The Climate Change Delusion

The Climate Change Delusion

Sometimes scientists take certain data factoids, and imagine them continuing on, in a fixed course into the future. A little observation notices that such “straight-line” projections don’t work. Always there are factors, not recognized, that alter the end result.

This style, of projective into the future thinking, is common. Very smart (allegedly) people have been telling stories of future worries for most of my life. The Vietnam War was about preventing a bunch of “dominoes” from falling. Pollsters thought Hillary would win. Physicists have been chasing all manner of imaginary particles, for fifty years, and not finding them. We are sold all kinds of products that do not live up to their imaginary promise.

Environmentalism did not exist in my youth. Ecology was a word that I did not hear the first decade and a half of my life. We’ve been worried about nuclear war since my adolescence. Then the seas started to rise, and science noticed warming trends in the annual average temperatures. The sky is falling theories, of how this would play out in the future. proliferated.

Air and water pollution continued. The science of chemistry was creating all manner of synthetic compounds, that had never before been seen in nature. These got in our food, and our medicines. Maybe they were making us dumber, rather than smarter.

Climate change is just a name, for a future-maybe disaster of whole earth environmental dimensions. The boogeyman was not under the bed, or hiding in the closet … he was sitting in the boardrooms of multinational corporations, who place private property and wealth over human needs. Stockholder values are more important that workers, consumers, or the “environment”.

These fictional “persons” before the law, don’t care. There is no profit there.

Some folk imagine this: if only X, would do Y, then the environment would be fixed, and the future would reveal unicorns and perfect hair. X being the wealthy and powerful, suddenly getting the Y we need to take care of our world.

Some scientists, who do research on these straight line projections, say that we are well past the tipping point. Whatever is coming cannot be stopped.

Believing in fixing climate change is like imaging a woman can stop being pregnant. Although in the case of climate, the baby is already born, and running loose everywhere.

The idea of thinking we can stop climate change, may in fact is being promoted by wealth&power to make us imagine we can still win a war we already lost.

We have been living in an age where the practice of “science” refused to consider “spirit”. A famous biologist is said to have remarked, that if “spirit” gets in anywhere in biology, the whole edifice of scientific materialism will collapse.

While we overthought our existence, the Mystery was real whether or not we believed. Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death are Her Mysteries.

What modern science gave us is a ton of ideas that make it impossible for us to face the reality of life’s issues.

Meanwhile, the Mystery cooked up the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot, stopped civilization in its tracks, and began to level the playing field between third and first world nation states.

The irony is that while some folk expected the pandemic (and maybe encouraged it), Mom had a different agenda: the dying and becoming of “Western” civilization. The rich and powerful gave a push, for their own benefit, and She tripped up the politicians, starting with helping the Loki-trickster Trump ruin the old boy network running D.C.

She doesn’t see Republicans or Democrats. Not concerned with a lot of our foolish hungers and wishes, She, far more than us, has the Will to heal the life sphere of the Planet, irregardless of our ignorant arrogance.

Simple really. Kick the children out of the play ground, except for a few. At the same time showing us how to once again be in communion-with the residents of Faerie, aka: the sentient interior super-consciousness that is the “inside” of nature, just was we have a vital spiritual inside.

According to some Hopi, we are experiencing the End of the Fourth World, and the Birth of the Fifth. No reason whatsoever to believe this is going to be anything but a wild and dangerous ride. Testing and tasking our own soul&spirit, to grow up, pay attention, and remember the Mystery.

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