A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery

A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery

Before writing this paper, I did a search of the recent Deepening Anthroposophy PDF for the following terms: Cowan, Stress, Sensitivity, Touch, Will to Live, Immune System, Proliferation, Rainbow, Rate of deaths, and Hauschka. There were no hits. Why those terms are important will be explained below.

All the same, it is entirely possible that such matters were discussed in the many live links in the PDF. I admire all the work the various writers have done, to support their points of view. At the age of 81, I don’t have the patience, or the time, to read all those papers and studies. If I have missed seeing that material there, which I am providing here, I apologize.

“Shaman” is a curious term, given the many people naming themselves in that fashion, such as the fellow who claimed this during the January 6th attack on the Capital building in Washington DC. In an “esoteric” sense, a true shaman (in the way I mean it) is as an individual who has the same spiritual quality as what Enlightenment means in the social East, and Initiation in the social Center. In this case we are referring to the true West, the Americas, where the seeker of the truth must investigate his own darker nature, as part of their education/learning.

My qualifications can be found at my article: “Familiar Spirits and the Education of a Shaman”. (1) Essentially this type of Shaman is in regular contact with the Mother, as an aspect of what might be called an Earth Religion. Such religions are everywhere in our world, being normal for indigenous and aboriginal peoples. In Hermetic Science this kind of Way is called a Moon Wisdom.

Steiner taught us the New Sun Wisdom. As to the Mother, She has the whole world in His Hands.

I am not vaccinated, nor have I ever been “tested”. In fact, I have not had a “flu” vaccine in twenty years, except about six years ago, when my primary care physician urged me to take that year’s version, immediatly then given in her office. That night I had the worst case of “chills” I had ever had. I did not sleep.

My view of this experience is that the Wisdom of the Body (the so-called immune system) was attacking this foreign matter and eliminating it. The “chills” are the long muscles in the arms and legs vibrating in order to create, and direct, more “heat” from the warmth body to use to repel this invasion. When I told my doctor, she assured me that there was no live virus in the vaccine. Still, what was in the vaccine the Wisdom of the Body did not like? “So it goes”, to quote Kurt Vonnegut.

When the Covid riddle first appeared in my Facebook feed, there was a video in circulation, which title used the word: “Plandemic”. What I found fascinating was that not only did links to this video quickly disappear, but that there followed an enormous number of posts attacking the author’s character and qualifications.

Eventually I found the video, and the one point she made, that was perhaps so troubling to her opponents, was that it was all about the “patents”.

In the first post to my blog, on this Covid pandemic, I wondered why people trusted Big Pharma, Politicians, and the Media, given that neither institution had much use for the truth. I also pointed out that (having a law degree, with the high A in Evidence), once (and if) we put Dr. Fauci and others on the stand, in a Court of Law, subject to cross examination and impeachment, they won’t get past this test of their credibility.

About three decades ago, while I was reading a lot of Steiner, I twice read his lectures: “Spiritual Science and Medicine”. Mostly I was learning about polar aspects of the soul and physical life, that manifest in a threefold way, such as thinking, feeling, and willing. Included are his concepts about “form”, which is the ideas of nerve-sense system, heart-lung rhythmic system, and metabolic-limb system. These polaric systems seemed to me to be also features of a living social organism: Cultural Sphere, Political-Legal Sphere, and Economic Sphere.

My main phenomenological studies, beginning at that time in my life, were into the social-political life of humanity.

Relevant to the Covid riddle were his remarks about the “contagion” idea, regarding tiny tiny entities that were being observed in conventional medicine. I will paraphrase: Imagine traveling through an area filled with contented cows, feasting on the verdant grains everywhere present. The illogical thinking was that the cows caused the fields of tasty matter, when this was clearly not the case. If we apply this to the “proliferation” of micro-organisms in the body, the same mistake in cognition appears. The “bugs” are just another symptom, not the cause.

In my own thinking over the years, it became clear that “illness” is something that affects the whole system, not just the parts. This condition of imbalance in the whole then has areas of special weakness, and those are where the “proliferation” takes place.

The reason, I pointed above to the search term “Rainbow”, is the book: “The Invisible Rainbow”, which is about the causal relation between electronic pollution and illness. In the first seventy pages of that book, the author does a review of the scientific studies that appeared in the aftermath of the 1918 “flu” pandemic. There were, at the time, five “centers of outbreak”, that were too far apart, and too simultaneous, such that the idea then of a contagious organism didn’t really work.

There was, however, a shared fact for all five centers, that involved in each case the recent construction of high energy radar facilities in those areas.

Keep in mind that the alleged center of our Covid outbreak was Wuhan China. This is a city with a large elderly population, many of which were smokers, and at the time of the alleged outbreak the area had just become saturated with 5G cell towers. Smokers have lung problems, which is then a weak arena, where micro-organism can the proliferate.

When you add in the current Chinese totalitarian usage of massive observations of their people, via cameras, Wifi and other electrical/technical instruments, they were living in a sea of electronic radiation. Not only that, but these people know they are being observed, which certainly has to be a factor in increasing “Stress” (another term in my search).

Modern medicine is highly materialistic – all is matter there is no spirit. When you go to a regular doctor (yes, anthroposophical medicine is different, but few people have access) you get tested, and quantitative measures are used. From a spiritual point of view, there are aspects which are recognized as factors in illness, which are qualitative, and because they can’t be measured it is hard for the materialist way of seeing to take them into account.

In my thinking, there are four known qualitative factors: “Stress”; Sensitivity”; “Will to Live”; and the real nature of the “immune” system (more properly named the Wisdom of the Body, which is why I did a search for those terms as well.

My friends, and acquaintances, when I tried to share my views as to how the pandemic unfolded – these asked a crucial question: Why are people dying, if not from a contagious disease?

To my experience the “flu” is a very strong elimination process. We sweat, we cough, we barf, we poop, and we have fever dreams (there is a psychological element). It is essentially a Wisdom of the Body process, which is trying to throw off toxins of various kinds. With the arrival of industrial civilization, we began to poison the planet, and ourselves. Poison in the air (acid rain); the water (pollution); the land (mono-agriculture possess, with their elimination of the microorganisms essential for our food to be alive; and, in our medicines (side-effects).

Additional psychological processes are Stress in the work place, and in the way we educate children. What is most horrible is the theft of the dreams of the future, normal to the young. I can remember, during the Cold War, made to duck and cover under our desks. Where is hope in the future, while waiting for the Atomic Bomb to drop? Today children are made to feel fear of touch, of close proximity, while at the same time undergoing “active shooter” drills in school … more stress.

The reason I did a search for Cowan, was that Tom Cowan is our age’s Einstein of medicine. Yes, real physics, in a spiritual sense, goes beyond Einstein, but I am using that metaphor to speak to the deep change that occurred from Newtonian physics to Einstein’s works.

Tom was, for a time, an anthroposophical doctor, but when certain standard remedies did not work, he had to think his way past that observed limitation. In the beginning of his book: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” he points to Steiner’s three most important things for the evolution of humanity: 1) that people stop working for money; 2) that people realize there is no difference between sensory and motor nerves, and 3) that the heart is not a pump.

In the beginning of that book Tom reveals modern scientific work about how liquid moving through a tube creates a fourth state of liquids, which exists between the moving liquid and the walls of the tube. This fourth state is minuscule, yet strongly ionized, and that is the condition/force that creates movement. Keep in mind that the blood circulates before the heart is formed, as a means of regulating the flow.

He also wrote: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, and during Covid: “The Myth of Contagion”, which underwent a title change to: “The Truth about Contagion – exploring theories about how diseases spread”.

When the first version of the latter was published, folk at the Nature Institute in upstate New York were asked to comment. They were troubled, and wrote an article, which I later criticized. (2) Essentially the Nature Institute was pointing to work with an electron microscope that seemed to contradict what Tom had written in the first iteration of his book on Contagion.

This is why I searched for the term “Hauschka”. His book: “The Nature of Substance” points to some remarkable perceptions, born in a phenomenological approach, that did not seem to be known/recognized by the Nature Institute, which seems mostly working with what biological form teaches in a Goethean sense. An electron microscope puts us in the field of physics’ phenomena.

In that book Hauschka makes a remarkable observation. When we attack water with electricity, or strong chemicals, we get two classical elements, oxygen and hydrogen.* To him, we have killed something living, and the molecules are essentially “corpse” material.

*[There are also light and heat phenomena, which are an effect of the release of elemental beings, from their work in “substances”.]

In my thinking on the ideas of molecules and atoms, it seemed me that an atom is a corpse of a corpse, in these terms. Steiner tried to get us to see the idea of an atom as a problem … the Idea.

In Nature, the elements of the periodic table generally do not appear outside of some complex “molecules” (carbohydrates and such). Nature creates wholes, not the parts materialistic science believes are the basis of material reality. Even such metals as gold never appear in a pure form. When we get to the “physics” practices at Cern, we get corpses of corpses of corpses. The molecule is a corpse, the atom is a secondary corpse, and the electron is a tertiary corpse.

An electron microscope is using a corpse to observe a corpse. The “images” are computer enhanced fictions. The “pictures” generated do not really see what we think they see. Like the pictures of the stars in astronomy, there are a whole level of assumptions, which have not been empirically validated.

Some readers of this will be justly curious about how I am able to speak of such matters. Go here (3) and here (4). The latter is a lengthy discourse on the relationship of the four classical elements of antiquity (fire, air, water, and earth), and the four fundamental transformations of modern physics (electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces). This includes a discussion of the Loki sponsored Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and its mad stepchild: Quantum Mechanics.

SAY WHAT !?!?! Here’s the tale: Physics ran into a riddle. If their instruments looked at particles, the looking effected the seeing. They could measure location, but not velocity. Or velocity, but not location. Instead of recognizing that that phenomena reflected a limit to their instruments, they decide to believe it represented a condition of Nature. Einstein’s reaction was: “God does not play dice with the universe.”(5) It took an MIT graduate engineer (a kind of thinking much different from that needed to invent theories), to disassemble the errant cognition … “God Does Not Play Dice”, by David Shiang. (6)

Even Steiner understood, that when you get to material manifestation you are dealing with elemental beings, not things – i.e. Salamanders (Fire); Sylphs (Air); Undines (Water); and Gnomes (Earth). (7)

Materialistic medicine recognizes “Stress” as a fight/or flight mechanism, which dumps adrenaline and other enzymes into the body. Human beings are stressed at work, and at home, and while traveling between the two. Multiple times a day then, these energy igniters appear in the physical body.

“Sensitivity” is a kind of individualized factor. When electricity was first being played with, The Invisible Rainbow describes people going to parties, forming a circle holding hands, through which an electrical “current” is then run. When some folk started fainting and having nose bleeds, the practice was abandoned. Another sensitivity is the “gluten” allergy, which is due to the Roundup weed poison being applied to wheat, just before it is harvested – if the wheat is “dying” it makes it easier for a machine to cut it.

I also did a search for the term “Touch”, which had not appeared in the PDF. “Touch” is well known for its physical and psychological healing qualities. One sage I read on the Internet, suggested that five hugs a day would be helpful for people with “symptoms” for “long Covid”.

The “Will to Live” is also well known. I personally, about three years ago, during a serious illness wanted to die – I was in a hospital at the time, and in this state the Mother appeared to me. I asked Her, would She take me if I wanted, and She said yes. The ball was then in my court, and I realized I was not finished loving my Lady, and decline Her offer.

This experience led me to a deeper understanding of the crisis that appeared in elder care facilities. Many such not only had serious chronic illnesses, in many instances their minds had gone walk-about – dementia. We were keeping the physical body alive, which at the same time ties the soul/spirit to the material. When they got flu symptoms, including fevers, they would approach the threshold to the afterlife, and consciously, or instinctively, surrender to the offered release from suffering.

In intensive care facilities, the patients are covered over with protective material, as are the doctors and nurses. Touch is then lost. Given the prevalence of breathing difficulties in the Covid Experience, they were dying of suffocation, which is how Christ died on the Cross.

Rudolf Steiner has told us, that all of humanity is crossing the threshold in our age.

My spirit had two other perceptions of curiosities, in the social Covid phenomena. One was the Rate of Deaths (another search term). A few calculations reveal that the death rate in 1918 was 36 times that of today. In a sense, we were going through this Event, in a better fashion due to advances in medicine over the intervening decades. Media never played it that way.

Another observation I made was that surely the stress of World War I had an effect on peoples immune systems. Today, Americans have had to endure the failure of our political life, the Trump presidency, and other such follies. During the “epidemic”, more stress, while people were locked down, and had to wait in long lines to be tested, and then get vaccines.

All of the above Ideas have led me to recognizing the Covid Mystery as a massive semiconscious Spiritual Rite of Initiation.

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