The magic and mysticism of the word, mathematically speaking

The magic and mysticism of the word, mathematically speaking

En-soph, the Zero. In Franz Bardon’s remarkable “The True Key to the Quabbalah”, he remarks on the Zero, as follows: “, but this is incomprehensible, unimaginable for man and only serves as a hint that apart from the One nothing else and nothing higher can exist that would be comprehensible to a man’s spirit.”

Memory’s idea of a warning, from the sage, Georg Kuhlewind: “ … it is dangerous to meditate on numbers, because of all ideas they have the most power.”

I also liked, and profited from, his indication to meditate on the nature of the parts of speech. To think and inwardly feel the different textures in words, which many have given such names as: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, and articles and friends.

From me: study projective geometry. Shape and form liberated from numbers.

Both small books below are out of print, which is a sign that Ahriman abhors them, … by George Adams, … >-{a fellow who often listened to RS lecture in German, while in England, and after about twenty minutes, tells the words used in English. They were a pair.}-< … “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”; and, “Space in the Light of Creation”, whose three chapters are: “Radiation of Space”; “Music of Number”; and The Burden of Earth and the Sacrifice of Warmth” an essay in mathematical physics, published in the magical year (for RS), 1933.

Why are they not discussed where RS students gather? I’d guess because the current “leadership” never read them. This is neither bad or good, just “situational”, as the wise coach Bill B., thought.

En-soph: Zero; and One = 1 = unity, both causal and relational. “I am multitudes”. sang Walt Whitman. And here we are in this age of number, having a love affair with a device that bleeds ones and zeros into form in space and time. Let us transport/teleport in the twelve year old Jesus Child – that lives in all of us, and give them a smart phone. This happened. The Mystery participated. Even in the chapter: Covid-Nightmare on Wall Street dust ups insanity.

Touch. Carnal and otherwise. From the upper chakras we have rhythmic massage and Eurythmy. The more base movements, as arts and crafts, … for the connoisseur a DVD called Rumble, about the Native American influence on Rock ‘n Roll.

For any blooming Franz Bardon fans (obviously he would love): Goethean Science, a twist of after burner for me, juiced up as I was on magic and wizardry over 40 years ago.

Still, magic and mysticism thrive in the Moon light, and I mean this, with full appreciation of their gifts, that Are Thorson, and Judith von Halle are as much Moon as Sun. Want to shake things up in Dornach, send those two, and Ben-Aharon, on a mission from god, like in the first Blues Brothers film.

My vision for the film has Are driving a gypsy caravan, gaily decorated, pulled by beautiful horses, and children chasing each other, with dogs underfoot. JvH, sitting besides, a garland in her hair, reaching for an umbrella as rain blesses this passage. In the back behind the two of them, JBA, a forger of souls into … what? A blacksmith of sorts, sent by the mystery to help folk hone sharp their sword, an ethereal form only word-able in this: “I come not to bring peace but a sword”.

An obvious secret to go with the spiritual fact that human freedom is the Beast from the Abyss … the Mother wastes nothing. She loves Chaos, and certainly the concrete wonder on a hill, ought to throw a party, in the moon light, intoxicated, let your hair down … in wine, the truth … invite a gypsy or two …

For those with an affection for interesting books … “Practical Astrology”, alleged by: Saint Germain. I was in a huge second hand book store, across the Bay from San Francisco, and nested in the neighborhood of the nexus of Berkeley, North Oakland, and Emeryville.

I was deeply into Bardon, and looking for an astrology text. He suggested much could be gained in that realm, and that any real scholar of magic would have copy in their library. We had not yet met, this book and I. Nonetheless, there I stood, staring at a wall of shelves of used books on astrology. A familiar spirit directed my attention to a tiny cloth-bound, a bit orange-bronze, book. I looked through it, and bought it.

It has been a friend for years, and has proved through practice that it is the genuine star wisdom of the ancient Egyptians … text in which astrology, and numerology, and tarot, are woven into a single whole. As should be true, if we sense the poetry and romance the Mystery weaves, the book is plain, straight forward, each section being required to be mastered … a worthy science at every turn.

The best use of it is to truly appreciate the way those elder priests related to their world, through principles of observation, principles of enumeration, and principles of visual symbolism.

The Art of the Major Arcana is extraordinary in this book, … there is nothing like it anywhere else. A mystery the reader of this will have to solve on their own, is:

Where does this book place the Arcana we know of as the Fool, and which Tomberg called: Amor (or Love). At the end of 22 major arcana of this book? Near the beginning? By itself, with no number yet for the symbol Zero. What does the image look like? For a hint, the name of this chapter is called: the Crocodile.

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  1. The Whicher/Adams book is on Amazon for a fortune [ 7 Used from $89.77 1 New from $969.00 ], but “Physical and Ethereal Spaces is downloadable as a nice PDF at
    Thanks for the reminder of these. I think one has to be from the right lineage, or have the right heredity (cf perfect pitch) to take duck-like to projective geometry.
    About Zero I feel of course it’s incomprehensible–as is Infinity. How you gonna com-pre-hend either? But they can be dreamt; I feel them there. It’s reassuring. The machines can’t feel them.


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