pagan anthroposophy redux

pagan anthroposophy redux

Amanda Nabas Silva Santos said of an earlier post, that they stopped reading at “pagan anthroposophy”.

The term “pagan” was used by early “Christians” to assert that the goddess mysteries were less than their mysteries. “Paganism is a term first used pejoratively in the fourth century by early Christians for people in the Roman Empire who practiced polytheism.” Wikipedia

In Karmic Relationships: Esoteric Studies – Volume IV Schmidt Number: S-592@ On-line since: 30th April, 2011: IV…/Eng…/APC1957/19240912a01.htmlSteiner discusses the Culmination Event, where Aristotelians and Platonists would incarnate together at the end of the 20th Century.

The following is a quote from an article by Stephen Usher: “Further, he [Steiner] states that a great Culmination of the Anthroposophical Movement should occur at the end of the Century, and upon this depended the fate of civilization. If the Culmination actually occurred, civilization would receive a new impulse that would lift it to a higher stage, but if it failed then a terrible and inevitable decay would result. The key participants in the Culmination drama are the Aristotelians and the Platonists. The former include Rudolf Steiner and most of the souls who established Anthroposophy at the beginning of the Century. The latter included the great masters of the School of Chartres in France who typically incarnate out of sync with the Aristotelians but who would incarnate in sync with them to achieve the Culmination.

“Many people have thought that the differences between the Aristotelians, and the Platonists, was rooted in “philosophical” considerations. This is mistakenSocrates and Plato were initiates in the goddess religions, or in fourth century Christian terms, they were “pagans”.

A quote from the above lecture:

“Then we see how man himself in his outer bodily nature partakes in the life and movement of the Earth, Water, Air, Fire which become in him the organic form and figure. They who thus looked into the life and movement of the Elements, of Earth, Water, Air and Fire did not see mere natural laws, but behind all this life and movement they saw a great and living Being, the Goddess Natura. And from their vision they had an immediate feeling that this Goddess Natura shows only one side of her being to man to begin with, while the other side remains hidden in the world in which man spends the time of sleep between falling asleep and reawakening. For then the ego and astral body are in a spiritual environment which lies at the foundation of Nature. The ego and astral body are with the elemental beings who underlie the Elements. Everywhere in the scattered schools and spiritual centres to which I have referred we find the teachers speaking to larger or smaller groups of pupils, and telling them how in the outer phenomena of Nature as they appear to men in waking life, the Goddess Natura shows only one part of her living and creative being. While on the other hand, in all the working in the Elements in wind and weather, in all that surrounds the human being and constitutes him, there also works what the human being cannot see, what is hidden from him in the darkness of sleep.

This is part of why – in my biography – I first studied the works of Franz Bardon, on the ancient Egyptians Hermetic Science, aka: Magic, before learning of Steiner. Those works are a modernization of the importance of the secrets of the four elements: fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness.

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