The Spiritual Importance of Women’s Leadership for the Future

The Spiritual Importance of Women’s Leadership for the Future

more anthroposophical contemplations of social phenomena

Having lived 80 years is a considerable advantage, in the sense of being able to notice changes in the social over time (Goetheanism). I’ll try to make some observations of instances worth a thousand.*[“One instance, he wrote, “is often worth a thousand, bearing all within itself.]

A principle type of phenomena that I have worked with has been the visual arts, such as given us in film and television. I’ve always loved the movies, and learned over time that without love, the object of thought cannot be met. For example …

It is possible for me to review in the imagination all the changes in how women were perceived and portrayed, from the days of Doris Day, to and through Sigourney Weaver’s breakthrough creation of the heroic Ripley in the Alien series of films.

Women that kick butt were a very new feature, in these arts. We should include Linda Hamilton’s unstoppable Sarah Conner in the Terminator films, and Carrie Fisher in the Star Wars series.

We might easily dismiss such works, but keep in mind that a central aspect of these new role models are experienced by young women all over the world. My youngest son’s new girlfriend comes with a five year old daughter named: Ripley.

In the television series, The Crown, we get an intimate investigation into the creating and imprisoning, via male dominated tradition, of our still living Queen Elizabeth. Films and television can tell our history/her-stories as well.

The actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura on the 1960’s television show Star Trek, was recent feature in a film: “Woman in Motion”, about her life, and especially helpful for us here is a couple of stories:

At the end of the first season of Star Trek, Ms Nichols thought about quitting. She was very talented, and mostly used to utter just one line, over and over again. At a social event, where a few knew that this black woman was thinking of stepping away from that role, she was visited by Dr. Martin Luther King who asked her to stay, because all the little black girls needed to see this. He was, of course, persuasive.

As one consequence of this role, and her later works in life, was that officials from NASA went to her and asked her to do public relations for them. All she had to do was to point to the room, noticing they were all white and male, and ask where were the blacks and the women. As a consequence, she began a huge ongoing recruiting drive for astronauts, that ultimately give us such women as Sally Ride.

Let me shift gears a moment, and share some spiritual research on the dynamics of the soul.

I have been studying off and on, the nature of left and right in my own organism. Part of this was due to being of mixed dominance: write and kick left side, throw and play ball games using the right hand. The reader should just assume I could tell a lot of stories, especially about “circuits” in the flow of the will into the organism.

Again, an instance …

For most normal-people portrayals in films and tv, when anger flares into a striking or slapping blow, it is the right side that releases the will outwardly. This observation led me to meditations wherein I imagined this fire of will moving through me, while I kept the body still.

These self-observed feelings were not alone. The left side-nature was there as well, but clearly of a different quality. Receptive, open, a will to take in, not to reach out.

In the Hermetic Science, the male element and the female element are both in whatever sexual characteristics are otherwise present. The reaching-out will and the open-receiving will in balance. What is the instinct of the parent, but to hold the child’s body with its head nearest our heart.

Again, just one more shift, and thank you for your patience …

Women’s cultures are very different from men’s. The single dominant fact is the fault of the Mystery, … women were given the womb. Social role necessities tend to follow. In New England, where I live, many of the Nations that were part of the Iroquois Confederation, had traditions in which the females choose the male chiefs. It was also understood, that the women kept the care of hearth and home, while the men hunted and protected.

It almost doesn’t need to be said, but modern history itself teaches that it is time for the women-cultures to rule. All the same, ancient history also teaches that changes of that magnitude are never easy, or quick.

Personally, I’m of the view, as a “male”, that nobody but women can fix what is wrong with the boys’ clubs, and their political ambitions.

I am also seeking to encourage a strong female presence on my Shaman’s Law Firm, Facebook page. If a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly the Planet can be a Person before the Law.

She is our Mother embodied, after all. Ruler of the Moon’s magics as well. In some versions of Wicca, even the males are called: Witch. Wild psychic talents are being born, even today. Television is rich with stories of powers, and girls, and monsters to slay. Charmed folk, as it were.

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