The Beast from the Abyss

The Beast from the Abyss

Of all of humanity’s troubles, dealing with the “dark” is the most difficult. A lot of allegedly spiritual teachings&teachers only point to the upper chakra forces as important. This leads to something out of balance, … why?

Because we are a whole of light&dark, but not of good&evil. The best teacher of the nature of the dark is our own dark. This is often the path of the shamans, to go down into the dark caves of human nature, where the Moon rules, not the Sun.

Tiger-Saucy, a friend from Faerie, puts the matter plainly. The Beast from the Abyss is human freedom.

The Moon wisdoms know the Abyss well. It is a realm of the formless and not yet created. It is out of sight for the very fact that it has not yet happened. It is also frightening. When you look there, something looks back out at you. It is shattering experience, because what looks back is the you from which you hide.

Allow me to illustrate with a simple example …

Many people mistrust elites of wealth and power with good reason. Partially because we know what we might do if we had wealth and power.

For some this is merely a dream, … we often wish we had the wealth and power to rid the world of the horrible, … the awful/terrible we see everywhere. Depending on karma/fate/destiny aka: luck good and bad, we want to act to fix what we see as needing fixing.

Of late, some have been explicit in their accusations of the unimaginable evil of elites, labeling them pedophiles and cannibals. In response, those who read these assertions turn away in horror, and disbelief. “Not my leaders, they are pure. I could not like such folks. If I like them, and you label them awful, you are labeling me awful.”

What folk fear in this regard, with justice, is that there is truth there. Our psychology rejects, or not, the contemplation of such thought.

What is the truth? Does it matter? Is part of the truth that we enjoy seeing the awful in others? Maybe we don’t like their “politics”, and as is very human we want to throw stones in the form of words at “them”, who are not “us”.

The real problem is that among some of the elites there actually is what are essentially cannibalism and pedophilia. Trafficking in flesh is real. Often the flesh are young. Go to the right brothel in Asia, and you can buy anything. Anything.

Then there is the trafficking in organs for transplants to those with enough money to avoid the restraints of Nation States. If I have enough wealth to order the liver and lungs of an 18 year old, for my personal use, somewhere on the planet a poor adolescent is cannibalized for parts.

Then there is the “occult”.

A lot of wealthy and powerful people are bored. Magic ceremonies, and dancing while naked and intoxicated, are just the right aperitif prior to night of sexual debauchery.

There are levels of wealth and power, who are very clever at being out of sight. If you are a likely candidate for their seduction, you and your lady might end up in England, as a Rhodes’ Scholar. At this level of “control”, are folk who seek young and ambitious people, to seduce by encouraging the cultivation of their natural appetites.

Often these can seem like ordinary addictions, but the real follies are of the will, and the love of wealth and power.

Some will now ask: What can we do about these attacks on our personal human freedoms? A reasonable question, sort of. Here is one way to think about this:

Can we get rid of gravity? There are aspects of existence that are immutable. Death and Taxes, for example. Need to pee, and otherwise eliminate. The Buddha included the pain and suffering of disease and old age. Our personal favorite appetites are not to be excluded.

Tiger-Saucy points out that humans are the Children of Mystery. Immortal, yet unwise. Earth existence is for learning. The Mystery is not indifferent to our disbelief, what Mother and Father likes cleaning up messes made by the Wild Child.

The Moon and the Dark are mirrors of something inside all of us. The world would be a lot better place if folks would just mind their own business, for not one of us is perfect.

Then there is the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot.

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