Flying High

Flying High

– A Stoner’s Guide to Enlightenment, Living –

Thinking, and Shamanistic

Self-Initiation –

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To my youngest daughter Brie, and all her contemporaries, … I wish to apologize on behalf of all the baby boomers, and the rest of the new elderly, for leaving such a mess behind, with which you have to contend. That said, knowing you, and getting a bit of a sense of what your generation is up to, I believe you are the right people to call out the Big Corporations, and let them know that their inhumanity to the Planet, and Her human children, will no longer be tolerated.

While you are waiting for those who love Big Corporations to recognize their own failure to be good stewards of the Earth and Her people, … take a break, light one up, kick back, and don’t play their games. Hopefully the work below will be of some use.

As to holding the Big Corporations responsible, in the Resource section there is a link to the Shaman’s Law Firm, regarding the introduction of this idea, and what can be done with/via it: “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then Certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law”.

The real war today is between the religion of scientific materialism, and the other, deeper and older, Mother religions still living. If every Earth Day, people were to file environmental lawsuits, where the named Plaintiff is the Planet, this Rite will shift the situation from courts of law, to the court of public opinion. Details at the page on the Shaman’s Law Firm.

Anyone can participate at some level in this activity, just using your new Aladdin’s lamp: the “smart” phone. No reason to burn down the banks, yet.



This little book has been written in the Season of Easter, 2022. The general date for the beginning of Covid 19, is in December of 2019, with the origin point allegedly Wuhan China. The World Health Organization declared it a pandemic on March 11th, 2020.

An overlooked set of facts regarding Wuhan: It has some of the worst air pollution in the world. Its population is quite elderly, and there are many many smokers. In addition, the normal electronic pollution of the air had just vastly increased there, with the operation of 5G on a massive scale. To top it off, the Chinese watch everything one does, using facial recognition software, that can read whether or not you are “happy”. The undesirable psychological effects of this should not be overlooked.

Almost right from the beginning, following that act, there came to be an Official Narrative, … and a counter-Narrative. As a frequent user of Facebook, the first event I noticed as odd, involved a twenty minute video out of the counter-Narrative, that used the word “plandemic”. What drew me, to know more about this video, was the huge amount of posts attacking the character of the woman who made it.

I do mean huge. In the first week there were hundreds of posts, many vicious. I wondered, what did she say to cause such a reaction? Originally there had been links to this work, but in less than a couple days these links disappeared from Facebook, so I asked, among my “friends” there, where was it?

There were several responses, revealing that the video could be found on rather obscure – to me – links to search engines besides Google. I tracked it down and watched it. Among the many details in her “tale”, was this one: “Its all about the patents”.

My first post on the pandemic to my blog wondered why people were believing Big Pharma, politicians, and the tales on the major Media, given that those institutions have never had much use for the truth. I say this from my life experience, now 81 years, and I’ve witnessed and written a lot about the human folly into which these organizations generally lead us.

I grew up in Montana, where the question was taught: How do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is open. The history I write about in the main body below was lived through. I also remembered Big Tobacco lying to Congress that they had no knowledge nicotine was addictive. Oxycontin was also supposed to not be additive.

In the late 1980’s, Big Pharma got the Congress to pass a law exempting them from any liability, for illnesses or deaths, that resulted from their vaccines. In the criminal law business this is called: evidence of a guilty mind.

In that blog entry, I also suggested that if such as Dr. Fauci had to testify in a court of law, under oath and open to cross-examination, they would not be able to support their assertions.* If he was asked about his stock portfolio and his patents, his self interest would be clear. I can say this because I am a scientist, and have a degree in Law, where I got the high A in the course on evidence.

*[ I’ve read in the News recently that the Spanish Supreme Court demanded of a litigant, that they prove their Covid 19 claims. Not one word of proof was forthcoming. If there was another main victim to this travesty, that was already wounded before the pandemic, it has been the truth ]

As a scientist, I am a generalist, not a specialist. See Resources at the end of this little book. My main field in that regard might be called: the philosophy of science, or how do we know what we believe we know.

I was also not surprised that the world was now on a path to be forever changed.

As I tried to dialogue with family and friends – even my Lady Linda, who I have lived with for 14 years – I ran into an interesting, and valid question: “Of what cause were so many dying, if not Covid?”.

I was also accused of being an “anti-vaccer”, and a “conspiracy nut job”. Among those producing counter-Narrative materials, they starting name calling back, that those believing in Official Narrative are easily led: “Sheep”. References to such books as “1984”, and other writings of a dystopian nature, were quoted.

Another of my scientific fields is what might be called a “spiritual social science”. It was clear to me that existentially both sides were right, which in philosophy is sometimes called: “a paradox”.

Another idea that was frequently exclaimed – by both “sides” over the last year and a half is: “Its the Science!”. Still, whatever our politics, or scientific acumen, each “side” must act on what they believe to be true.

As a scientist of politics, I observed a problem coming. One of the flaws of major Media is that they like to ask embarrassing questions of politicians, their main nature in this situation was: “What are you doing about the pandemic?”

It is a bit silly for the News to ask that question in the first place. Politicians actually don’t know much, except how to get power, and what social groups or economic institutions they have to favor.

Politicians need voters and money. They are constantly checking out – through polls – which way their constituency wants them to lean, before giving the appearance of actually leading. This leaves the politician to needing the advice of “experts”. As a scientist of science, I soon wrote a blog: “Dear God, please save us from “Experts”. Actual science is full of arguments. There is no general agreement about a great deal. No settled “science”.

If the reader is familiar with legal oriented TV shows, such as “Law and Order”, both sides, if there is a “science” question, can produce “experts” asserting completely different views.

In our case, there was only one “official” expert: Dr. Fauci.

This collision of differing interests (alleged experts, politicians, and media), would to my thinking produce – as it did (pardon my French) a “cluster fuck”, aka: chaos.

Was the contagion air-born or was direct contact necessary. If air-born, what is the right mask? Why is social distancing six feet? If masking and social distancing would work, why is a lock down necessary?

Meanwhile, “ordinary” people, busy working hard, raising children, and wanting health for themselves and their friends and relatives … these salt of the earth folks are doing the best they can. They look to their leaders, and the leaders look to the experts (as long as no money interests oppose), and the Experts, where do does he look?

Fauci is not a practicing physician. He’s an “epidemiologist”, who works with numbers – statistics, trying to predict and manage “contagious” diseases. Along with if a politician is lying, his mouth is open, the lore in Montana, was that: “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics”.

The most serious problem is this basic philosophy of science principle: “association does not prove causality. Just because two facts happen at the same time, does not mean one caused the other.

I bought a little book on the principles of epidemiology, and between pages thirty and forty, there were over half a dozen “arguments” that allowed the statisticians to find a work around for the above philosophical rule.

Looking back at this situation, what I see is not just two competing points of view, but people, who, in the sense of what they feel is the right thing to do, … these people are almost universally heroic – on both “sides”.

There is plenty of work in favor of the counter-Narrative, but if it tries to show up on Facebook, or YouTube, you won’t see it. If you are a physician who doesn’t follow the Official Narrative, your license to practice is taken away.

As a consequence of the every-changing rules of lock downs, masking and social distancing, … these have broken our education systems, and our are medical care institutions. Parents, teachers, nurses, aides in old folks homes, … all the police and firemen, including those who were declared “necessary”, and made to not live by the safety rules/opportunities demanded of others, … they too are heroes.

Even patients are heroes, everyone of them. Sadly, suicides went up. Many have some version of PTSD … the ensuing stress clearly was itself not “healthy”.

People not working, not being able to pay bills, and required to be in long lines waiting to be tested, or receive vaccines … such people are under a great deal of Stress, which is not good for their health, thus making them more susceptible to whatever the real “disease” ends up being.

I am not vaccinated, nor have I ever been tested. To some, that makes me a carrier of death, and already various institutions are arranging for everyone to have “papers”, revealing their “state” of compliance. Sad to report, from that history that constantly repeats itself, only fascist states require papers just to move around ones country.

Another good question is: Where was God?

Definition of terms:

Stoner: laid back fan of marijuana intoxication, and magic mushrooms.

Guide: been there, done that.

Enlightened: desire-less presence in the Now.

Living-Thinking: learning how to unfold latent gifts of spirit, through

empirical self=observation of the own mind

Shamanistic: potential guardian of the Earth-Mother.

Self-initiation: only We get to set goals for ourselves, out of our own personal understanding of the good and the true.

Stoner Motto: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Stoner Riddle: Are We God?

– best read while properly* toasted – no hurry, you don’t have to read this whole book – Emerson puts it this way, I paraphrase: books are only for inspiration … we can lose our true self if we place our own spirit-mind in orbit around another … “In self trust, all virtues are comprehended.”

*[WARNING!!! It is possible to do too much of a good thing. I know from personal experiences, including two hospitalizations in my mid to late 70’s. However, our own follies can often be mined (after the fact) for important lessons. At the end of the Resources section, I’ll discuss what I learned about hospitals, which lessons have some value for understanding certain aspects of the Covid Mystery, and the healing profession. I’ll also discuss there, that we all have a dark-side nature/understanding, which challenges go with the shamanistic adventure.


There a couple of aspects of this that are obvious and universally true. We can’t get out of the Now, or escape our Real Spirit/Spark. Self-Change just happens in life, … we don’t have to go looking for it. We also should take credit for where we are. Most of us are survivors, and we should give ourselves strokes for having made it this far.

Human biographical life, and the law of unintended consequences … aka: Murphy’s law …

… there is a cave in my mind, a place I hide myself from myself .,.. in the Hour of the Wolf – 3 a.m., I bring the light of my heart’s mind to the world of the dark fears of the manner of dying, … not the Gate of Death itself … but a descent into worry over the unknown means … peacefully asleep in bed, … or in a hospital over-full, and unable to save me from slow suffocation, because the doctor knows me only as matter, not understanding that my spirit is following the Path of Christ (the Maker) to Death on the Cross of greed and arrogant ignorance.

In the following, where I examine the Covid Riddle, there is no denial of the many deaths, and the great suffering. No claim of a deep state conspiracy. The fact, in plain terms, is that modern medical science is far from perfect, such that mistakes are made at the level of diagnosis, and at the level of treatment. For a deeper appreciation of those facts, in the Resources section at the end, the works of the healer Tom Cowan are pointed to as being far more advanced than the present general state of medical knowledge. Read them, and make your own decisions. Don’t read them, … perhaps remain quiet.

The time of Covid is also a significant Mystery Rite in the whole history of humanity. A kind of end of childhood. In fact, Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” – where the helping non-human leaves his ship, and looks startlingly like Lucifer/Satan, – is prescient. Human beings have complex soul and spiritual lives. The seer Rudolf Steiner’s statue “Representative of Humanity”, has a threefold nature.

In the center, Christ (the Maker), below … in the dark … the God of Number, sometimes called Ahriman. Above – in the light – the Seraphim Lucifer. Our world is ensnared in numbers, and needs to reach for the light, to balance out the rigid order below – overcoming the earth bound aspects, with joyous near egotistical dancing flight – on occasion – (Tik Tok). All three of those characteristics are part of who we are. When we act in a calculating manner, and let ourselves be ruled by quantities – to the exclusion of qualities – our own ahrimanic nature shows itself. When we act with reckless abandon – even on a battlefield, it is the unbound flame of our luciferic nature.

When we follow the own heart’s mind, that naturally will maintain the needed balance.

Our dominate culture – of numbers, and computers, and a science that does not recognize spirit – has too much knowledge about death forces. The needed counter-pole is more knowledge of life, which defies excessive order (see the film Annihilation). Modern culture has moved deeply into a real New Age, where arts flourish, and people refuse to bow to others anymore. The tension between order and freedom is necessary, and in the same way that there is no good without evil.

Do we sleep well these nights? “So much trouble in the world.” Bob Marley.

What if sleep apnea is not exactly an illness?Apnea is defined by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) as the cessation of airflow for at least 10 seconds. [4] Apnea may last for 30 seconds or even longer.

Modern unnatural Medicine, rooted in the swamp of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit or soul), at one time treated “pregnancy” as an illness. Then in the 1960’s something called “natural childbirth” fought back, and highlighted this domination of women’s needs and issues – a trial not fully over, given the struggle over abortion rights.

In the mid-fifties my mother had some bouts of “hysteria”, and was put on hormones. For much of the rest of her life her doctors continued this “medicine”, and eventually she developed a form of dementia, her mind gone walk-about, her body scrawny.

Then, in her early ‘90’s, she came under the care of a young doctor, who took her off hormones, after which she gained weight (normal for an older woman), and could at least simile and interact with others. However, her original mind never came back. When she was dying at age 95, my younger brother sat with her, and played his guitar and sang to her. If he stopped, she began to writhe in agony. After a while she passed, quietly, while he sang.

In music the human spirit flowers, and with such as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and the Moody Blues, wisdom flows. Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Salsa, etc. … each of us finds our own musical inspiration.

There may be a lot of “illnesses” that are not really illnesses. We have been trained to believe that the “flu” is an illness, when – in point of fact – flu is a sign of the Wisdom of the Body detoxing (fever, sweating, coughing, barfing, crapping) from an accumulation of unnatural substances (poisons in the air, the water, the land, the food and the medicines).

A reasonable question concerns the micro-organisms that appear when we have the flu. Are they not the cause of our being sick? A spiritual understanding of health would recognize that the whole influences the parts as much as the parts influence the whole. When the whole organism is out of balance, certain parts become zones of weakness, and there these organisms proliferate. They are not the cause, but another symptom. Remember, association does no Prove causality.

During Covid – so far, few diagnosis were of the flu, such that many deaths that five years ago would have been called due to the flu, were attributed lately as caused by this “virus”. In ordinary (pre-Covid) circumstances … say 2017-18, there were estimated some 710,000 hospitalizations, and 52,000 deaths attributed to flu in America.

Flu comes in waves, at least two seasons each year. Some “types” are stronger – the effects are more powerful, the deaths more numerous.

Knowing these “wave” phenomenon, certain authorities have been predicting increased Covid risks, some fully aware that the real underlying uptick is due to annual flu season effects. The whole situation, as regards the use of “numbers” during “Covid” has been confusing at best. For example, when the News got hold of the “figure” that Covid deaths had exceeded 700,000 in America, this was presented as worse than the 1918 Spanish flu. The real facts are that if the US had deaths that were occurring at the same rate as in 1918, we would have had 2.5 million of them.

Presently – worldwide – there are about 425 million alleged* cases, with about 6 million deaths. This means one in fourteen have been identified as a “case”, and one in eleven hundred died. 50 million, out of a population of 1.8 billion, died 1918. That is one in thirty-six. That pandemic was thirty times more deadly.

Folks in the counter-Narrative argue that the PCR (cases) test does not actually measure what it is said to measure. Many false positives, which if true means that 1918 was even more deadly.

Yet, on the major Media we have been told that our time was worse. The message should have been about how much better off we are now, not how much worse. Think about it. Our health care is far better than one hundred years ago.

In most instances of deaths, today, almost no autopsies are performed as to “cause”. Elderly people with chronic illness are, according the counter-Narrative, dying of the effects of the latest seasonal flu, and the related stress of social distancing, lockdowns, lack of touch, and not of the “virus”.

“What does touch do for the body?

“These neurochemical changes make you feel happier and less stressed. Research suggests that being touched also lower your heart rate and blood pressure, lessen depression and anxiety, boost your immune system, and even relieve pain. Simply put, being touched boosts your mental and physical wellness”

It is also true, that the media driven rush to “quick-fix” the situation allowed all manner of safety protocols – learned during previous attempts to create vaccines – to be set aside. Generally it takes anywhere from ten to thirty years to fully test the dangers inherent in the new drug.

Something is clearly not right, and the human being is very much a “test” subject, as regards the validation of unproven vaccines.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul will take.

– a children’s prayer –

Our life in the Dreamtime has physical consequences. Each “apnea” moment is a spark of the gate between the material and non-material worlds. In cultures that do not teach the tales of shamans, as regards the night work (1), physical illnesses can result from not appreciating the spiritual psychology of sleep: aka: “the little death”.

The seer Rudolf Steiner spoke of there being a kind of conflict between the consciousness forces (our psyche, or soul and spirit) and the life forces, which make the physical body thrive. When we make the body do actions that are inimical to our physical health, that is: psyche forces over-powering the instincts of the life forces, … this enables illness.

The Goddess Natura has gifted us with many kinds of medicine. Even in the late 19th Century, pharmacists and doctors themselves made medicines from natural ingredients. It is only later that such organic remedies were set aside for synthetic and otherwise abstracted “parts” of Her substances. For example, aspirin is based upon taking/separating/concentrating/synthesizing what is seen as the single effective value in willow bark, and leaves aside the significant context in which the Goddess Natura placed this pain relieving agent.

I have a book: “Essentials of Materia Medica and Theraputics”, by Henry Morris M.D., (1910) which goes into details of how medicines were made before “industrial” – manufactured – substances dominated our ideas of healing. As we know, the idea of “side-effects” is used to ignore the fact that that modern “pills”, are unnaturally concentrated, and/or synthetic versions of the essential virtues that exist in the Goddess’s gifts.

In that book, “Cannabis Indica… the flowering tops of the female plant, or C. Sativa” is in the section on “hypnotics”, which includes medicinal uses of opium.

If the reader is concerned about the Idea of Nature as a sentient being, ask yourself why it is that materialistic science assumes that the human being is the only self-aware sentient interior consciousness on the Planet. The ancients knew otherwise, and indigenous and aboriginal peoples have always known, and respected, the Living Consciousness of the Mother.

Thinking, that science is smarter and wiser than Her, has led to a whole other order of medicines – such as vaccines and blood pressure pills – which essentially force the body to engage in an unnatural way of healing itself. We moderns take pills that do as much harm as good, because we think of the body as a physical machine, with no features such as spirit and soul.

For example, many high blood pressure pills can lead to what is dubiously called: erectile dysfunction. This does not mean these “medicines” do not serve us. Most of those who make them, and proscribe them, have good intentions (of the sort the road to hell is sometimes paved with, however … in the counter-Narrative is the idea that the business model – living in our health industry – requires illness to continue, and has yet to solve heart disease or cancer, in spite of the many billions invested).

The Covid Mystery deeply involves such dangerous riddles … recent research has led to needing to know why some folks, in full contact with the “ill”, do not get the supposed highly contagious “illness”. One researcher is looking at the DNA differences for explanation. It is the unwarranted habit of scientific materialism to think the world is built up out of Parts, and the surrounding Whole is of little significance.

When we go to a doctor, they take blood and other “tests”. From these ideas they create “numbers” as indicators of health or illness. If it cannot be counted and measured, it has only the vaguest meaning.

There are four major spiritual elements that defy measure, yet are recognized as real, just not quantifiable. Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and how the Wisdom of the Body (which we lamely call the immune system) heals us through trials of “illness”, such as the flu.

Large portions of the elderly (I am 81) have various chronic “diseases”, for which we take “medicines”. A lot of the “symptoms” are Stress related, for Stress is the reaction of fight or flight, due to outer dangers, or inner fear beliefs. This reaction dumps adrenaline into our blood stream, along with other response “mechanisms”.

If you have a stressful job, and a stressful home-life, and live in a stressful neighborhood, this adrenaline dump happens multiple times day. Living in an environment filled with poisons, also causes “illness” reactions. Many of us are more sensitive to some of these poisons, which is why if you eat a food with wheat in it, that was harvested just after being sprayed with Roundup (kills bugs and weeds), this poison causes illness to people who are more “sensitive” (gluten allergy is the euphemism).

More euphemism-memes: Acid Rain, Pollution, and Climate change. Industrial civilization is harmful to life.

As we regain a spiritual view of all of Reality, we might observe that many elderly live in dire day to day circumstances. Out of fear of touching and social distancing, these old folks homes – under Covid rules – lost the virtues of physical contact, which itself is necessary for life. Recall the pictures from intensive care units in hospitals … both doctors and patients cocooned in “protective” outfits, making caring touch impossible.

Some of these folks in elder-care factories may have already gone walk-about from their bodies (various kinds of dementia), which bodies are forcefully kept alive via powerful “medicines”. If the “flu” comes by, they are then symptomatic. If the symptoms are dramatic enough, they go into the hospital. One sage advises, as to “long Covid”, … five hugs a day will be very therapeutic.

From personal experience (one dark night in a hospital), I found the Gate of Death, and a choice, to stay or not. In my case, after I asked Her if She would take me if I wanted that … and She had replied lovingly immediately: “Yes” … still, it was my choice … I had a life to go to, a lover to love back, so I declined. That is a kind of Near Death Experience.

If I had lived in the dire straights of our many of our elderly, this spiritual encounter would have felt like a doorway to home. Will to Live also can mean will to die – in the sense of surrender.

A recent article in the New York Times reported that those “scholars” studying the course of the pandemic, assert that from the beginning “authorities” can be now seen as having made many mistakes. Just think of how many “rules” changed over time – rules being mostly statistical guesses

So the politicians order lock downs, masking, and people are soon alone in their apartment going to work by Zoom, and their kids the same way. Eventually we sit in cars for hours, waiting to get tested, and maybe vaccinated. A lot more stress was added by these careless social crimes. Suicides went up, as did deaths from “Covid”. Children’s education is failing, … many are not only behind, they seem to lack the required drive.

This reminded me of my own experiences as a youth, where the cold-war – might become atomic, so we had air raid shelters, and duck and cover under our desk. In such circumstances, the dreams of children, as regards their “future”, become fearful, not hopeful.

The whole story of what were the realities of the Covid Mystery remains to be yet known. Monday morning quarter-backing is expect-able, yet we can’t deny “mistakes were made”.


Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out … Hippie (Stoner) Wisdom

Turn On: In the 1960’s, the whole world entered a festival … a Dionysian Rite, fueled by amazing works of art, in music and film. Even books. LSD, magic mushrooms, marijuana, … intoxicants for the heart and mind, both weighed down by a “cold war”, and the pending/lurking Vietnam Tragedy.

In the mid-1950’s, there were three precursor events … harbingers of what was coming. At the leading edges of these events were three American personalities, who were not so much a cause of coming matters, but forerunners-extraordinary of larger social changes: Dr. Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, and Hugh Hefner.

Hollywood had woken up to LSD, which Otto Preminger celebrated in his strange film: “Skidoo”. The CIA, not to be out done, flooded the San Francisco Bay Area with this drug, doing experiments on whether something like this could be weaponized, or used in enhanced interrogations.

Marijuana had already been (falsely) labeled a class-one narcotic, to support the draconian actions of the Hearst Newspaper chain to keep hemp from being used for newsprint, given that Hearst “owned” most of the West Coast Redwood Forests, and thus had a kind of monopoly on newsprint for Newspapers.

What was unfolding – during this Dionysian Rite – were forces of the human will hidden in the limbs, that had previously been mostly asleep. With King we have the higher element, the protest Marches to challenge the failures of social justice. These were actions born in the Heart. With Elvis, the middle element … the Dancing, centered in the Solar Plexus – the movements of the pelvis, borrowed from Africa American’s bar-room blues and erotic passions. Hefner launched the lowest element – centered in the Reproductive Chakra – via the Sexual Revolution and Playboy Magazine.

Getting Turned On was illegal, but people did it anyway. What does being Turned On mean?

It is an often pleasurable alteration of human consciousness, which becomes visionary, thus:

Tune In:

… to the Natural, not the artificial. To feel the beautiful in everything, including self and each other. Also, to notice the wrongness of much of our social life, which was already then dominated by soulless Corporations.

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, in 1960, gave us the idea of the infamous military industrial complex. He also warned of the influence of money on our higher educational systems. Universities were becoming market places, and the truth started to take second place to the needs of money for ideas that justified their excesses.

Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, joined Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, along with “Dune”, by Frank Herbert. Elves and fairies and humans fighting against a Dark Lord; a human being raised on Mars by the Old Ones, returning to Earth as a wisdom-teacher, using a Rite that made: water brothers; and, a story of a beyond magical drug called “Spice” which was a means to higher knowledge of a most extraordinary kind, on a desert Planet, where even a drop of water is a sacrament.

To the ancients the element of water was related to feeling. Climate change is all of us needing to become water brothers.

Many people were/are still reading these books. In 2005, Dune was the most sold novel in the world, and a recent film version has been well received (it just won several Oscars).

Around 1949 China annexed Tibet, and this eventually pushed into the wider world a most ancient magical religion (“Bon”), which had been repurposed by the influence of Buddhism in the Eighth Century. Alan Watts got into Zen, and with the Beatniks of the ‘50’s opened large gates for Eastern Wisdoms on the American West Coast.

California became a forest of guru’s, liberal drug-influenced psychologists, lamas, yogis, … all of which changed and channeled our ways of seeing the world into something “other”. People went for “conscious raising” to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, … a place that still exists today.

Americans were also finding out that the American Indian Nations, whose “pagan” (earth- centered) cultures were very wise – yet via “Christian” evangelism had nearly been destroyed, … this amazing spiritual-culture was alive, and well.

Turned On, and Tuned In, then birthed …

Drop Out,

… i.e. return to Nature. Leave the big unworkable cities behind, and rediscover the virtues of the Green World.

Communes they were called. Tribal. Free love. Grow your own weed. Ultimately failures on the scale for which many had hopes. In fact, in a social-political sense, Hope was murdered on November 22nd, 1963.

Vietnam led to a reinstatement of the Draft. If your number came up, and you didn’t flee to Canada, you either died, or ended up with raging PTSD, and perhaps fewer healthy limbs. If you were white, and connected, deferments could be “bought”. Young and old marched in protest, and there were riots and death, and students killed by their own countrymen – National Guard – on the campus at Kent State.

Even liberal deep thinkers didn’t get it, that if you challenged the establishment, you lent it forces justifying – in their minds – reprisals. So then we get the Nixon years, and the Pentagon Papers, which revealed that the government had been lying to the public, even during the Eisenhower and JFK presidencies.

Under Reagan, we get Iran-Contra, which exposed that the CIA had become a drug empire, mostly paying Cambodian leaders, such as Pol Pot, with weapons in exchange for heroin, and for his cooperation with the illegal bombing of Cambodia. This last was a violation of international rules of war, and Nixon and Kissinger essentially committed war crimes.

Selling this heroin to finance their “black ops”, the CIA ran off the book interventions all over the world, such as using assassination to change the government of Chile. For purposes of social control over minority people in America, the CIA invented crack cocaine, which was instantly addictive, and made easily available in our inner cities.

Midst this dark chaos, the environmental movement birthed itself. The word “ecology” appeared, and the idea of Wholeness in Nature broke through the chains of scientific materialism.

On a cultural level, in the 1970’s, independent film makers broke the hold of the big Studios on movie making. Meanwhile television – the great wasteland – struggled with issues the movies could now avoid. Married people on TV – actors – in that time, found two beds in the bedroom, while fear driven sponsors made sure those arts pretended nobody ever made physical love with anyone else.

Over in the NSA, the seeds were planted to become the unlimited electronic surveillance cesspool, eventually exposed by Wikileaks, Snowden, and other courageous people. The military industrial complex became the military and intelligence industrial complex.

Poorly regulated, the banking system and the stock markets, served profit over truth, and in 2008 nearly collapsed the whole world’s economy.

All of this “control” for the moral phantom called: the greater good, … that is for the wealthy.

Meanwhile, … Turn On evolved. Efforts to make weed legal are winning. Psychiatrists and psychologists are discovering that magic mushrooms help with PTSD and end of life suffering. Even in the 1990’s, sheriffs all over the nation agreed that having to enter the homes of stoners was far less dangerous that entering the homes of alcoholics.

Tune In flourished, under the richness of the Internet. Along came the Covid Mystery, and the lemming-like rush of civilization – over an obviously lurking precipice – was stopped in it tracks. The Holy Mother, aka: Goddess Natura in Her role as Divine Providence, gave the whole world a Time Out. Recently the New York Times reported that only 33% of office workers are returning to the cubical. Drop Out is back.

“There is no future but what we make” Sarah Conner, in the Terminator movies. Trying to Make the Future is a far wiser task then trying to Predict the Future.

This present day world of endless suffering, with all its dangerous weapons and environmental abuses, suggests that we could be facing the next legendary Atlantean Catastrophe. At the very least, if we are observant, the world seems to be falling apart, and I have been using the terms “the dying and becoming of Western Civilization” for a couple of decades now.

The seer Rudolf Steiner had also suggested that we might be heading for what spiritual tradition calls: “the War of All against All’. The Hopi call this Age: “the Day of Purification”. John the Baptist is said to have remarked, that the One – the Maker* – coming after him, would Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

*[Obviously, all over the world, different religions gave names other then Christ, to the Maker: Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, and so forth – each unique culture needing different Ways.]

If we are honest, most of us see the decay, yet feel powerless. The Covid Mystery revealed that our major social institutions, such as corporations, Media, and politicians, are in failure mode, in the sense of serving wealth over the needs of the citizens. For a few, this all has the stench of something criminal, such that we need to use the detective’s dictum: follow the money.

Meanwhile our governments, in order to appear to be doing “something”, give us mostly free masks and tests and vaccines, which only can happen by deficit spending – i.e. borrowed money. The wealth accumulating – to those profiting – ends up becoming massive debt for our children’s children.

A core aspect, for properly understanding such dire pictures of the future, is to keep in mind that we will live these raging seas of social chaos one day at a time. And, not just one day, but one moment at a time. The collapse of the Roman empire took centuries to unfold.

Normal is not returning. The alleged new Normal is healthy rudderless wandering. The chaos frees us to take many day to day opportunities to initiate those course corrections we individually deem necessary and valuable.

Climate Change and Rogue Weather are clues. So are all the mothers and fathers, and their children, that are migrating away from endless wars, corporate malfeasance, and drug cartels.

We are living in the end of Nation States. Big Corporations have forced various political process to go in directions that favor them. An environmental law in Maine, can be attacked in the “laws” (as treaties), which protect international wealth streams from having to bow down to local rules and regulations.

Our artists, in film, television, and books, create imaginations of post-apocalyptic social disorder. The what’s next seems headed in the directions of new tribal associations (see Station Eleven), faced with confronting feudal-like corporate governance. The CEO a kind of king, their board members vassals of the fiefdoms, all controlling legions of poor, aka: wage slaves – the true creators of wealth. The drafting of our young may return, to fight their endless corporate wars over the control of limited resources.

It is possible to look at this totality of bad/evil deeds, such as revealed in some of the “history” noted above, and feel hopeless. Yet, we actually live in a world-wide social organism – something living. Much that is alive obeys a complex of laws, where the highest is the process of metamorphosis. Between the caterpillar and the butterfly is the chrysalis. In order for that state to be reached, the caterpillar has to die, which means at a cellular level the cells all lose any order or differentiation. This state of formless chaos is necessary for new order to appear.

The sources of this new order are polaric. The cells again begin to be able to function, such as making nerve cells different from digestion cells. This gesture is from a Center out. At the same time a kind of shadow of form appears at the outer edges of the cell mass. Cell individuation processes are met with Wholeness design forces from the Periphery.

When a living civilization undergoes metamorphosis, this begins with the chaos and disorder we see now. The individual human being – in this metaphor – is the cell, and change comes out of us as a Center of Creativity. At the same time, higher spiritual powers participate in the shaping of new Social Form. Keep in mind that these “higher forces” involve both positive and negative natures.

Rogue Weather, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as well as the Gate of Death, are ruled by the Mother. High level invisible Beings, ride these storms and other apparently destructive events (see the film Arrival, for the riddle of understanding non-human kinds of consciousness). For a deeper social understanding, look to the Aftermath of the Event, not just the event itself.

For example, floods displace people and destroy livelihoods and homes. In response, folk are led to school gymnasiums, where they find shelter, food, and especially company. Some need help, and others need to be helpers. All the “aftermaths” are spiritual rites of person to person communion.

Life in the Covid Rite is becoming more day to day real, for the industrial – first world – folk. Where poverty abides, as the norm, those folk already know about dealing with scarcity.

A not minor point is to realize that the Divine Mystery is distributed (like a distributed computer system). All has connection, and divine origin. In a real sense, the Mystery trusts us with that which is within the reach of our own will. We might gain some sanity, from taking the view that the Mystery is making Art with the Big Picture, and that we need to trust Them as well.

The Future is co-participated.

In this context then, there arise modern social/cultural “outlaws” (neo-hippies), whose main escape is toward the “wild”, and away from centers of “civilization”. Learning to farm again is a useful and worthy pastime, and is being done in inner cities as we speak. Grow hemp (the not just THC version) and bamboo, both of which thrive in the wild, and have many uses.

Think of the “farm” (or “garden”) as a training ground, for a totally new relationship with the Goddess Natura.

Understanding how to survive in the deep wild is seriously needed. Indigenous and aboriginal peoples know a great deal about this. Modern materials sciences creates remarkable “camping gear” already. A quite special aspect is to realize that the most unexplored aspect of the wild is the Oceans (see the movie: “My Octopus Teacher”).

Climate Change has two effects, only one of which is to help our present civilization face our excesses as regards how we treat Nature. The other effect is to Help/Warn us to meet the rising seas, the heat, or perhaps new glaciation, by becoming able to live far from land.

“Land”, aka: what can be owned through conquest, reaches limits out at sea. The territorial appetites of the rich and powerful will fight back, if we dare engaging in Economic and Social Rebellion (see Resources below).

The Corporate Kings will not be able to control Rogue Weather, anymore than they can make the Sun rise in the West. We can forsake then the not-new-normal for a living Mystery. What it all “means” next is up to us – individually.

The tale of the prodigal sons and daughters is true. We are them to the extent we once again figure out how to live within the feasts of Nature, whose deepest heart is yet hidden in the untamed Wild. Returning to living in communion-with an invisible world can begin now. [Check out the Bioneers – pioneers in the age of biology – “Revolution from the Heart of Nature”]

We are not here to be something we are not already, which is a self-defined human being. It also doesn’t make any particular difference to our individual nature for us to study organized spiritual ways, as we are already individual sparks of the Mystery, following individual paths … the Mystery has even given us individual “books”, if we study our personal life, and our own soul. Yet community beckons, so we join on common ground, sometimes as students of “spiritual” teachers.

… still, beware of clever names … like “woke”, for they are often dangerous prisons of thought (2).

Black and White races is a cultural difference, not an existential one … still … good will/can come from getting people – with such differences – to celebrate together, instead of protest separately … parties are better without alcohol, a poison and a downer. Breaking bread, and dancing help. Sharing common stories also. Yet, in dangerous times, the guns and knives might have to be surrendered at the door, to the grandmothers (3).

Zoning out and Zoning in – the proper practice of/as couch-potato lazy bear and his/her heart’s mind, … yet, a stoner does not have to be a slacker, for work has a value beyond the regrettable fact that we must have Food to Live, and have Money to buy Food, as well as need a Job to have Money. The more we repurpose the dying cities, the less that will be a problem.

A slacker makes him/her-self dependent upon others. A human being finds meaning in work, especially if done as part of a community / commune / tribe … shared labor that benefits all.

For those who will to seek again the wild places, aboriginal teachers show the way … yet, a mystery … how much “tech” should we bring? … there really is only one question: will the human master the tech, or will the tech master the human? What is often referred to as trans-humanism, via the application of technological innovation, can be a false and dangerous path. No need to unnaturally prolong life, since we are already immortal.

A riddle … What is: The sin that cannot be forgiven?


There are aspects of the ancient religions that remain factually correct. For example, in what is called Hermetic Science, born out of the wisdom of the Emerald Tablet, and elaborated in the Tarot, leads us to magical and mystical realms – the power of communion-with the invisibles, being the one most needed for the future.

As Above, so Below, and as Below, so Above … for the Miracle of the One.

The human being is the microcosm, an exact analogue of the Macrocosm. Our natures are complex, given that we are seeds of the Divine Mystery, down to the smallest details. We have something that might be called: the Christ (the Maker) Impulse (elsewhere, such ideas as the Buddha Nature are related). In our heart’s mind is a deep yearning to birth the true and the good, as We see them.

What has been called “the Holy Spirit”? … In Matthew: “I tell you the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.”

In spite of endless religious hectoring … this holy spirit is our true own nature, given the law of as above so below.

Lore concerning the Day of Judgment suggests that in that Rite of Passage, we will have to judge and forgive ourselves. The idea in the first two letters of John, about the anti-Christ, says that this anti-Christ spirit denies the Father and the Son. Today, to the extent we believe in the religion of unnatural science, we deny the Father and the Son, with the idea that the human being is only matter, … no spirit allowed. If we believe the tales of big bang, and random evolution we deny the Father and the Son, … and the Holy Spirit, which is our true nature. How can one forgive themselves for clinging to that materialistic “Idea”?

In my study is a large window facing the nearby forest, that begins twenty feet away. It is Lent (a time for reconsidering), and the Lion of March sends the winds dancing and redistributing seeds and dead leaves – homes for tiny insect folk – to where they are needed. Silent unadorned tree limbs and branches, secrete buds of life forces out of the ethereal, as the world remembers the Green.

One day I realized that the wooden skeleton of my house was trees repurposed. Same with the concrete – and fire places – repurposed stone. Hidden along side the wood framing is lines of water and electrical distribution, which are earth minerals also repurposed. As is the laptop at which I write.

If I get “stoned”, I have elevated feelings, which are themselves perceptions – not just confined to my head. I can “feel” the woods and lands, and hidden water courses and burrows, as not discontinuous, but united in spirit, … the world transformed includes my perceptions — all is One.

Yet, with a profound difference …

We are not just Nature looking at, and feeling, and re-purposing Her Self. We are becoming Original Makers – the knife-point of the Creation.

Every human being is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Karma and Divine Providence, or as the ancient Egyptians called them: Fate and Fortune, generate an opportunity for self-discovery in the savage* paths of the living schools of hard knocks and shared pain.

*[In Christian tradition there is the Path of the Seven Stages of Passion of Christ: Washing the Feet; the Scourging; the Crowning with Thorns; the Carrying of the Cross; the Death; the Entombment; and, the Resurrection.

Our biographies follow such trials.

We are washing the feet when we selflessly care for others. We are scourged when the community around us chooses – for a variety of reasons – to dislike us openly. When our thoughts are rejected by others, that is the crowing with thorns. To the extent our thoughts lead us to self-generated moral actions, that is us carrying the cross. The death is psychological, when our whole nature is denied by others any intrinsic value – and we are made to feel “alone”. From this state we experience the entombment, which is an inability to effect the world with our will. To resolve the entombment, we must learn to surrender to these hard truths of existence, and having given up, then within the own i-AM – via direct aide from Mother and Son – we are helped to raise then the forces of self-resurrection.

These events do not take place in the order described. Rather, each of us follows our own way through the labyrinth of existence in matter. We might feel entombed at one point, and then later scourged. These ideas are metaphors for the path of becoming fully human, on Our Way to natural divinity.]

We all know life is not easy. These trials can forge something in us. We are becoming the Sword of the Mystery of that which does not bring Peace. We choose to be true to ourselves, and that is all that is asked … which as we all know is not that easy, by any means.

Keep in mind that we are not alone. Inwardly or outwardly. The world, in various Ways, suggests we need to evolve, … that we are not what we can potentially become. Believing the yogis, masters, priests, mullahs, initiates, and wizards, can make us undervalue ourselves, because the comparative mind sez: this is better than that.

When you actually see past these spiritual hungers, and begin to have real personal meetings with the Mystery, it becomes clear to experience that They have no expectations whatsoever. We, as we are at any given moment, are to Them fine. They set us free in many Ways, yet are more interested in who/what we choose to be, than any fancy of there being a more perfect human being, by which to modern spiritual “teachers” mistakenly suggest our insufficiency.

The Mystery have no goal for us, but the ones we choose for ourselves. What we do, from day to day and moment to moment, is to Them a surprise. There Is no fate but what “we” make. The sharp-end, of the sword we are becoming, only points where we chose, and then follows our own star. Our own dreams.

If fact, for most of us, surviving another day being an individual spark is a miracle. In reality we judge ourselves the most. We get in our own Way a lot. Still, where we are, in whatever state of being, there exists divinity becoming.

As the chaos of modern life continues to grow, She compensates us by bestowing gifts, of the kind that enable communion-with the intelligences of Nature. Learning to talk (mostly listen) to trees is of great value. Our inward nature is a living connection to spirit, once we turn our mind’s eye away from the outer material surfaces of Nature, and seek to know the invisible beings, which penetrate and enfold the world of matter everywhere.

Those familiar with the ideas of the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation are led by scientific materialism to fancy that way out there, in the far far away, must live powerful intelligences. Factually, the Stars are a kind of left after expression of the Creation. Scientific materialism fancies that the starry world is three dimensional, and full of more matter.

When the Father rested, He left a map, for those who look at the night sky in wonder. Those “geniuses” we image “out there” are in fact right next to us, for when we go through the false-veil of soulless Things, and learn to commune-with the Rocks, the Green World, the Four-Legged and the Winged, and the Powers of Water and Sky, such as Thunder and Lightning, … we also learn about ourselves.

To listen to trees requires inner stillness. The ancients used the tree as a symbol for reality, by not forgetting that while the leaves live and die in the light, the roots engage with each other, a community of oneness, found in the dark.

The main trial for a shamanistic experience requires knowing that dark inside us individually, a phase of being connected to everything else, yet not seen or known as “other”. The mycelium network is more than matter.

Want to travel to the Moon and the Planets and the Stars … now? Get stoned, and let your feelings reach out, and allow self to feel a part of the great All. Keep in mind that not all such powers and principalities are kind. Loki, and Raven, and Coyote are real, and it is important to review our experiences for truth and goodness, when no longer intoxicated, and back in ordinary mind.

A valuable Way I discovered, was to experience a thought, and ask myself whether this was a belief, an understanding, or actual knowledge. One is not better than another, yet it is useful to our nature to face squarely our relationship to the Idea World.

Belief has great value, in the face of what we don’t know or understand. Emerson was of the view that beliefs were seeds, that if rightly cultivated would grow and produce wonders. He also said: “Nature is a thought incarnate, and turns to thought again, as ice becomes water, and then vapor. The World is Mind precipitated, and the volatile essence is forever escaping into the state of free thought.”

Life gifts us with hard teachings, and we need to keep in mind that of all the various influences experienced, … how We Choose to relate to them is the key element.

In my first self-published book: “the Way of the Fool”, the below is in the appendix … (4) [while this essay was written almost two decades ago, it has a very important point … yes, I could rewrite and update it, but why?]

“5) In praise of the virtues of ordinary mind

Years ago I read a book called Zen mind, Beginner’s Mind, by Shunyrn Suzuki.  I don’t remember much about it, but the title stuck with me, and during my own years (over 35 now) of introspection, prayer, and meditation, I kept finding myself facing a rather odd question.  Is there anything wrong or insufficient about ordinary mind or consciousness?

This question would really come strongly to me, when I would be reading about, or being in discussions concerning, the ideas of enlightenment or initiation.  The existential dilemma was basically that here I was in ordinary mind, more or less always, yet I had this idea of satori, or initiation, being some kind of permanent condition into which I would eventually arrive.  In fact, the more I desired and struggled to reach a different state than the one I was in, the more I felt a kind of wrongness.  Eventually I began to rebel against this idea in my mind that took any form of achievement over whatever was my true current inner condition.  My state of being was what it was, and I saw no point anymore in viewing it as if it was defective, less than, or in any other comparative way of thinking, not quite right.

After a time, I began to realize that what was changing was not my ordinary state of mind, but my skill in exercising its natural capacities.  My will became more and more capable of doing certain things, when I needed (not necessarily wanted) it to do so, while at the same time the ordinary rest state of mind, with all its wanderings and confusions, was just fine.  In fact, what I was slowly growing into was this will.  Recall above that I wrote of the i-AM as a verb not a noun.  It is in doing that we are most ourselves, for in doing we are expressing (being) our essential and true self.

Clearly we are each meant to go our own way, so there is little to be gained by looking at some other person and thinking to ourselves that we should have some kind of inner state we imagine them to have.  Far better it became, in my experience, to accept and love our ordinary mind, and just conceive that we are learning what we choose to learn and that those choices lie entirely in our arena of choice – such that the goals of others, or the state of being of others, is of little moment.  We become and change in the manner in which we choose to become and change, and that is all that counts.

In the West, especially America, this becoming more takes the form of character development, than it does the reaching for enlightenment or initiation.   Further on in the Evolution of Consciousness, I expect we will become more and more universally human, and as that process unfolds, character development, enlightenment and initiation will become themselves a unity.  But that is for the future.

Just as clearly, for example and to experience, the Divine Mystery loves us as we are – unconditionally, and completely.  In fact, the more we see through the vanity in the desire to be something else, the more we are able to stop judging others as needing themselves to be something different, or to meet our expectations of what they should be, or become.

One of the paradoxes of this view, is that it is also part of ordinary mind to make these exact kinds of comparisons.  When we simply rest in the state of ordinary mind, it is full of its endless chatter, what Choygam Trungpa called discursive thinking (or sometimes the oscillations of the citta).  We might call it the dialog between the spirit (the i-AM) which speaks, and the soul which hears – as in how the mother yells from the kitchen to the rowdy children in the living room: “Stop making so much noise, I can’t hear myself think!”.

The advantage of ordinary mind is that this state is where we all naturally are.  To be in ordinary mind is to be right where we are meant to be, while at the same time being in exactly that place where we are most companionable with others, most able to live in that face of love we call comradeship.  At the same time, our efforts over the years have led to certain skills, which are always latent in the soul.  Moreover, these are just those skills we have chosen to develop.  This means that when we choose to act within ordinary mind in order to do something in the realm of our inner life that we have taught ourselves to do, this skill (capacity, gift, art) lies there always in potential awaiting our willing it forth.

It is in fact the qualities of character that has given birth to these skills that become an aspect of our eternal nature and thus survive the passage at the end of life we know as the death or end of the physical body, although Rudolf Steiner has advised that we have to birth the actual skills anew once more in each life.

So, if we notice we are excessively judging someone from our ordinary mind, we also might have learned, in traveling the path through the Narrow Gate, to master this in the soul, should we so choose.  Yet, we may well not want to master it.  This feeling of judgment arising in the soul might actually belong to the situation and need to be expressed.

Steiner spoke of what he called righteous anger, and gave as an example Christ’s yelling and overturning the tables in the Temple.   Much arises in ordinary mind, precisely because ordinary mind has a very appropriate and necessary part to play.  In point of fact, entering the Narrow Gate only means to begin to wake up within – nothing more.

What we do through introspection, prayer, and meditation is develop capacities that would otherwise lie latent in the soul.  Moral grace, freedom and love are three of these presently essential capacities.  It is the will that learns to do – it is the will which is the truest expression of our verb-ness, our i-AM.  At the same time, ordinary mind is the truest and most important inner context for this will.

As a consequence, as we wake up and learn, our will will naturally more and more express and impress itself on this context we call ordinary mind. We are already active there anyway, and some of you who read this will be already waking up as to this wondrous landscape that lies waiting for us in ordinary mind.

There is no need to overthrow or get rid of ordinary mind.  Rather we simply learn to appreciate and master its already existing virtues.  However, the word master can give us some trouble here, so let me next elaborate on that.

The application of the forces of our will in ordinary mind is not meant to be like a sledge hammer.  Rather it is more like what we played with as children – a kind of butterfly-kiss.  In ordinary mind, soul and spirit intermingle, and to the extent we want to differentiate them, one from the other, we need to tease them apart.  This is our own soul that our spirit is learning to master, and this mastery has to be as much an act of love, as are the acts of love from a parent toward a child.   We are gentle with ourselves, we nurture ourselves, we forgive ourselves, and most important – most important – we laugh at ourselves.

Have you even wondered why some of the enlightened ones, and some of the true initiates, are always laughing and smiling?  It is because being a human being is funny!  There they are, with all these folks coming around and wanting advice and teaching, and the enlightened ones – the initiates – know that everything they know, you know.  We just don’t let ourselves know we know.  So there we are, asking them questions we need to ask ourselves, and it is funny.  Not because we are being funny, but because the real teacher is laughing at himself, for there he is indulging our need and giving us that which lies in his/her ordinary mind, that also lies, at the same time, within our ordinary mind.

Why? Because through the Narrow Gate lies the same realm, available to anyone who learns the practical meaning of: lest ye become again as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

The truths we need to know at any given moment are right there available to ordinary mind.  The only skill we may lack is how to frame questions, and how to keep these questions rooted in the real need of the moment.  After that, its all about: ask and you shall be answered, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened up to you.

At the same time that I say the above, it will perhaps help to consider some differences between Buddhism, Christianity, and some of the wisdoms of aboriginal peoples in America, or between the path of the bodhisattvas, the path of initiates and the path of seeking to be fully human on the Earth.

The path of the bodhisattvas is now a path that sacrifices the final goal (achieving Nirvana) in order to remain on the wheel of incarnations until all sentient beings can be enlightened.  The path of the initiates is a path that sacrifices personal desire in order to serve the Beings of the higher world, so that Their contributions can manifest in the lives of humanity.  The bodhisattvas develop and evolve the human (what the Buddha did), and the initiates bring in the voice of the Gods (what Moses did).

Distinct from these, the aboriginal peoples seek character, for whatever gifts one has, whether one is to become a teacher of mysteries or a good carpenter or hunter, … it is out of our developed character that those around us, visible and invisible, will receive what they need.

Now the i-AM has both a Buddha Nature and a Christ Impulse latent within it, as well as a basic need to be merely human.  Where the Buddha developed fully the human capacity for Compassion, the Christ brought to us the Father’s teaching concerning Love.  So the i-AM, as well, has capacities to develop the highest in the human, and to be open to and receive from above (and below – let us not forget the realm of the Mother) the highest which yet lies outside ourselves.  At the same time we are always involved in becoming just ourselves – our individuality.  This individual personality (in its highest and most human sense) is the real earthly core of our being.

Within ordinary mind these three capacities are latent (and always, at the same time, manifesting), and will express themselves even more as we enter the Narrow Gate, and begin to wash out the inside of our own cup, our own inwardness.  Yet, it is also this third aspect, which we have begun to notice when we look at the biography (for in the biography – as Native Americans understand – character develops) that has its own special nature.  This is the changes that arise in the will, especially in regards to how the individual i-AM treats and respects other i-AMs.  As we know, this development of character unfolds in the biography through what Steiner called: “trials of fire“.   Out of trials of fire grows the will-on-fire (character) of the developing i-AM, and since the biography is overseen most closely by Christ, now we can see once more what John the Baptist meant, when he said, in Matthew 3: 11: “I indeed baptize you with water, for repentance.  But he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to bear.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” {Now I bathe you in water to change hearts, but the one coming after me is stronger than me: I’m not big enough to carry his shoes.  He will bathe you in holy breath and fire.}.  For Holy Spirit and holy breath we have learned to also use the term gnosis, and for fire we learned to also use the terms the trials of life in the biography.  Christ approaches us from two directions – inwardly with the breath of spirit in gnosis, and outwardly with the challenges of life in the biography.  And we?   We think about what we are receiving, from both within and without.  We, in this thinking, unite the inner and the outer into their natural unity (for a time forgotten under the aegis of science – the necessary descent into materialism, or the Ahrimanic Deception).  Inner and outer are not separate, but rather are one, whole and complete.

What a grace given gift is ordinary mind!”


As the microcosm, we have the same nature as the Father and the Mother, especially if we conceive of those Beings as verbs, not nouns. To “Father” is to generate into being; and, to “Mother” is to nurture that which has been so created.


if the reader is reading the physical book, put the following link

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(1) Catherine MacCoun’s book: “On Becoming a Real Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician”, has a special section on the “night work”.

(2) a dissertation on the power of names and naming: “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos” (which was written while frequently “stoned”, and therefore might best be enjoyed while stoned – and reading just for fun.)

(3) “Economic and Social Rebellion – in an age of social political chaos” – a money debt owed bankers is merely a number … while what lives in the hearts of a People is a spiritual currency of infinite value.

(4) “The Way of the Fool” the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”

The latest written-while-stoned: “the meditating scholar and the Second Becoming of Christ, in the Realm of Living Thought”.

“The best six doctors anywhere, and no one can deny it, are sunshine, water, rest and air, exercise and diet. These will gladly you attend if you are only willing … your mind they’ll ease, your will they’ll mend, and charge you not a shilling”

Introduction to the Mother:

some of Joel Wendt’s writings on the science of the future such as: “I am not my brain – the map is not the territory”

Shaman’s Law Firm “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then Certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law”

finding the path to the future, through the gateways of the past

A friend, Stephen Clarke, made this list of the characteristic differences of the Father and Mother principles. As the microcosm, we can ourselves balance these wonderful aspects of our “ordinary mind”:

From Stephen Clarke’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”

Table of Compliments

God the Mother God the Father

multifarious unitary

luminous darkness blinding light

questions answers

spontaneous playfulness fixity of purpose

fractal centripetal

below above

grief bliss

relaxation striving

immovable irresistible

forms life

mercy justice

chaos logos

See also Clarke’s “Rudolf Steiner’s Mexican Mysteries Re Imagined”

Next below is from my “American Anthroposophy”

“Awake thinking has a variety of modes, or ways of operation.  These include, but are not limited to: organic thinking, pure thinking, reflection, theorizing, figuration, comparative thinking, associative thinking, picture thinking, imaginative thinking, concrete thinking, abstract thinking, warm thinking, cold thinking, thinking-about, thinking-with, thinking-within and thinking-as.  The mind is an instrument which we can learn to play, and many acts of thinking can be accomplished as a kind of harmonic cord of more than one mode simultaneously.“Aspects of this play of the instrument of the mind also have to take account of feelings, or moods that can go with or otherwise drive the modes of thinking.  These include: sympathy, antipathy, pain, pleasure, anger, fear, love, joy, sadness etc.  Moods can also be cultivated, not just reactive (spontaneous and undisciplined).  Cultivated moods include such as awe and reverence.  Moods and modes can be observed working in concert, sometimes like the resonant harmonies that arise in other objects, when some particular instrument produces the primary tone.”


From my book: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, I point out the primal paradox: To the Mystery existence is perfect, including the need of the ordinary human being to see everywhere imperfection. That we are not satisfied is the fire that creates the future.

The healing arts have an Einstein, a mind so rich, that listening to its thought will change everything. As with Einstein, there will be opponents, some alarmingly vicious with lies. His name is Thomas Cowan, and here are his books [he had helpers, as the books will show, so don’t imagine he worked alone]

Read the books in order, otherwise the latest one will seem like one of those QAnon conspiracy theories. Each one reveals the foundation for the next.

1) The Four-fold Path to Healing [nutrition, therapeutics, movement, and meditation].
2) Human Heart, Cosmic Heart – a doctor’s quest to understand, treat, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

3) Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

4) Cancer and the New Biology of Water – why the war on cancer failed, and what that means for prevention and treatment.
5) The Truth about Contagion – exploring theories about how disease spreads

Culture often finds ways to encapsulate the spirit of the time in just a few words. In the 1950’s, we have – from Mad Magazine – “What me worry?” Alfred E. Neuman. In the 1970’s, from Walt Kelly, via Pogo: “We have meet the enemy, and he is us.” In the 1990’s, from Bill Griffith, via Zippy the pinhead: “Are we having fun yet?”

Going to YouTube, and watching film of George Carlin, or Robin Williams, is a good way to break the spell of a long hard day. Tik Tok lets us see the magical power of individuals to overcome the madness of the end of the English/American Empire.

May the Force be with You.” “Go with the Flow.”

Art has many kinds of metaphors …

In the film: “the Cabin in the Woods”, where great Doom Beckons, it is the stoner/fool, and quiet virgin, that decide the fate of the world, by refusing to follow the leadership of those whose “science” says submit.

If you know this film, consider the Basement …

Let us not pretend there are no – essentially “evil” – people in the world. Actually none of us are perfect … all are flawed. Most politicians, all over the world, rise to power via many immoral acts. Often the same with business and religious leaders.

Personally, I prefer not to use the word “evil”, although I can appreciate why it has meaning to many folk. I wrote a long essay: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”.

My teacher of Hermetic Science (aka: Magic), Franz Bardon, wrote there is nothing unclean in the whole of the creation. And, that good and evil are a human conception. Meaning … that the higher spiritual beings, whether positive or negative in their nature, have in their own evolution already passed through this “human” trial/phase of development.

In our human psycho-spiritual Basement, each of us has to contend with such choices.

Enlightenment and Initiation are mostly directed at the Chakras above the Heart: Throat, Eyebrow, and Crown. The shaman has to know how to work with the lower three – Solar Plexus, Reproductive, and Base (itself a curious name, if we think of “base” behaviors as – despicable and contemptible -, and as lurking somewhere in the psychological dark of human beings.

The Tree of Life has an upper part in the air and sunlight&starlight, as well as a lower part in the dark and unknown, which to the shaman also means in the deeps of the earth, which is ruled by moonlight.

All the Mother religions know this. The Upper is ruled by the Son, the Maker, and the Lower by the Mother. A Catholic builds a heavenly reaching Cathedral as a temple to the Lord, and the Hopi a Kiva, a temple below ground, where Spider-Woman is acknowledged.

Personal spiritual (self-observable) research reveals that the human has six invisible helper companions, living intimately close to our Spirit/Spark. Tradition knows of the Guardian Angel, the Holy Spirit, and we should include the higher ego or conscience. These are in the light of the soul.

In the dark, the double or doppelganger. It too has a threeness. Tomberg’s Meditations on the Tarot, points to there being a Tempter, a Prosecutor, and what in the middle ages were called Egregores, – which are self-generated wounds of soul, that haunt the spirit, and are not easily controlled by our ego forces.

These last are parasites, and like a cancer remain often outside our volition, such as addictions. Bardon writes of “phantoms” and “larvae”. The Native Americans of the darker side of the two wolves, that rule according to which we choose to “feed”. The Koran speaks of the sneaking whisperer, from among the Djinn and mankind.

Rudolf Steiner was of the view that these “creatures” also produced otherwise good effects. Fate and Fortune are found with their help.

Mentioned far above were Lucifer and Ahriman, and in Tomberg’s earlier works we find the tempter being called: the luciferic double, and the prosecutor the ahrimanic double. Another way to view them, is that the ahrimanic numbering of facts stands between us and the material world, while the luciferic dancing of absolute truths stands between us and the spiritual world.

When culture is ruled by the ahrimanic, we get our present state of too many quantities, with too few qualities. Ancient Greece was mostly qualities, with few quantities, and those were parts of the Mystery.

For those readers who worry over “addictions”, the best I read about them (and can confirm), is that if we find our-self in need of changing an inner state, and we take in something from the outside to bring about the change, … or, instead … finding a Way to change the inner state out of our own forces of will.

There are many kinds of addictions. Those of the Will lead to the grasping for power and wealth; those of the Feeling life – the hypnotics (opium etc.); and, those of the Thinking life that want to surrender thought to out of control habits of the sensual and erotic kind.

While the luciferic double tempts us, the ahrimanic double leads us to depression. The former has us more active, while the latter has us more passive – sometimes to the point of immobility, … we can’t even get out of bed.

The tempter is more obvious. The prosecutor more stealthy. We are more aware when we give into hungers and wants, while the depression sneaks up on us.

Most of us know the riddles of managing the wishes, and for which trouble we were given Alcoholics Anonymous, as the means for facing temptations as part of a community, who have been where we are.

The “depression”, for many is more personal, and if recognized, leads to the heavy hand of materialist medicine. It used to be known by many, that when we want to know why teenage boys shoot up their schools, we find more then a few are on anti-depressants.

I am quite familiar with depression. There are spiritual means to work that through. Tomberg cites a folk remedy: take a pinch of salt in your hand, throw it over you left shoulder, then cross yourself three times.

Another way is to speak into the silence of our own inwardness: “What is your name?”, several times. Meaning the Being encouraging the depression. The laws of magic would mean that if you knew the name, you would have power over “It”, and thus It retreats. This I have used successfully for many years.

Lately I forcibly Will to be Angry – inwardly – at everything … the gods, and all the spirits, including humans as well, and think something on the order of: get the fuck out of my head, over and over again … screaming inwardly. Might not hurt to walk around a bit, feeling the fire (will) of anger all over my total consciousness … from the Crown Chakra to the Base.

You will be surprised how good it feels, to stand alone and uninfluenced by all six invisible companions, often too busy minding our business. Generally, at bed time, I say a prayer of gratitude to them as well. You know, a “complicated” relationship.

I could write more, but this introduction to the dark, the shadow of the hidden self, … is best understood through empirical observation and practice.



Some history of my drug use, and the teachings

from the trips born in visits to hospitals.

On September 19, 2007, I died twice. Fortunately I was in the ER when that happened. I had woken up about 5 a.m. feeling quite poorly. Called a friend and she drove me to the ER. When I was sitting in the intake chair my heart stopped, and I fell on my face “dead”. Of course I have no memory of that.

Apparently they shocked me once and my heart started up again. An hour later my heart stopped once more, and it took two shocks to restart it. When I woke to myself, it was two and a half days later, and three of my children we looking at me with grave concern.

My right thigh, going up to the right side of my abdomen, was very black and blue. They had put in a catheter of some sort into my femoral artery, and via that had placed stents in my heart in two different coronary arteries.

As I began to assess this news, I noted that it was quite remarkable, and efficient, of Divine Providence to get me into the ER, for these two heart attacks. A miracle really.

I did not see any “white-light”, but it was clear to me that my will was quite different. No more putting anything off.

It was true that I was overweight and out of shape. An odd aspect was that three weeks before this “event”, my cardiologist had given me a “stress” test, which when done requires him to be right there with me, as it might happen that during that “test” I would have an “event”.

A shamaness friend later agreed with me that the stress test had probably dislodged plaque, and these bits then led to the artery stoppages.

I stayed in the hospital for a few days, and when I asked the nurse what this was going to cost me, she asked what insurance I had, and I said I had Medical and Medicare, as provided by the State, and by the U.S. government, to poor people.

She said that I was very lucky because being poor probably meant I’d never see a bill. I had retired on social security in 2003.

I was seeing the cardiologist because it had been discovered by a former girlfriend that I had atrial fibrillation, aka: A-Fib. This is where they give you warfarin, also know as rat poison, to dilute the blood just so as to avoid blood clots from doing what had just happened.

Besides the stress test, my cardiologist, noting my poverty and likely inability to pay for the frequent testing, had talked me into participating in the test of a new drug, that didn’t require frequent testing. Although I didn’t work this out till later, a side effect of this test drug was to make my emotions more labile … prone to larger and ups and downs.

The test included numerous questionnaires as to my experiences, and the only aspects being observed where about my quantitative physical situation, and the qualitative psychological aspects were ignored.

My emotional labile issues led to fights with my girl friend, and we had separated. Again, it is only from later reflection that I put these matters together. She was an “anthroposophical” doctor, and against the rules, was also acting as my primary care physician. She had discovered the A-Fib.

As of this time, she has been stripped of her license to practice, for not following the protocols of the Official Narrative.

2007 was a difficult year for me on multiple levels. As a consequence, a couple of days into 2008, I traveled from Sacramento, California, to Milton, New Hampshire, to live in an apartment built out of half of a two car garage, where the Mohawk shamaness had her home. We had met each other in the late 1990’s, had had an internet romance, such that I moved in with her … an event that fell apart in less than a week.

I stayed with her this time, paying rent, for about eight months, and that didn’t much work either, as I was on about $900 social security, and had no car. She wanted a better tenant.

My friend Stuart Weeks was having a conference in Concord, Massachusetts, so I went there, and within a couple of months met my Linda Lady, and we have been together now for fourteen years. A lot of the best in life requires letting go, and taking new risks.

About six years ago, Linda moved me and her mother to a ranch-style home in Paxton, Massachusetts, a single floor, needed by myself and her mother, because we both had bad knees and the related walking up and down stairs issues.

My new primary care physician, treating me for very painful arthritic knees, put me on oxycodone, before its addictive nature became a national problem. Given that I had had addictive drug problems in the 1970s while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I realized the addictive nature of the oxy, and when my primary care physician asked if I wanted more, I declined.

The arthritis continued to worsen, so I was urged by my children to try medical marijuana. I went through the process enabling me to use these substances. The staff of the proscribing doctor advise that everyone’s needs would be different, and that I was going to have to experiment to get what worked best for me.

This was in 2017, and as I had stopped using in California in 1987, I had been thirty years clean and sober, as it were. It was during those three decades that my inner development succeeded at the goals set by Steiner, in his epistemological works: GA-1 to GA-4. While in Concord, living with Linda, I had the threshold experience of meeting the Lesser and Greater Guardians, over the winter of 2009 to 2010.

When I was traveling from California to New Hampshire, I had an initiation into the Mother Mysteries on Epiphany, January 6th, 2008.

My first psychoactive drug experience had been in the spring of 1967. I had ten days between the end of three years in law school, and graduation, so I decided to take the LSD my older brother had given me previously at Christmas time. It was in powder form in a capsule, and came with two handwritten pages of instruction, including making it clear that I was not to be alone when I took it.

In a certain humorous sense, LSD then was my “gateway” drug. This “trip” had one major surprise. I had expected the hallucinations to be out of my control, and instead found that my will could be a co-participant.

By 1969, I was living near Berkeley, California, working in an insurance company as an underwriter, and well on my way to becoming a “weekend hippie”.

I took LSD several times. Smoked marijuana a lot. Had some cocaine (once) and some psilocybin (once) and some peyote (once). In the ‘70’s I had a number of spiritual experiences, of various sorts. Given that these involved either LSD, or marijuana, I was uncertain as to their validity.

From ‘71 to ‘78 I was engaged with my studies of Hermetic Science, and for two years around 1980, I used Northern California seedless daily. I was also responsible for three children, and was checked out for much of that time. I kept a roof over our heads, food on the table (sometimes out of a dumpster), but often left the kids to their own devices. When I got involved in AA in the ‘90’s, I had a lot of amends to make.

From about 1989, to 1996, I worked in a for-profit psychiatric hospital on the graveyard shift (two dollars more an hour). Some years later, at the request of Stuart Weeks, I wrote this: “Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practices”.

Once on medical marijuana, in 2017, I began to “experiment”. The THC type gave me a psychological lift, that helped me tolerate the continuing knee decay. My judgment diminished, and my uses (until I solved the problem of getting the right dosages) led to two different hospitalizations, about a year and a half between them.

The first one followed a feeling of unwellness, and given the natural fears from my prior experience in 2007 led me to calling an ambulance (this time), and ending up in the ER. An ER doesn’t really treat you, unless there is a critical need, such that an ER is a kind of triage gate, where finding the best next step is involved.

As I had complained of being “dizzy”, and given my history, I was sent to a pre-cardiac care unit to undergo further evaluation. They took lots of tests, didn’t find a “heart” problem, and sent me home.

A few days later I was not better, and another ambulance trip happened. Again I was sent to the evaluation unit, and again they found no issues. I was sent home, which also involved home care by nurses, and physical therapists.

A physical therapist talked with me, and she concluded my use of the word dizzy did not apply, but exhaustion was more accurate. Still unwell, I took another ride to the ER, and when an intake nurse and the attending doctor came to evaluate me, I said: “If you don’t listen to me, you will kill me”.

That got their attention, and the exhaustion matter led to this diagnosis: “severe protein caloric malnutrition” – my body was trying to eat itself, because under the influence, I was kept going by the THC, and not eating well at all.

I stayed a couple of days, they got me eating regular meals with a lot of protein, and I got a needed lesson. The day I left, while I was waiting in a wheel chair for an aide to take me downstairs where Linda waited, one of the junior team members that had treated me stopped by to say goodbye.

I asked him, that given all the blood and other tests they had done the first two times, how come they didn’t catch the real problem. He looked away, and down, made up a reason, but it was clear on his face that he knew they had made mistakes.

The helpful physical therapist had said that they put you in boxes in the ER, and then can’t see outside the initial diagnosis.

The second event, a year and a half later, began with me feeling like my guts were falling out of my stomach. This had happened more than once over a couple of days, so another trip to the hospital was in order.

The ambulance guys knew this was ventricular tachycardia (V-Tac) – a very very fast heart beat, so they attached me to various detectors, and the guy with me in the back got quite excited, had the driver pull over so he could concentrate and “capture” on his instruments another such event.

V-Tac is treated by installing a pacemaker defibrillator in the left side of your chest. However, from my point of view, I was having a full blown gluten attack, with severe abdominal bloating, and diarrhea.

When I told the care team my point of view, the junior members joked that if this was true, they would get to write a paper or two. There was, for me, a couple of other experiences going on at the time, one of which I was on my second reading of Tom Cowan’s “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, where in the first chapter he goes into a modern proof of Steiner’s indication that the heart is not actually a pump.

Read the book.

This alternative understanding helped me a little bit, and that was not the only help I got. While I was in the ER, waiting to go upstairs, a young man in a white coat appeared in the door of the room in which I was parked. He asked me if I knew my new doctor’s name, and I guessed … wrong by the look on his face, and he went on to say that my doctor was an “interventionist”.

As I wondered over that event during the next days, I concluded that this was an angelic (perhaps Christ) presentment. I had had one of these before, in my youth, a tale for another time. For me, as well, I was struggling with all the woes of the world, and thinking I should stand on a street corner, on a soap box and explain to everyone that scientific materialism was mistaken, with many undesirable consequences.

But that would have been me being a social “interventionist”, whose main flaw is that I don’t really see the big picture, and ought to leave to the Higher Powers, the course of civilization.

I was two nights in the hospital while they worked me up for the surgery. The first night, I had another – less acute – V-Tac event, which was the last one I have ever had.

The first day, the surgeon put me under and probed around my heart, looking for enzyme effects that would prove the diagnosis. Finding none, and I suspect to give a reason to go forward in his planned intervention, he found a narrowed coronary artery into which he could insert a third stent.

Meanwhile, my bloating and diarrhea continued. The night before the insertion of the device I did not sleep, and in the deeps of that is when She showed up, and I asked would She take me if I wanted.

My body rejected the device, as the wound would not close, despite home nursing care. When the nurses reported they could see the wires of the device, back to the hospital I went to have it removed.

The interventionist wanted to put one in my other upper chest, at the same time he took out the first. When I asked him how he expected me to wipe my ass, with both arms dysfunctional, he looked at me as if I was making no sense,

I asked for a second opinion, and my regular cardiologist came by for an hour’s conversation. When I asked him what were the outcomes, if they didn’t put in the device, he said nobody knew, because there were no follow up studies on that choice.

When Covid came around, I could see that hospitals would have a lot of problems, given the habits of quick ER triage, and then came the box in which they put your “illness”.

Diagnosis of the flu stopped, and the triage went forward on its assumptions. Hospitals became overwhelmed, the main cause being not so many ill, but because medical corporations keep staff and rooms at a minimum, to cut costs for profits, such that the appearance is that we are overwhelmed because so many are so ill, instead of the truth – noted above – which is that our death rates are nowhere near what happened in 1918.


Certain of the materials in this book, suggest knowledge of Hermetic Science (aka: magic) will be useful. Some folks interested in magical powers, believe that wizardry only requires a wave of a wand, and a silly spell in an odd language. These folk might do well to recognize that knowledge is the highest power, such that in our culture, with the arrogant ignorance of scientific materialism, a use of the knowledge, remembered in Hermetic Science, can bring forward a new interest in soul and spirit.

There is no Fate, but what We Make.

There a couple of aspects of this that are obvious and universally true. We can’t get out of the Now, or escape our Real Spirit/Spark. Self-Change just happens in life, … we don’t have to go looking for it. We also should take credit for where we are. Most of us are survivors – of one sort or another, and we should give ourselves strokes for having made it this far.”

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