the myth of the mutating virus

We are hearing a lot of the mutating virus, and the dangers of these variants. Is there something happening that is less worrisome? One of the beliefs of the religion of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit), is that physical reality as made up of “parts”.

In the mysteries of time, aka: the big bang, lots of little things appeared (no one has seen this, so there is no actual empirical evidence). These soulless tiny bits are being studied at Cern’s billion dollar toy for physics, a superconducting supercollider, which uses huge magnetic fields to throw “particles” smaller than even a neutron, at each other at near “light speeds”.

The resulting debris is stuff with a half-life almost immeasurably small. It is there and gone almost before the collection chamber can see it, much less measure it.

Random and chance accidents have then – over eons of time themselves so huge as to beyond measure themselves – organized themselves into the sensible world we experience today.

Yet, if you ask a scientist to point to somewhere in “nature” a place where the lifeless generates life, they can’t do that. Only life, generates the lifeless. An embryos’ growing organism only produces bones after a time of pure biological living activity.

Imagine a Planet, larger the Life, producing over time the geological record (“bones”), of a long set of joined processes of multiple instances of metamorphosis.

Today, the same thinking which manages not to notice this, notices that when disease (of a certain type) is present in an organism, there often exists very tiny proliferating micro organisms (germs), some so small (viruses) they are mere pieces of the bigger living stuff. Shift gears for a moment, and consider this work: Gerbert Grohmann’s “The Plant, vol. I and II”, a gospel of Life, of the Earth and Consciousness.

His view, as a Goethean scientist, is that the Plant is a single organism. From the great trees, to the tiniest living (self-reproducing) entities. The life sphere of the living Planet has a single unitary entity that is involved in exchange process necessary for more complex living organisms, such as animals and human beings. Even in micro-physics, the tiny particles can become separated in space, yet still influence each other. Is this the alleged quantum realm, or “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World”.

The idea of contagion has always required an assumption. The tiny organism (germ, virus) causes the illness state in the human organism in which we find it present. It is true that both are present, which is called “association”, yet medicine also knows that mere association is not proof of a causal relation.

If we drive through an area where there are many dairy farms, we will observe, nested in the wonderful fields of grass, happy contented cows. The contagion idea would argue that the happy cows caused the ripe fields to exist.

This riddle of the role of the environment in the observation of proliferating micro-organisms has been observed by medical doctors in times past. When investigating the illness, the real question was how did the human organism become so out of balance that germ and viral organisms proliferated?

Why are we actually ill, if the proliferating organism is also a symptom?

Modern industrial civilization is full of poisons, in the soil, the air, the water, the food, and the medicines (pollution and side effects are the common euphemisms).This began in the mid-1800’s, as observed by Steiner, when materialistic thinking triumphed. A medical science arose that viewed parts as more significant than wholes, and, in addition, found no way to measure such ephemeral psychological phenomena as sensitivity (some folk more likely to overreact) and stress (stress causes the release of hormones that are “the same ones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your heart races, your breath quickens, and your muscles ready for action. This response was designed to protect your body in an emergency by preparing you to react quickly. But when the stress response keeps firing, day after day, it could put your health at serious risk.” Modern life if filled with stress. The Trump years, as well as dictators and drug lords all over the world, increased stress.

In a certain sense we have been breeding human beings to be biologically weaker, further from the natural world, breathing poisoned air, water, food, and taking medicines that treat us as machines.

The flu is the wisdom of the body trying to eliminate these toxins. It was not the world’s karma to arrive at wisdom, without a severe trial. “Western” civilization, with it anti-spiritual biases, had to crash and burn, just as Atlantis crashed and burned (flooded by the Gods and Goddesses) so as to make possible the next phase of cosmic evolution.

The greed and immorality of certain groups is an incidental aspect, not a primary cause. Those folks too have karma, and the Mother and Her Son announce the beginning of the end of our civilization with this covid-crazy crisis.

There is no return to a new normal in our future. For example, in America there are already huge tent cities, full of cars, where people who lost their jobs and their homes/apartments gather. Right now the economy is held up by the printing presses of the Central Banks.

New thinking and new ideas need to be generated. From individuals, not institutions. Artists are crucial for sanity.

Is the Anthroposophical Society capable of weathering this transition? Probably not. However, individuals everywhere in the world are discovering their heart’s mind as a function of the present cycle of the evolution of consciousness. Find “your” tribe. Think about how to weather the storms. Christianity is actually very simple: pray in private, judge not, and love god and each other.

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