To go where no one has gone before

To go where no one has gone before

I met an interesting mind/spirit on Facebook. Below are direct copies of what he wrote. #1 came first, and when I asked if I could post his thought to my blog, then came #2, shortly followed afterward by #3. This work is not to settle at rest any final answers, but the whole plague situation does require not just a good scientific exploration, but science with some whimsy, and riddles … not closed to spirit or to art.

Be grateful some of the words are uncommon. The reality of the “contagious plague” is not reducible to sound bites in the Evening News. The art (pictures), I added so as to let the reader rest their eye functions, by looking at some of those pictures worth a thousand words …


seems odd, that once it was learned, one can recieve plasma, that has the antidote mono clonal exosomes in it, people can be helped, when encountering this either exo-virus or what is an exosome made by one of the bacteria, who out number our body cells, 3 to one. 6 trillion body cells, with 18 trillion bacterial cells.

It seems that this global live exercise, is oriented more towards vaccine making than solving the immediate care of the ill.

I have heard of successful treatments ranging from;

Vit C intravenous assistance

A few various steroid inhalants

Nebulizer provided hydrogen peroxide and iodine, doctor moderated and monitored.

HQC and zinc

And then a 14 year old researcher, found silica to render the Virus/exosome mono clonal molecular chem micro glob’s custom velcro sticky, useless. Could people on a large scale be having epidemic levels of reduced silica in their diets. I saw where a 1962 organge commonly grew, and created 4 to 8 times more vit C than present day oranges.

No words on blood root, but Mexico has found aspirin useful, even without the blood root addative.

Nor have I seen much about all the extremely potent antioxidants being used. Lavender to parsley to white cedar boughs in a tea, are all 10,000 times more potent of an anti oxidant that Vit C.

We are in an odd Global Live Exercise, when medicine is scrutinized and doctors are not free to treat patients or perform autopsies. At least to verify Chinese observations of scurvy like conditions of various organs, of the dead.

I am a bit disturbed that society is recalcitrant to employ Electro Dermal Accupoint diagnostics with the Voll Machine, or any number of other frequency reader based devises that have been invented since 1952 when the Rife Box, was outlawed. Even the Voll machine has such capacities. And the NIH requires that practioners not do direct treatments of patients with the Rife Settings. But instead, insist that a vial of water be treated, and the patient takes it like a homeopathic tincture.

There will probably be an app for phones, in the next few years.

Personally, the only way we can really know if 5G is contributing to blood thickening, head aches and hypoxia conditions, is to turn off the roll out. It seems that critical spread conditions are happening in the upper midwest at a simultaneous rate, lag time required, that 5G is getting turned on. Besides, Elon Musk may have turned on his toasters sized 400 satellites, for beta tests, 3 or 4 weeks ago. A little fast from electro mag. Radiation seems to be a reasonable request.

And also we are stuck with Municiple Sewage testers who suggest the ratio of presence of SARs 2, in human waste, suggests this odd virus, could be 10 times or more, in prevalence among humans that we ever knew before.

Science does not get numbers, without having a conclusive way to measure for what they seek.

Certainly, the need exists, for a global live exercise, since CRISPR kits have been sent around the world, in the last 5 years. And GMO foods are nearly everywhere, present now days.

But at least we now know more about blood between strangers, can actually assist in fighting or neutralizing viral illnesses. The day may come, that communion services, will come with a vial of blood of the ill made well, as an inoculation, for disease preparation.

Cortisol as another serum made from our adrenal glands, is the mamalian Vit C, and I worry, that worry, fear and hatred, can deplete our own health levels. Flight and fright state of life, is not good for anyone.

Random sinus swabs, are dependent upon vast excretions of SARS 2. If it is in the terrain of our bodies, such a method is verging on adhoc tests and findings.

This idea, that a healed person, after two or 3 weeks, no longer make antidote exosomes against SARS 2 virus exosomes, is incorrect as a general statement. I am aware of a man, who became ill in March, and to this day, his plasma, carries the antidote mono clonal exosome in him.

Christian or not, the wonders of blood medicine and plasma assistance is quite miraculous. Someone without a working gall bladder and cancerous liver, and 3 days from death since his or her blood is in very poor condition, can receive a transfusion if a few pints, and live another 2 to 3 months. Likewise with kidney and diabetic patients.

It should be realized, we do not need manufacturing facilities to make vaccines for the common cold, influenza, or SARS, since every healthy human might be producing what a stranger, or person of a whole different color or family lineage can create. It is not the person though, it is yhe mighty and super wise Mitochondria, found in all cells but a few, that knows how to do the custom exosome designing. Such a micro organ of super supra intelligence, has been doing so, for millions of years. It is as if the wisdom of the liver, is also in mitochondria. Both are regulators of metabolism, enzyme designers and maybe both like to dream.

THEN there is the fact that we have no cohesion between politics, economy and cultural community, or the authority of the people to direct economic or political policies.

We need a Jubilee, but we have no Levite or priest Accountant group, to do the reallocation of food lands, to good land stewards, nor have we someone able to redistribute wealth, since we are out of rhythm of practice every 50 years.

Once a man said, it can take 2 to 12 years to understand one of his lectures.

But one can liberate elementals, back into nature, just by cleaning up, one’s home, and sharing the dust, with the outdoors. I know, instant gratification is not where it is all at, but then, if I can grant satisfied living conditions to another, such is the service one can give, why not?


My references, are memory from day one. The reports from S. Korea and China, concerning the treatments they used to revive and support the ill. As well as the Autopsy studies that came from China. I have been castigated for repeating the observations of medicine, that originate from from Communist China. As if our medical communities come with nationalistic boarders.

The Nebulizer use with hydrogen Peroxide, (ultimate end chemistry result of anti-oxidant metabolism) and vaporous iodine, two vapors, I would not do on my own. Doses of a good thing can be as dangerous as drinking to much water, when one over dilutes one’s electrolytes, even a hospital cannot save a person from such over water consumption. This was a performed by a doctor in Michigan. And another Doctor in Texas found a Steroid who name starts with a “D” was an in-office treatment, outpatient style inhalant, one use only.

The various practitioners who use Intravenous Vit C, one was being hounded in Texas, back in September or Oct. of last year. Not flu or SARS 2 related. Then by the time the first wave came into NY State, some experimental uses were done, cautiously and it sounds like it was discontinued. I thought I had heard some doctors elsewhere doing so also. Face Book has been less than cooperative of sharing alternative medical practices or follow up. My past account was taken on April 23rd of this year. My current wall of shares, might have referential original report posts, for a share of these alternative treatments.

I address the so called, antibody laden blood, as Mono Clonal Antidote Exosomes, excreted or ejected by healthy human cells, and created by Mitochondria, who are many organs of intelligence in one organ, of every cell of the human body. Except maybe blood platelets, if I remember my 25 yrs ago or more studies. Such memory taps me to mention, even chlorophyll can be used for transfusions, if your in a pinch, on a Island. But, just because I mention this, verify it, before you request your Wheatgrass transfusion, hahahahah. See humor and nervous laugh, as sign of questionable memory details.

I have asked various medical and science practitioners, why they were doting upon Mono clonal Antibody based vaccines, when both viruses and exosomes ARE Mono Clonal protein rings with an RNA prescription in each, and requires the invasion or spontaneous making in healthy human cells, for cloning multiplication. And people who have had no problem and were asymptomatic make the antidote mono clonal exosomes. I was also concerned that the name, “body” is applied to a sub size form to either bacteria, human cells, or antibody cells. And there is a share of language being bandied about, suggesting that viruses and maybe exosomes are alive. It is a sub size chemical glob, that has no mitochondria within it, and will melt at temperatures above 82 deg F, or once dry, cannot be reincorporated in living cells. Nor can such a glob, warm itself, as the mitochondria is absent, and it is the mitochondria that controls metabolism. So, I suggested to some, that antibody, is anatomically incorrect, and should be spoke of as custom made antidote lipid rings, made by live cells, and are called exosomes, which are the same size as the custom made chemical globs we call viruses. All antibody cells are quite large in comparison, and their names range from lymphocytes, to numerous T cell antibodies and others. We, the cultural science community, have named a large variety of complexity within the human body.

It was from Europe, and a helpful researcher’s post, that I learned about blood platelets that were found to be broken, allowing nonoxygenated mono atomic iron elemental to be free roaming, hence absorbing tightly, oxygen, to rust the iron, and probably, molecular attraction of oxygen to the iron, in a less tight adhesion. That was probably in my past account. But this is part of why free radical elimination is needed in blood clotting, and why antioxidants are important.

As for my comment regarding a Voll Machine, my experience is that by such a device assisted me with diagnosing Lyme’s Disease nearly 10 years previous to western medicine taking it seriously. I am 6 degrees distant, from one who is currently near quadriplegic from such a spyrokete bacteria or parasite, getting past her blood brain barrier, and rendering her multiple years of assisted living, and we are not talking, dancing or going out for stroll. And I mentioned the history of the Voll Machine, which I believe is represented as the TriCorder, by Ray Bradberry in his writing of Star Trek.

If we do not use the devise for instant result diagnostics, we will not learn much about the device’s accuracy or sensitivities. Dr. Voll is a very interesting healer, with his own reasons and understanding of imbalances of the human body. My understanding from a recent visitor of the Hippocrates Institute, in Florida, their device simply requires one to place their hand on a diagnostic plate. While the Voll Device requires a technician, who remains in a state of Theta, and pure function, so as to not influence the sensitivity of the device. It measures imbalances in the lymphatic meridian paths of the 5 or 6 organ groups, in medicine of Chinese folk medicine and Science. Having a history that reaches back to around 3,200 BC, evidenced by character forms on bones dated to that time. As well as the meridian channels, have been found to exist and is a duct that is 20 microns in diameter, and is located exactly as mapped in Accupoint Charts. And accupuncture points, do exibit a measurable discharge. As well as, the form of the human, has been developed and improved by people who attain second sight, where one learns to see using one’s rods rather than the cones of the eye. Just some notes, for the unaccustomed.

So, yes, use this comment as you wish, or give it to a FACT Checker, to ground it further in academic findings or denials. I am purely acting out of First Responder intent and efforts, no college degree backs my opinions or life studies. As a Class A Driver, and for a time, a Hazardous Materials Endorsement, Which I got because of my cursory familiarity with chemistry, elements and Elementals like oxygen, air, water, heat and radiance of radio active origins.

Have fun, or don’t, this is serious, in my attitude, but others may have other attitudes. Like fear, worry, cavalier, or pure conspiracy goaded.


I forgot to mention, the observation performed by a doctor, out of work, during this Live Global Exercise, the doctor mentioned that this doctor read the Atmosphere contents of the Wuhan area, and noticed an increase of Cyanide Gas in the area, starting in October of last year. Why this is important is because, the moment a NY doctor mentioned blue lips and a patient’s inability to take up oxygen, as appearing as a condition of hypoxia, or High Altitude Sickness, the other doctors observed, this could be a case of cyanide poisoning. Which is treatable by a common poison first aid kit, in all emergency rooms. Within the kit, are two or more steroid inhalants or injectables, used to thin blood. Where the cyanide comes from? It is used to bleach gold from ore, and I would wonder if evaporation temperatures, were just right for releasing sylphs full of this chemestries. There could have been efforts made by mining companies to bake off the cyanide from the gold, to get more into sales, for hording purposes in a global dwindling confidence towards currency and debt based Treasury Notes of various countries. Hence why the run on precious metals.

Just to make more common the understanding of antidote creation by Human Cell Mitochondria. Take for instance, a snake handler, who gets exposure if not bitten by snakes. This handler”s mitochondria in cells, might recognize toxic poison, and create micro chemical globs, or better named, Mono-clonal Exosome Antidotes, to neutralize a toxin or poison for elimination through the kidneys, skin or head or feet areas. Such a person’s plasma, will contain this antidote, and such a serum might be helpful in treating a person who has no familiarity with the poison in question. One can push this laymyn’s analogy even further, to suggest this form of medicine can be extended to many illnesses and conditions. But is purely a laymyn’s wonder and explanation. Only a well practiced professional or specialist, can verify such a practice.

And then there is the black earth, of alchemist medicine. To be more exact, denatured activated Charcoal, wood baked without oxygen in the chamber, to the point of being charcoal. Such a chelating, one migh say, mother substance as pure Carbon with a negative charge, has been used to cure people of drug overdoses, poisons, illnesses, for well over 600 years. And might go back as far as Egyptian Medicine.

Thus the alchemist, who brings black earth to a state of being turned to lead then gold, might be a poetic way of saying, I gave the ill one, this hermetic charcoal and brought the ill one, water, and encouraged this ill one to breath. This ill one, became lethargic, (lead) and eventually became well, and vigorous. And thus shined golden confidence upon others, who were doubtful of this medical practice. Which allowed more to become well and of heightened recovery, and the community glimmered in attitude and work accomplished, in less than a Sun month or Moon cycle.

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