The desired result of the our stand to apply this lever to the fulcrum of our time is achieved when the question is there.

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