an offering to Stuart Weeks and the Center for American Studies at Concord, on “Thanksgiving”

My name is Joel A. Wendt. I have been a devote of the Holy Mother ~!~ Earth Mother for five decades. This is why, on my blog I refer to myself as a “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.”

Obviously there is some irony in the idea of “white-privileged, Christian’s” having a shaman, until you ask the Mother, who says “Why not? Don’t they too deserve to remember Me?”

Stuart and I had a conversation Wednesday afternoon, where I told him of some work I was doing, seeking to get folk who practice environmental law, to start to engage in an annual Rite, each Earth Day (April 20th), where they would – as many as possible – file lawsuits against multi-national corporations for their rape of the Mother’s sphere of life; and, in these legal actions ask this question: If a corporation can be a person before that law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

It is not the purpose of these actions to win. Rather it is the purpose of this work to publicize that question, and through this take the question from the Courts of Law to the Courts of Public Opinion.

As you know, there has to be evidence that can be offered, or these suits can be summarily dismissed.

As you are aware, we live in an age where the religion of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit), rules our ideas of what is real. What most folk are not aware of, is that since the early days of the 20th Century, works uniting a science of matter, with a science of spirit, started to appear. This work is called Goethean Science, after one its pioneers – the poet/scientist Goethe, who discovered how to read what he called: the Book of Nature.

One consequence of this work is that there now exists a great many texts, fully scientific, yet true to the spirit as well. It would not be too far fetched to believe that this work is the “true white brother” of the Hopi Prophecy.

I went to visit Grandfather David Monogye at the Mesas, over the Easter Weekend of 1985. We were having a private conversation, holding hands given his blindness, when the house filled up with folk who had just participated in a Ceremony.

Knowing time was running out, I silently said a brief prayed and tried to summarize my message, in which I said something on the order of: “I believe I know who the true white brother is. These people have created a science in which spirit is real. They are from the East, they are children of the Sun” At which moment, a granddaughter of his stepped between us, broke the physical connection, demanding that I leave, because she did not want me “disturbing this old man’s dreams”.

I left. Some of my writings on the true white brother can be found at this link:

When I talked to Stuart about some of these legal matters, I said to him that these works really belong to the aboriginal peoples of the world, for they prove what such folk have always known: the Planet is a living self-aware sentient Being.

Stuart then asked me to write this, and to also be there at the beginning of Sunday’s work, so as to be able to answer any questions. As to evidence for the lawsuits, I have listed about 14 books that can be offered, which are at this page of my blog:

These books have the virtue that they do not just reveal the spirit in Nature, but at the same time help correct and heal certain confusions that are part of scientific materialism. That religion knows a lot, but not everything.

For folk who wish to help with this lawsuit process, here is another link:

Robert asked a very reasonable question. My response was a bit cheeky, perhaps even snarky. That we should be allies, however, is essential.

What do we do with the knowledge that a science of the spirit can be added to a science of matter?

Victor Bott’s remarkable work for the layman, Anthroposophical Medicine, describes itself as “an extension of the art of healing”. It is available in many formats on the Internet, just Google it.

Recall that I wrote that we sue the multinational corporations not to win, but to raise the question of the person-hood of the Planet before the law. We all face the pending doom described as “climate change”. Some believe our survival as a species is a risk.

The Mother is rogue weather, the Four Horseman (plague, war, famine, and conquest), as well as the Gate of Death. Fundamentally, if we do not get our environmental act together, She will sweep the mess clean, just as She did to Atlantis 14,000 years ago.

Western Civilization is already dying into a new becoming, and whatever our world view, or our issues of having to choose between between wisdom and appetite on a daily basis, there are no perfect people anywhere in the world.

The covid-confusion is Her. Doesn’t make any difference whether we think there is a contagious bug taking us closer than usual to the Gate of Death, … She is giving us a warning, and a time out, with time to reflect on all our various follies.

People, who are against corporate works, are often ignorant of a fundamental legal concept called: Due Diligence. The law requires that corporate officers must maximize shareholder values over any potential dangers to workers, consumers, or the “environment”. If they don’t, they can be sued by shareholders.

We also need to realize that She led us here, on purpose, because Her immortal children have been undergoing a process of the evolution of consciousness for millennia. Just as She has a precious and remarkable inner self-aware sentient consciousness, so do we.

At this particular moment of Nows upon Nows upon Nows, each individual biography is being loved. We are being given just those personal trials of needing to resolve conflict in our immediate social/karmic environment, that will enable us to give birth to the next stage of this evolution of consciousness: learning to follow the intuitions of the own heart’s’ mind.

Not everyone will succeed, but moralists running around judging other folk, are not attending to the arts outlined by Her Son, in the Sermon on the Mount. The basic growth point is found in learning to Judge Not. That is not simple, or easy. When we judge, such folk as Trump or Putin or the billions defined as evil doers, we harm ourselves. We are all brothers and sisters, prodigal children, being offered an opportunity to grow inwardly according to our own Way of Being.

As John the Baptist said: He will baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath. He said, I come not to bring peace but a sword.

It can help to realize that tragic and terrible Events are followed by an Aftermath. Take a flood, for example. Many displaced, some even dead. Prior ways of living destroyed. Hundreds of strangers in need of help, hundreds of folk needing to be helpers.

In the meantime, we have an opportunity now to ourselves participate in the adding of a science of the spirit to a science of matter. We do this ourselves, it not being our business what anyone else is doing. We also need to be awake to the dangers of evangelizing our Way, and/or making it rigid with a fundamentalist attitude.

My recommendation is that people form groups, who buy to share one of the books in the link in the prior essay, repeated here:

Read the book together. Help each other learn to see the spirit in nature in a scientific Way. Leave the Big Picture to the Big Picture folk: Her and Her Son, and mind the trials of your own personal life. It is not our business to fix others. We have to learn to fix ourselves first.

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