Seeing by Moonlight

Seeing by Moonlight

Andrew Linnell, a true expert in Steiner’s far reaching ideas regarding the future, often writes of the return of the Moon (idea) as a few thousand years out, from our Now.

I want to offer evidence, some secondary, some direct experiences, that this Return of the Moon is happening now – during the unfolding metamorphosis of “Western” civilization … where our current massive social chaos shows no suggestion that rapid change is ending. In reality, these events, when viewed as the Arts and Crafts of the Mother (Divine Providence) and the Son (the Artist of Karma), … these views suggest remarkable opportunities rush towards us, via the tsunami of future history.

Climate change is a materialistic abstraction. People are traveling together on a special road, fully spiritual in our own individualized trials of conscience and consciousness. Each biography existentially embraces the personal transformation of the stuff of human and spirit and soul. We can, to a degree and in the non-physical, … we can on purpose change our individual self.

However, the Architect of time in space … rests. His labors done. We are now on our own paths. Still, life and death exist, the blessed death of sleep, and the blessed birth of forgetting. There are “laws” of “nature”.

Each “law” of “nature” is a reflection of something in us. RS recommended taking a look at the riddle of how it is that the outside teaches me about my inside, and paradoxically – the reverse.

Humans are evolving rapidly, which is why the misread phenomena of the “population explosion” speaks otherwise. With spiritual, social / astral / desire / body / and other sensual fields to cultivate, in the avatar body of inheritance, … the i-AM’s opportunity to work in physical matter, seems destined to pass away as RS saw. Nobody – excarnate – who can drop in for this Event, is going to miss the party.

As the Mystery of Technology tribe observes, for all our advances-technological, it is obvious that the “machine” is essentially anti-human (spirit and soul), a vehicle of death, not life. Perhaps. Ancient wisdoms suggest that the physical aspects, and the various energy movements, require the presence of the consciousness of the elemental kingdom. Magic happens when an individual has communion-with experiences of the invisible to the senses smallest folk, ill described by such ideas as molecule, atom, higgs-boson, germ, virus, and so forth.

Many people talk to physical objects, begging foreignness for having dropped and broken a “glass”, or slammed a door too hard. The “noise” of breakage is not liked, and the wisdom of the ear sees, what the wisdom of the eyes does not.

Central Europe has birthed profound genius in the last couple of hundred years. Issac Newton, Issac Asimov, … Nino Baldachi. Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and Franz Bardon.

Two sciences … one of matter, and one of spirit. Practice spirit recollection sez R.S. He goes on: Our time – the Fifth Epoch – is qualitatively related to the Third post-atlantean Epoch.

Those mysterious centuries, in which the knowledge of ancient Egypt flowered, knew magic, knew fundamental laws of reality, connected consciously with the Beings of a Cosmic Order, – that modern humanity does not see rightly. A deception, an enchantment, the God of Number runs amok in the minds of savants for a time. In the realm of unintended consequences, in the sense of linear causality, atom bombs – too much Artificial Sun near the life sphere of the Earth – tore a whole between the material and non-material realm – each the inside =outside of the other.

Beings of unimaginable natures were sucked through these holes in the whole. They had never lived in “matter” before. Having scientific curiosity, and a Way of Knowledge that transcended space and time, sages of the Fae, some of the brightest and yet most dangerous folk in Faerie, enter these rifts in our time in space.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? The first Noble Truth of Gautama Buddhas is: “Life is suffering”. I was raised on the idea of the school of hard knocks, and it took me a while to begin to appreciate the blessed wonder of “shared pain”. HDT’s bit about most men live lives of quiet reparations, also takes a bow.

We are in a Second Spiritual Social Movement, the equal of the “60’s”. Tidal psychological waves are at work. Fear of Death, weighing on too many hearts. Loved ones ill and dying. Anger smoldering for the seas of injustices.

The Seas are Rising. Take Joy, and dance among the waves and shards of light. Look at where the waters kiss the horizon of clouds. Art appears in the near infinite distance … sunset, sunrise, moon set, mood rise, for we observers are the eyes of the mystery, and the poets of magic and dance.

Yes, the Moon is there. The Earth is there. Knowledge of practical magic is everywhere. The Mysteries of the Mother return in the form of memory, the oldest tales and fears shape the imaginations of the Artists in film and television, whose palate is the world.

I watch movies and tv for a hobby, and as a window onto what I call “the collective imagination”.

These arts mostly require a large community to generate, and certainly a great deal of money. The social world I was born into had “movie stars”. I only knew I liked the stories, the actors, and as I began to know better what was behind the camera, I learned about writing and directing movie and television films. Even wrote a script. (1)

Fate is a wonder, for my first born worked within George Lucas’s companies, for about twenty years. If I recall in my mind, changes over time of what those arts portrayed, there is a story – a great deal of which the young have no memories, only artifacts and tales.

Around 1955, I was fifteen at the time, on the horizon of culture there appeared remarkable personalities, not so much a leader, as a forerunner … these were: Hugh Hefner – the king of porn, with his playboy mansion of liberty; Elvis Presley’s Graceland dreams – the king of rock; and, Dr. Martin Luther King’s “marches”.

One of the first spiritual social papers I wrote, was called: “Listening to the World Song”, and discussed these three individuals has having changed our public imagination of human sexuality, the sensuality of dance, and the passion to put your body in the dangerous gears of social injustice.

Front runners of waves of change that circled the world. Then/now there is Our Trial Of Plague. Human freedom, the Beast from the Abyss of the Unformed and Uncreated. Individualized. What Arts weave that?

We have history books of stories, and we now can see daily on the television, or in other visual media, the face of plague. Plague also is always personal. I cannot go out without a mask, although my view is that a masque will be more healing. I wish for fashion to steal the thunder, with varieties of masks, even when a mask – like today – was manifested, are we all soon to be foreseeably masked, The Handmaids Tale, and 1984?

What must our grandchildren think, wrapped in invisible cloaks of fear of Other?

My president said a few days ago that getting a vaccination was a patriotic duty. That is fascism, plain and simple. Every poor soul, whatever color, who died in the wars over such once upon a time gardens as Vietnam and Thailand, just turned over in their graves.

“I died for this crap!?!”

We, who are not ill, should be grateful. I think that those who think I should think like they think, have another think coming.

The dominant religion of this time in space is scientific materialism, aka: there is only matter, there is no spirit. It’s big ideas, such as big bang cosmology, and Neo-Darwinian evolution, remain mostly theories. Only around 5% of modern big theoretical thought is empirical.

We actually don’t see the past at all, but only debris. The rest we make up, in a fashion that denies the views of the Ancients of their being Gods and Goddesses behind Moons and Thunder.

The Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation wonder why the – they have to be there geniuses among the stars – have not make contact? Are we worthy yet?

In order to set the human being free of the Divine Mystery, there needed to be a wrinkle in time, where the obvious spirit within Nature was forgotten. An age of the male-gods of the ego and the forge. Dominion-over, not communion-with.

Meanwhile, on the macro scale materialism assumes that the three dimensional conditions we experience on earth will be true way out there and then, a sphere of mysterious riddles, where stars have planets, and gravity nodes, although … wait … Gravity does not explain stellar motion. About 90% of the needed mass is missing.

On a micro scale materialism spends billions of dollars on the idea that there actually are fundamental things/fields-of-force, quantum ghost lands, of a very tiny nature and the emergence of sentient human consciousness is an accident.

Every major idea out of Cern, and theoretical experimental physics, isn’t being proved whatever high-energy stages Cern’s acolytes raise/raze the state of “matter” and stuff. Might work better were Cern to gather shamans and poets, from all over the world, to discuss the whole of reality, not just the numbers of the parts.

Related ideas/theories abound in modern materialistic medical sciences. It asks for Faith, yet seems helpless and worn down – our institutions are not up to our needs. This massive intellectual, commercial, organized for profit, health-adventure hasn’t worked, or we would not be – at the beginning of the 21st Century – in such a crisis.

Over time, the film arts have made near-real the previously unimaginable. From dinosaurs to warp speed. Of late there were an increase of particular aspects of visual media as regards the dark. Dark are the Gates to Faerie. Dark and dangerous. In Star Wars V, Luke is underground, seemingly fighting Lord Vadar, who when the mask comes off Luke is looking at his own face. Or Star Wars VIII, where Rey falls underground, she ends up looking at an endless reflection of her self. In the 60’s The Prisoner, when #6 finally gets face to face with #1, he meets himself.

In the TV show “Stranger Things”, dark beings amidst roots and tunnels, attacking humans, because mad scientists experimented on children trying to force open psychic gates into the unknown.

In the film “Arrival” clouds materialize into beings of gravity and light, hovering. To get into their “ship” requires a very dislocating momentary experience of what is up and down. Here, the militarism of the world near went to war over who would control one or more of the obviously dangerous spectres.

The physicist thinks the prime language is numbers. The linguist avoids assumptions as much as is possible. “Words” inscribed appear as living inks, circular and fractal. They manifest, they fade away.

Over in … fields of grain, the Fae dance, and leave circles and geometric patterns each unique. Sitting on my deck, I see a row of tiny circular clouds, wispy with wind filled tails, … is it language? Am I paying attention?

In the movie “Annihilation”, the military, following a strange explosion, finds a barrier, of sorts, called the “shimmering”, challenging them from going to where the “event” happened. The military send in squads of men, which do not return.

Then the wife of one of the missing men is visited by a materialized phantom of her missing husband, yet his personality is absent. She, along with some women solders, and a female scientist, armed and prepared, move through the shimmering, and soon loose contact with this side.

A land a bit like ours is visited, yet everywhere the growth is outrageous. A living chaos experimenting with form, and ultimately mirroring back to the visitors something of the own fears and needs. Visually stunning.

On Amazon it is possible to get fully tricked out in the latest publications and gear of practical wicca, magic, and such. Having some extra money, which my government wishes me to circulate, I play with strange objects, an ambiance art, to let them lurk in odd places, within my study.

A small crystal skull, dark caramel and black. A small “eye”, one of the seven infinity stones, worn by Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel worlds. Has a name, and rules time. A statute of a Hindu Goddess. A Ouija board. A nice wall hanging/tapestry of the Tree of Life. A pendulum, and a circular cloth base, filled with letters, numbers, and signs for planets and the zodiac – a map for pendulum work. Two three inch tall plastic skeletons, with flexible joints.

Rich with unexpected cash, I also purchased an out or print book for just under $150. “The Plant Between Sun & Earth – and the Science of Physical and Ethereal Spaces”, by George Adams and Olive Whicher [SHAMBHALA, Boulder, 1982]

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