QAnon points of view

I recently read a long article in the New York Times, where a bunch of “experts” in psychology spoke of the unjustified and demented nature of QAnon points of view. All this conspiracy theory is goofy in their “professional line of thought.…/qanon-conspiracy-theories…

These are facts. When the Federal Reserve system was inaugurated around 1917, a very few men, mostly representing banks and other wealthy institutions, put in place a monetary system totally beneficial to their “class”. It allows banks to create money out of nothing, at the moment of making any “loan”. This is called “debt money”. It is possible to use an entirely different money creation system, that could be called “credit money”.

Debt money is a kind of slavery of the lower “classes”. Listen to the song “Sixteen Tons”, and its line “I owe my soul to the company store.” We believe there are no “company stores” anymore, but this is just poor observation of the actual huge scale of interlocking corporate ownership.In the 1920’s, farmers and working people in the mid and north west, formed a genuine populist movement, because it was obvious who was in control. Our actual situation today is that we are so used to this system (frog in a pot), we don’t recognize its effects. We ignore the existence of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the meetings at Davos, and the existence of the Bilderbergers.

Macro social and political decisions are made in such places, which then become the shared views of both parties, Republicans and Democrats, regarding money and government.

The existence of these institutions is recognized in the idea of the “deep state”, although ordinary unhappy people catch only a small scent of the true corruption.

Jeffery Epstein revealed the tip of the iceberg of the wealthy trading in underage flesh, and hardly anyone talks about the fact that if you have the money, you can buy body parts whose original poor owners were killed in order for organs to be available in this hidden market.

People with no religious scruples thrive here, and from an ordinary religious point of view essentially do worship “Satan”.

Ordinary people have good instincts about being screwed left and right. That they lack the intellectual tools to articulate it, in the fashion here, is just another symptom of an educational system designed to create passive workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the elites endless wars.

Time to wake up folks, put down the rose-colored glasses, and smell the stink.

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