sunday ruminations

It is Sunday, the memory of continuous resurrections. I have taken the Sacrament of the Ganja-Goddess, sat down to write, helping some supplemental observations of the scale of the Art, of the Mystery Rite of the plandemic Pandemonium Reboot – a combination of the Mother as Divine Providence and the Son as the Artist of Karma – helping Them – the Ideas – have a voice.

It helps to add to our appreciation of linear time, observations of simultaneous time as well. We can also recall Steiner’s remarks that some folk reincarnate rather quickly – taking only twenty years from death to a new birth. Then there are the outliers, the demons, Vulcans, elementals living in technology, and various individuals of the lower ranks of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic realms, who all need a more or less human incarnation, aspects of which they had not yet obtained, because – wait, go for it – spiritual time is not linear time.

We could leave the realm of the uncreated and unformed in a sequence that is …. say, an incarnation at the time of the Christ Events, followed by an ancient Egyptian incarnation, after which there is an incarnation before physical incarnations, where we worked out what characteristics we needed to shed, leading to a sacrificial becoming as the seeds of the animal kingdom … A life is also a collection of Nows, one following the other. The Earth sphere is covered with billions of folks, here to undergo serious trials -(washing the feet, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion, the entombment, and the resurrection)- – inner experiences that are only possible in this Moment of the Rite of the plandemic Pandemonium Reboot – a Rite centuries in creating

.Christopher Budd called these billions a whole lot of folk coming to a party. Yet, humans show much restraint in the linear moment, a situation with dark potential. Tomberg spoke of the cruise ship, with a Captain and crew, while the rest had a good time. Certain decks aflame, others more temporarily quiescent.

Picture a tree (a special symbol in most Earth Religions), with its roots reaching down into the dark of the earth, where are caves bathed in moon-light; and its stalk, rising toward the sun and the stars, waiting to eventually flower. That wonder of the biography is lived in a tale of layers of Nows, upon Nows, upon Nows … walking, falling, and getting back up

In the Gospels, we are told the story of John the Baptist, saying the One coming after him will baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath. Christ also says the He came not to bring peace, but a sword. If we read the verses following that line, we hear that He is to set father against son, mother against daughter, and master against servant.

This means that a fundamental aspect of this Moment is a process of individuation. A social phenomena such that, while Steiner alerted us to the group soul, we can observe that with the arrival of the ’60’s, and the following world wide musical eruptions (rock ‘n roll; jazz, reggae, and hip hop) a wedge became driven between the young and the old, breaking the chains of the group soul.

Thinking became independent of the conforming straight-jacket of social control. This exists, even in dictatorial culture such as modern China, which has an inner soul world that is invisible to the rulers, … a spirit/spark that is divine. Excessive social pressure will find greater resistance following each increase in oppression. Smoldering fires.

The Hungry Bosses can gain material social control, but not of the heart’s mind. Different people choose to make war against these “rules”, while most “choose” to follow, still leaving the inner world belonging to them, even to the gates of madness and death.

For example, I was told by a person of Japanese culture, that the soul had a formal-self, a less public family-self, and a secret-not -shared-self. Their language having words/concepts for these aspects of the inner world.

Clearly the modern biography is being baptized by Fire, the whole world filled with social conflagration. This is the outer social environment. The inner environment is otherwise.

The Second Coming in the Ethereal (thought) World is happening on an individual level. Each, to their own necessity, will follow appetites on one hand, and higher individually intuited conceptions on the other, all rising and falling on the winds of Holy Breath,. In cartoons we have the classic archetype, where on one shoulder sits an angel, while on the other a devil. Steiner’s Representative of Humanity – a similar vital archetype – ordered in the vertical, while simultaneously a towering work of Art. Not an instinctive cartoon, but of the same relationship glorified.

Each biography is also bound within limits, for the reach of the personal will – in a material sense can be very narrow – while the inner will-world is filled with imaginative light and potential. A prisoner can come to learn that he is not the prisoner, the jailer is. Up the scale of that thought, … and in American prison-lore is heard: “we are all doing time”

.Our common situation, a school of hard knocks and shared pain, includes the fact that our personal attitudes toward this “plague time”, are still only a barely grasped big picture, while the opportunities and tasks of our personal life can seem quite small, yet house on fire immediate in comparison A true story of todays world is writing its own new Gospel

Here we see the Mystery guiding the course of that Whole, in such a Way, that the Monad-Parts too have a role. We are the divine in the circumstances of our lives just by being present, whether we have such a conception or not.

The World burns with appetites and virtues at war within each. Our individual lives are the divine, such that it is truth to say, we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

The Mystery trusts us, in those small but essential moments of choice. Perhaps it is time to Trust Them.

Consider that, what Steiner called “the Christ Impulse”, is in everyman’s nature. Such that the sword of truth (which does not give us peace) is individualized. We are forged into the cutting edge of truth-becoming, in the realm of the reach of our personal will.

Mom – the Four Horseman, plague, famine, conquest, and war, and artist of rogue weather, while catching us at the gate of death – ran us to ground, stopped civilization in its tracks … giving everyone a time out. A reflecting pause in the becoming of the life of soul and spirit. Her Son, stands at the gates of the heart’s mind, His Macrocosmic Gaze a warming with wonder wind to the sails of our own choices. We choose, He follows with us in the lead, while She cleans up after us, turning darkness into light. Now upon Now. Event inseparable from aftermath.

The Moon returns, the ancient wisdoms of the goddess are remembered, and magic and mysticism color outside the lines.~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!!~~~~lines of dark upon light, dancing across a page, teasing ….

~!~!~!~!!~~~!~!~!~~the picture above reveals the trials of gravity and life, … darkness necessary to the temple, as well as light. in the center, the small in relation to the great … as above so below, and, as below so above, for the miracle of the one

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