Rudolf Steiner’s Agony

Rudolf Steiner’s Agony

In the Fires of Transformation, the Crucifixion of Anthroposophia – aka: The Dying and Becoming of the Anthroposophical Society, at the Dawn of the Third Millennium.

According to John the Baptist, the One coming after him would Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath. On the cusp of the end of the Kali Yuga, Yeats writes: “… the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world … “

In their socially walled off vastness, in the mountains of Switzerland, the Anthroposophical Society, draws inwards, … with some degree of wisdom seeking to ride the seas of the plandemic-Pandeminium Reboot. However, in the time of the “center cannot hold”, the best Way might just be to let “it” die, … yet habits and ambitions often fail just at such moments.

Christ died. Steiner died. The imagination is now being ruined and abused by scientific materialism, whose arid&abstract pictures of the truth of health and illness are themselves a leading cause of death.

A century ago, Steiner pointed out that the “conception” of the “atom” was evil. Not the “thing” so much, as that idea of the smallest was neither true nor good, therefore by implication: evil. Parts rule wholes according to materialism. The truth is otherwise, yet absent. We fall as a civilization as a natural consequence of the cognitive dissonance between the modern “scientific” picture of the human being as only matter, and the fact that our true nature is spirit regardless our systems of belief.

There was recently published a short article in the latest World Wide News, out of the Goetheanum: “Truth finding and will formation”, by Philip Kovce. It sought to point out a disconnect between the role of science in politics, and the role of politics in science. Science is about truth finding, while politics is about will formation, is how Kovce puts it.

I’m not entirely sure that is fully accurate.

Kovce continues, I paraphrase: For example, to argue for certain social/political changes on the basis that the “truth” requires such changes, is to confuse functions. Social change, in order to be healthy at least, needs to be democratic, not driven from the top down, and rooted in some sort of scientific authority.

Clearly Dornach wrestles with external social/political demands as regards social distancing and the like, and the implications of the true causes of illness, via the indications of Steiner, as well as the direct experience of many anthroposophical doctors.

I believe it is a German thinker that suggested that the last stage of a society/civilization was: Bureaucracy. I refuse to argue the obvious. If the reader does not already see this with their own cognitive capacities, they should perhaps stop reading at this point.

There exists a Goetheanistic Spiritual Social Science, rooted in learning to the read the Book of the Social/Political Life of Humanity, after the indications of Steiner, and the example of Goethe. My main book in this regards is: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”. I was just turning 70 years of age, and in the months previous to writing it, I had been initiated into both the Mysteries of the Mother, and the Mysteries of the Son.

One’s own will has little to do with these Rites. They come at the initiative of the Mystery, and we who experience them are cursed. If blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe, then certainly those are cursed who have seen and yet are not believed.

Steiner is among the latter, … cursed. Used, glorified, studied, remarked, but not actually followed. Aka: Rudolf Steiner’s Agony, and the Crucifixion of Anthroposophia.

The reader of this is encouraged not to assume anything here is about political change at the Goetheanum. The center cannot hold because it is occupied by flawed human beings. Some of them will resist change. What resists will be broken.

Still, the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot has to be addressed, from an Imaginative and Inspired point of view. As a recipient of such insights, it is clear that they do not belong to me. When you “learn to think on your knees” (Tomberg), and experience “it thinks in me” (Steiner), respect requires being more of a vehicle than an authority. They show, I see, and tales are the result.

You, the reader are stuck with making up your own mind.

When the center fails, the life of inspiration from without moves to the periphery. All the way to the individual. If you are doing something, because Steiner or some student of Steiner sez to, let that go. The Mystery wants You being You.

We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time. For your spiritual dining pleasure during this time of change and reconsideration, They gifted me with ideas. I am not asserting I have done the best with That, but all the same I have simple tried to think in the way thinking taught me.

This link is to my best thoughts …

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