pagan anthroposophy

Pagan Anthroposophy – what is happening beneath the surface textures and riddles, among the unelected leadership of the Society. Down in the caves, dancing in the moonlight. Where did Christ go on Saturn-day?

I just opened an email, which contained “Anthroposophy World Wide – what is happening in the Anthroposophical Society” I am tempted to be sarcastic at the hubris. So it goes, as KV wrote on occasion.

I have a friend, an Anthroposophical Doctor, who has been deeply in the froth of the confusion. These kind of folks are the real superheroes. If the AMA sees you as a heretic, the licenses is taken, an action certain to increase the stress of all their patients.

I also notice that the Occult Propaganda machine is beginning to leak a few bits of actual sanity. Folk are looking back over a year of plague now, and asking questions as to the weak logic in the official narrative.

Whenever I hear a personal – on the ground, no home no job story – these folk often make a lot of sense. Artists, of course, see more deeply than most Steiner-quoters I read.

The movie everyone should watch is: NOMADLAND. Reminded me of the end of the movie “The Grapes of Wrath”, where the grandmother, even in her sorrow, tells the audience, and those sitting with her: “We will abide”.

Steiner: “In Anthroposophy it is the truth that matters. In the Anthroposophical Society it is the life that matters”.

One of the first anthro-conferences I attended (total is around five), there was a man, who in my recollection had the name Bart Eddy. He told about a dream, in which president Eisenhower was realizing that his interstate highway system was the black road, of which Black Elk dreamed, If recollection serves, BE also shared that Ike had said to him, that America had something to share with Europe, on a spiritual level.

Could it be sass?

a: impudent speech : BACK TALKShe takes no sass from her students.

b: bold rudeness or impertinence especially when considered playful, appealing, or courageous

Part of the dark mystery is that, even tho’ some Society leaders’ may be “disliked”, heaven forbid of course, agreement is hard to have. Some think the truth is important, even tho’ officials have a line on this’s and that’s, … it is each of us that is on the hook for what truth we have, the membership and friends to have their own ideas.

Steiner screwed up on occasion. He was also wise, like a good magus, hiding amazing stuff in plain sight. The future of Anthroposophy, and the Society, lives in the study groups, and waldorf parents folk as well. Ordinary people faced with extraordinary times, where the periphery is more useful that the centers.

Is there value in the centers? Of course. There are also weeds, stones, and debris. The centers should not be telling anyone about how to think Steiner. They can wash the feet of the periphery – perform a service, most of which is already in place – keeping the different signs and planets connected to each other, and in orbit around the rising Sun, in each heart’s mind.

Sophia, Anthroposophia, the Mother has a zillion names, and only one avatar body. All the same, the truth of Anthroposophy, however personal in any individual, is a world spiritual center (there are more than one), a bright light in the horizon of a dark appearing day.

Anthroposophy is the subject of the Hopi Prophecy. A core center, those ancient prophets called the true white brother people, who when needed would come to the aid of the aboriginal peoples all over the world. I have written a lot about this, even went to the Hopi Mesas on Easter Saturn-day. In first words, of the book Dune, a woman character who becomes a writer, begins: “In the beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows. To begin your study of – here I use a different name than Muad’Dib, rather “Rudolf Steiner”, then take care that you first place him in his time.”

Civilization is on a course to- perhaps – crash and burn. Steiner feels the winds of the time, yet sets aside the poetic-silly, for doing what natural scientists were doing: writing books and giving lectures.

I see/hope that he will be seen as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ in the World of Thought. The Voice Crying in the Wilderness of Scientific Materialism.

Does the reader of this know that aboriginals in America birthed many civilizations, some like Greece in beauty of Ideas, yet on the Earth, stewards of the world, whose priests went with Christ from the Cross to the Mother, aka: the Saturn Mysteries, the oldest remembered. The Hopi Prophecy calls the steam in which we ride, this way: “The are Sun clan. They are Children of the Sun.” Christ being in the Sun at the time when Atlantis fell from grace. We are to have “the life plan for the futures”. Part of it maybe, … that is if we folk who label ourselves anthroposophists, and students of Steiner, let themselves see the truth here.

All over the world folk are reanimating their local Earth Religions. Yet they all abide in cultures dominated, by scientific materialism – a chain of locks, whose keys we hold.

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