W’Rites of Spring

W’Rites of Spring

Years ago I tried to write some erotica. It was chapter-esque, seven tales, seven dates, … verbal porn on later reflection (1). I did not doubt that there were/are-will remain – magical&erotic written works, … I had no gift there, …

Still, in my life sex (the erotic&sensual) has often been on my mind. I was fortunate in meeting a Mohawk shamaness, who called me an anglo, and told me that my people don’t know anything about sex. Not a thing. You’ve covered your natural appetite with the religious idea of right and wrong. Throw off the chains, look within, seek the secrets of the appetites. The Mystery has not done any action that is not love, …

The Amish (according to social legend) have a name for when they send their youth out into the world of appetite, for its lessons.

The term “lower ego” wanders bye. Appetites vs. Conscience? Yet, we are not meant to avoid rites of passage. If you believe there is something wrong with the world’s youth being in rebellion, you have completely forgotten your own onset of hormones.

Diagrammatically, … ~~~~>>>>> magic goes with the symbol of the Cross, of four-foldeness, … with a vertical gesture, joined to a horizontal level. On the upper vertical gesture is selfless human love (Agape), and on the lower vertical gesture is erotic&sensual love (Eros).

The horizontal gesture is likewise paired, yet is balanced – it can be on either side: there is Phileo, which is brotherly/sisterly love, and Sorge, or nurturing love.

If we add to the Cross, the Circle, we get an image reflective of wholeness. Not parts in opposition, but a workable synthesis.

Intoxicants help the “socially induced restraints” on appetites gain their needed freedom. Celebration and Carnival, dancing around the May Pole, naked if you are pagan/Wicca/goddess-seeker. Night of a Full Moon helps, because of the forces connected to the daring required.

The trees, outside my fortress of solitude, are in bud. A wide variety of color explodes from Her Juices in the Spring, and we should let ourselves feel that within as well.

We get all lost in the dominant News Narrative of “what it all means”, which hysteria finds a leading news reader opinion all wide eyed and amazed that the “numbers” of deaths from the pandemic had reached there terrible level of three million dead. One minute on a search wizard, the blue-light magic mirror fetches this factoid of forgotten significance: The “Spanish” flu pandemic killed fifty million. The scale gets even bigger, if we realize that what with the population explosion we use to just be, around that time, one point eight billion, yet are now pushing 7 billion.

Using calc: 1.8 billion divided by 50 million is 3.6%. 7 billion divided by 3 million is 2.3 %. I could be wrong. If someone want to check this, go for it.

Are draconian remedies necessary? Our youth say, screw it. Other’s, still giving room for soul-youthfulness, have even more choice words.

The real war is between the rich and the poor. A pandemic is distracting from real economic news, … just how big a hit did the Chinese economy take when a huge percent of their customers lost jobs and homes, perhaps to some degree permanently?

That the world at a state of war is not news, just “ssdd” (same shit different day).

Tough Love from the Goddess, and Her crew. Fear of death is coupled to fear of never having lived at all. Appetites suppressed explode.

In the world of modern spiritual understanding, there is some disagreement as to how to deal with these “hungers”. “Lower ego” works as a first level conceptual filter.

If we meditate on the system of energy centers – the chakras – there appear to be three above the heart, and three below the heart. Deeper reflection might see that both the upper and lower poles have their own inner threefoldness. In between Crown and Throat, there is the Third Eye. And, in between Solar Plexas and Base of spine, there an explosive generative power.

All of these arrangements relate, for example: the imagination of the Third Eye, is linked to the generative principle. Without the generative principle active, no babies get born. Seed and egg separated, a joining making a new avatar body for another individualizing actor on the stage.

To keep the avatar body alive we need food. And the need for participation in the generative rites, coupled with the what for food, the fashioning of action takes hold of five limbs, many folk not noticing the “jaw” bone as a limb.

We digest the Earth-Home, as a gift of Life. Although we no longer celebrate the Rites of Spring properly.

Years ago I wrote: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” (2). It was a kind of essay on the appetites, and the three creature which seem to surround the i-AM, that I call the three-fold double-complex: such as the luciferic aspect, which stands between our i-AM and the world of spirit, aka: the tempter.

Between the i-AM and the sense world is an ahrimanic spirit, a world of lies about matter, including our own nature, aka: the prosecutor. A veil, an enchantment, a deception. Then there are our favorite collection of bad habits, self-inflicted wounds of soul I call them.

Their true nature to be discovered by awake inner exploration, being as we are individualized, and the Ways we are different far outweigh the ways we are the same.

Each of us our own riddle, maze, and labyrinth.

Then there is the Great Marriage. Appetites and conscience become lovers. Not easy to express, … I wrote a tale of how such a balance of upper and lower emerges in each biography is unique Ways. “Dragon Riders: the human being in maturity”.


My hands itch for the sensuality of digging in the earth. Does the earth yearn as well?

(1) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/sex,porn.html

(2) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/mysteryofevil.html

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