Psychedelics and Anthroposophy

Psychedelics and Anthroposophy

getting “stoned”, as a form of meditative investigation of consciousness

a wise man once indicated that the “cure” for too much of the ahrimanic, was a healthy dose of the luciferic …

to my experience taking an edible potion of Sativa THC is a reasonable step, especially if the pharmacy can give exact dosages … should we wish to use this medicine with any regularity

the importance of these forms of consciousness-altering medicines is more and more being recognized, as an antidote to trauma … especially of the soul/spiritual life.

Covid-madness … this too shall pass away, leading to celebration, moments of intoxication, carnival and whimsy -… – much needed … dance like no one is watching, while wearing funny clothes, and a mask for just your eyes …

Folks in pursuit of purity have a problem. There is no perfection. Even the gods are insane … after all, we are Their children. All of us are dark and light, and the real alchemical marriage is of the appetites and the self consciousness.

To make ganja intoxication a sacrament has given us some of the greatest musical art of the 20th Century …

… a musical conversation began in the 1950’s in America, when the unfolding fusion of African heart-music, mostly blues, was joined to American white people’s “tin pan alley” romantic love songs. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, … a storm of musical energy that sang its way around the world, to come back as the musical fusion form, known to aficionados as: World Beat.

Among those treasures was the Reggae, out of Jamaican hill country, where a community of free Africans found a counter-beat to R’nR. First noticed in England, as Ska, the near violent exaggerated movements induced by Rock, slows down, the rage and sorrow are mellowed, with the help of the sacrament with Goddess Ganja.

This churning of the world’s musical conversations touches all cultures, and the variety of unique rejoinders is remarkable. When those waves lapped upon the shores of the inner cites of America, music was reduced to rhyme and beat, aka: Hip Hop.

Don’t need an agent, and an army of roadies, just some friends, an upturned five gallon plastic can, and a stick or two.

“Western” civilization dies. The arts of the elites, opera, symphonies, and objects valued in the millions for no reason other than pride of ownership – it’s mine, and what else is money for.

While down on the street corner a revolution brews.

Mystical trance states can be induced via natural and synthetic material agents. To my experience of the Sativa THC, one effect possible is sitting very still,… be as a stone. An edible takes about an hour to manifest, and the effect varies. The moments of coming on, allow for some inner examinations.

Who am I? What am I? If we let our attention focus on the “feeling”, we begin to notice what Franz Bardon called “the four pole magnet”, or the union of fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and earth/consciousness.

Some will say this is an addiction, meaning something harmful. The only persons that really know are the true friends of the addicted. Because we ostracize folk for having habits we believe are wrong, we erroneously think their context is irrelevant.

A first rule of society needs to be that each individual is entitled to self-determine their own substances – (sugar, salt, caffeine, … many ways of effecting mood and mind) – to achieve the required psychological balance. Only they know their own consciousness. At the same time, consequences follow, as ice becomes water and then gas. So, … if you can’t keep your hungers private, then don’t be surprised by the feedback.

THC gets metabolized in the lungs (quick, witched-up and then down), or the gut (slow, mellow come-on and fade away). As an edible, it magnifies the fire aspect of the nerve sensations. Not just our outer senses, but all the inner senses of which Rudolf Steiner spoke. [perception of the immaterial spiritual world: hearing, speech, thought, ego]

This transmutation of the fire/will aspect uses water/feeling aspects to balance the change. We end up thirsty, although mistake the thirst for hunger, aka: the munchies. The sensations inside the mouth are stronger, which then makes binge eating possible, but avoidable, by drinking a lot of water, which itself is generally helpful in any event.

When “stoned” we can become immobile. Yet not sleepy. The high, or heightened sensations are a field of experience, … a microcosm resonating exactly with the macrocosm. The body rests, the inner-immaterial life enters the dreaming, and we then surrender.

Let yourself be breathed … that’s Him. Let yourself feel weight, that’s Her. Think, as in generate meaning from the field of experience, which includes that wandering of the attention and the intention (the will in thinking) that helps us listen to our answering our own questions.

There are Eight Gates to the land of Faerie, and the Fae, which come in pairs: living/dying; waking/sleeping; sanity/madness; and, remembering/forgetting.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You”, He said in Luke.

That we have an interior self-conscious sentient awareness happens because of the primal song, “iwegodlovechaos”. (i) one letter fire; (we) two letters air; (god) three letters water; (love) four letters consciousness; and (chaos) five letters akasha, or causal realm.

“I” is everything, of everything, in everything, before and after everything. Unity.

“We” is the Many. When we look at clouds, and forests, and even floods, there is intelligence therein, looking back at us.

“God” is a word, a hint at mystery, a caught moment of loss and love for which the poet vainly reaches …

“Love” I exist, among all the other IWe’s, balanced by the transcendent whimsy of “God”, … in the face of the fact of my own self-becoming, how is existence not love?

“Chaos” plague anyone? She is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death. He is the breath of life, the lightness to Her gravitas.

Welcome to the “iwegodlovechaos”, and this shaman prescribes indica cannabis, described in “Essentials of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by Henry Morris M.D. published in 1910, noting this medicine as a “hypnotic”, and reports that “No fatal case from its use is recorded”. A few of its virtues: helpful in mania, migraine, rheumatism, gout, tetanus, chorea, hysteria, dysentery, and sexual impotence.

It is manufactured by the doctor, as two kinds of extractions (evaporated solutions of plants), and one formula for a tincture (diluted alcohol, used as a solvent). It is alleged George Washington drank some in his tea, during the madness of the Constitutional Convention, using a formula provided by St. Germain, then known to the Freemasons as; “the professor”.

His farming records apparently do record that he saved the seeds of the right version of cannibus, that could be used for getting high. The other version (hemp) is not an intoxicant, and is very useful in many ways, from rope to clothes to building materials.

The tale is told that William Hearst set about using his newspapers to make cannibis (both kinds) illegal, because hemp – which can’t get you intoxicated – competed with newsprint made from all the redwood forests Hearst owned.

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