Geopolitics and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Geopolitics and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

– some phenomenological observations –

An Apocalypse is the revealing of something hidden. In our case, on the threshold of the Third Millennium, the “hidden” includes the Second Becoming of Christ (the Maker) in the Realm of Living Thought, and: the remembering of the Holy Mother – Earth Mother.

Ages ago religions were polytheistic … Gods and Goddesses. When the Hebrews left Egypt, they abandoned their prior connection to the Feminine Mysteries (1), to found the first of the three patriarchal monotheisms: Christianity and Islam were to follow.

Subsequent spiritual research (my own, note 2)) reveals that these three are essential one “religion”, whose complexity required the appearance of separation. The Hebrews taught of God’s Laws (the descent into matter). The Christians taught of God’s Love (the Fall stopped, and a turn out and up), and the Muslims taught of the Surrender to God (the movement out of matter completely). [for those familiar with Theory U, this is that gesture on the scale of humanity’s earthly civilizations]

The Mother was never gone or inactive, nor the Son. Together They generate a combination of effects on human biographical life. She is more seen in what we call Divine Providence, and He is the Artist of Karma.

The nature of the Mother, as regards the Father, is that He is One – the principle of unity, and She is Many – the principle of multiplicity, aka: She has the whole world in His Hands. In the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians, She is Fortune, and He is Fate.

The Four Horseman according to Google: “The Book of Revelations in the New Testament lists the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as conquest, war, famine, and death, while in the Old Testament’s Book of Ezekiel they are sword, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence or plague.”

It was a riddle for me, wondering why knowledge of the Mother disappeared from Western Civilization, yet not among indigenous and aboriginal peoples. I received some aid as regards this question, while listening to a Hebrew scholar on the CNN book channel, around the year 2006.

The scholar spoke of how it was that Hebrew, as a language, was written without vowels, (aka: the “mothers”), such that scholars need to fill in the missing vowels in text, according to to their own understanding. He gave as an example the idea of “dominion-over”, which could also be translated as “communion-with”. He suggested that the reason, for the former being used instead of the latter, was due to the in-process loss of the Feminine Mysteries, that accompanied the rise of the Patriarchs.

In my research on the Creation Story, it makes the woman at fault, for listening to the snake of temptation, and getting the man to violate the one law. This led to the problem of the tree of good and evil, being dominate over the tree of life. All of men’s troubles are due to women. NOT!

Back in those days, there had been a multitude of Gods and Goddesses, and other spiritual beings, and under the gift of communion-with, much wisdom came through women. To leave this behind, the Hebrew teachers saw this ability as evil, and burned (strange fire, in Leviticus) practitioners of alternative means of knowing the Divine. Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.

What was at stake, in the sense of the evolution of consciousness, was the need for us to forget that Nature also had an interior sentient self-consciousness. If we had kept the idea of the tree of life alive, we would not have fallen as deeply into materialism as needed. We had to go through an Age where there was no spirit in Nature, and matter was to be a soulless “thing”.

We see here the problems in the unnatural science behind the Covid Madness. As a consequence of the idea that all is matter, and there is no spirit, our medical science had no real understanding of illness.

A recent article in the New York Times was about a Brazilian physician who noticed the riddle of people being highly exposed to what was allegedly a contagious disease, and not getting ill. No showing of symptoms, or even the presence of the virus. She was looking to genetics to answer this question, which is of course a large set of conceptions where the whole is built up out of parts, and this whole has no value in itself.

Unnatural medicine can count, measure, and number (quantify) what bits of matter are up to, and admits such factors of qualitative phenomena: Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and the Wisdom of the Whole Body (the immune system), … yet forgets the clear evidence that the qualitative factors are more formidable than than the merely material. Many mistakes come from not understanding the more ephemeral qualities, and their obvious effects on illness. We are not machines.

I do not doubt that Big Pharma, and its Friends in High Places, were right to expect a plague (pestilence). That makes good business sense after all.

As the plague unfolded, many folk, already justified through experience, saw in these phenomena an evil will, that sought to take away human freedom. The first blog entry I wrote on this phenomena wondered why people even trusted Big Pharma, politicians, or the major Media, … all three having very little interest in the truth.

Now in my work, I have found that it is dangerous to jump to conclusions, and while there is some wisdom that suggests that to assume bad stuff often is planned, as in a conspiracy, it is more likely that what has come about arises through stupidity, and arrogant ignorance.

In addition, I have learned through experience that if something “exists” it has been approved from top to bottom, as regards the efforts of the spiritual world. The trick is to work the own mind to see past the noise, seeking the deeper realities.

If the Mystery tolerates something we abhor or dislike, we need to ask ourselves: what virtues do They see that we do not. Here lies the secret effect of “Judge Not”.

If we believe that karma and reincarnation are real, then everyone is a volunteer. She then does have the whole world in His Hands. So, what are They up to?

What appeared to my thinking was that They made use of our ambitions, in order to accomplish something very crucial. We were living in a situation, where the world was heading for a cliff, a lemming like disaster. What She did was take the weaknesses of Corporations, and their servant politicians, and give it all a big shove …. which is why I write of the plandemic “pandemonium” (3).

When we were children, we learned the rule: run too fast, fall down, go boom. If a civilization runs too fast, it too falls down, but with a much faster doom.

Yes, there were evil intentions, but those trying to benefit watched the whole thing (from the point of view of their appetites) getting out of their control. As a consequence, civilization came to halt. The world was gifted with a “time out”, so that folks now had the time to consider the course of their own lives, and begin to make course corrections.

The lock downs have hidden virtues.

Most of the world’s political leaders are talented at getting power, but not so good at actually seeing social/political reality, in order to apply that power wisely.

Another good example of Their ability to generate pandemonium can be seen in the current Russian adventure in the Ukraine. Putin clearly did not anticipate the economic pandemonium that would arise. Even the world did not realize the extent to which powerful leaders actually don’t know what they are doing.

When our news analysts fancy that Putin (or other leaders of nation states, or their successors – multinational corporations) has an intention that can be seen and understood, these analysts forget that wisdom from the Godfather movie: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Each “world” leader is surrounded by ambitious folks, who will leap at any opportunity to take over the “reins”.

Putin, Xi, and Biden, put on the appearance being in control, yet in reality are in way over their heads.

In this Age of the Day of Purification (Hopi Prophecy), and the time of the sword not peace Dude, who gives us Baptism by Fire (chaos) and Holy Breath (inner inspirational support to our choices), … in this Age “Western” Civilization is dying into a new becoming, and most of our views of the “mechanisms” of history are wrong.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is being burned away, and the understanding of the tree of life is being remembered.

One of the qualities of life is that we are always given just enough rope by which to hang ourselves. All these “leaders”, to which the Media pays too much attention, are only guessing. The more they give evidence of acting out (threatening war etc.), the more we need recognize their fear and uncertainty. China and Russia, and the dying American-English Empire, are reacting, not acting.

The sign of the times, aka: the handwriting on the wall, is pandemonium. Nobody is in control, and most “leaders” have to pretend otherwise. This chaos then serves the needs of the individual biography.

To truly understand our Age, we need to recognize that the meaning is found in the micro-events of our personal lives, and that what we call modern history, and so forth, are epiphenomena, that is secondary effects of the primary purpose which is to enable each individual to face personal moral trials, where neither outside religious or social ideals are applicable. Rather the individual is driven by Fate and Fortune to be able to invent the moral, the true and the good, exactly as Steiner describes the processes of the Age of the Consciousness Soul in his book: Theosophy.

The clearest, and most dynamic aspects, are seen by our artists (4). Each individual has their personal “music of soul and spirit”, which the artists unveil in books, film, television, and songs.

When confronted with these dramatic life events, the individual faces choices unique. Sometimes folks sit too long on the fence, which can lead to depression and other unwanted spiritual/soul conditions. To the Mystery, there is no right choice, … just our choice. When we choose, opportunities knock. As Goethe puts it: divine providence cannot act in support until we choose our own course.





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