Anthroposophy and Politricks

Anthroposophy and Politricks

Can anything be thought, and said – about public life, that is well rooted in the truths of Spiritual Science? I am a writer, who thinks about the social/political in a Goethean fashion, with a bit of fairy dust as to the history of romance, and the ways of the heart.

Socrates, Bruno, Steiner, lived. They understood that the fires of division touched everyone, unless we want to live as nuns and monks. RS discouraged the members and friends from themselves forming a political party. To link Anthroposophy, to this underworld of knowledge, wealth, and power, is to lose sight of the goal, which is described in the first sentence of the First Leading Thought (more or less). “Anthroposophy is a path of cognition from the spiritual in the human being, to the Spiritual in the Universe.”

Yet, we cannot hide, either. No so much our association, but something harder, more authentic, a setting aside of the habitual mask. The madness brings fires to the temple to the memory of existence in Dornach, then poisons the lead magus, … and Europe burns with authoritarian rule, which lets loose the dogs of war.

A couple of days ago, wearing the mantel of President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, an allegedly Washington Liberal Insider – standing in the face of the madness of plague – asserts it is our patriotic duty to get vaccinated.

For those concerned with bringing in a name or two, I recall that Steiner his-self had a few choice words to say about Woodrow Wilson, and his “ideas”.

This is just one aspect, … if we take a look at the symbolism and words of the flags of the different States. Live Free or Die. Don’t Tread on Me. Governors and Mayors are making local decisions, and defying the power of the State to force that level of compliance.

Meanwhile, Europe advises there will be no movements there by folks from America if they are unvaccinated. Yet, defiance everywhere on their local level. People are out in the streets, marching, shouting slogans. Some justly worry that these social restraints may become a permanent new world order. The truth is that the moves of such as Putin, while unnerving, are mostly cosmetic.

It is a remnant of Steiner’s third post-Atlanean Epoch, such as the most wise and ancient Egypt, that top-down hierarchical organizations arose. Something / being / idea / want-need at the top, and social order follows.

Sort of …

Sometimes disorder is the point of a Now. The plandemic-Pandemonium is chaos, where some of those surfing the coming tsunami of future history, believe they are the cause of the wave, and not its playmate.

The Pope continues to Pope. Dictators continue to dictate. Liars continue to lie. Drug Lords are nearly just as smart as the Lords of Finance. Mothers and fathers of children flee – hearing the siren song of the American Dream.

Anthroposophists do what?

Be human, or at least try.

… next, a bit of RS, and the mysterious nature of things and stuff, aka: matter.

There is the riddle of words he used when referring to various tiny tiny things, for which natural science had generated these terms: molecule, atom, germ, and virus. Yet, to my reading, he makes a distinction between the idea of the thing, and the actual thing itself. Etheric formative forces he taught, pointing a finger at the idea that there is being/consciousness/spirit everywhere.

Magicians and mystics know well, the existence of the “little people”. Many people experience the dead, either relatives, or lost souls haunting. Yet, at the same time we – in materialistic science – deny the existence of the Father and the

Son, aka: the anti-Christ spirit (see Letters of John, I and II) lives in materialism.

The ideas of molecules, atoms, germs, and viruses, are the names of the first stage of debris that arises when un-natural science dissects what is living in nature, in a laboratory, only finding smaller and smaller parts, until the whole style of thought imagines the stuff-ness disappearing into a ghostly imagined world of untended and random “quantum” choices.

Theoretical physics walked all over the Elemental Kingdoms, believing more in parts, than in patterns. The grains swoon, and dance: look, the Fae sing, everywhere beauty and mystery.

The true harm of this time concerns the ideas about health and illness, where a very much not living thing is urged as a solution to physical and mental pain. Put this dead synthetic bit of stuff in a liquid in a needle, and get it inside the protection of the skin, while at the same time dressing this “medicine” up in the garments of scientific truth. You want to know about the million monkeys typing 24/7? Enormous wealth is at stake in the casinos of research laboratories, that often have little respect for the true miracle of conscious life.

In describing the threefold social organism, Steiner wrote of three spheres, and that each sphere was enlivened by a certain human quality: liberty (cultural sphere), equality (political-legal sphere), fraternity (economic sphere).

Is it possible here – on Facebook – to discuss the middle sphere in a sane and non-partisan way? More than possible, … perhaps even likely necessary.

“Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order”

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